Episode 47+α  – self-awareness



Yes, there were tears flowing from Kogure-kun’s eyes.

I was surprised because the tears came at the perfect moment when we were completely tied.

“Wait, Kogure-kun, why are you crying?”

“Huh….I’m crying”

“Ummm,…… maybe, you know, you like Shizuku or Hirasawa-kun or something like that,……?”

“No, that’s not it.”

Kogure kun shook his head strongly.

“I’m happy… As a close friend, I’m happy that they are together with the girl that Reo loves,…….”

“I see.”

In that sense, I guess I am too.

Shizuku will be the one who was confessed to, but I think that they will surely become a suitable couple.

Because Shizuku’s happiness is happiness for me.

“And Otsuki-san, too.”


“I’ve always heard that she has a complex about Asahina-san and Mizuhara-san. I’m sure Reo will be a great guy. Otsuki-san is a great person to be chosen by such Reo”


“That’s why I think I’ll be able to face my wonderful childhood friend like Asahina-san and others on an equal footing. I would be happy if you could think like that.”

Kogure-kun is happy for Shizuku, too.

He is equally happy for my best friend.

And he called me nice!?

Ah, that’s nice. he is really nice.

A person who can express such honest feelings to his friends… I can’t do it because I have a bad personality.

A boy who is really kind and tries his best for his friends.

Could I be kind too if I had you by my side all the time……?

Ah bad. I feel like my feelings are overflowing.

I wonder if this is what Hirasawa kun said, that the more you know about someone, the more you like them.

Today, I may have realized once again

I like Kogure Ryoma.

More… I want to get along with Ryoma, I want to get to know him.

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