“Oh !?”

The time was 20:10.

Yuuto, who was on a break, shouted and got up from his chair, seeing a customer on the security camera installed in front of the cash register.

He puts his wallet in his pocket, looks in the mirror, hastily adjusts his hair, fixes the mess in his clothes, and runs out of the staff room.

The destination is the cash register. As he approaches at a quick pace, his eyes immediately meet hers.

“……Oh ! Nihihi, I’m here again today.”

“Ahaha, thank you for coming.”

The second of the three sisters, Miyu, shows her tongue in a small gesture that brings out her cheekiness.

It may be a gesture she does often, but it suited her so well that his eyes were drawn to it.

The cashier (a man) who actually took her order stared at her, forgetting to blink.

“Um, Miyu san. Did you finish your order?”

“Yeah? Well, you have to go to the cashier to order, right?”

“I see…….. I’m a step too late…….”

[I wonder if I would’ve made it in time if I hadn’t done my hair or checked my clothes…….]

Though the remorseful thoughts sprouted from regret, there was also the thought that [I can’t let my step sister see me looking messy].


“You look kind of disappointed, don’t you?”

“I had promised to buy you a drink and a piece of cake, so I missed my chance……”

“Pfft, really? You came out in a hurry because you remember that? …..YOu’re making me blush.” 

Miyu narrowed her eyes and looked really happy, scratching her cheek to hide her embarrassment.

“Well, even if I didn’t have that kind of promise, I’d still rush out, you know?  Because it’s fun to be able to talk with Miyu san.”

“W-well…..I guess so? And that was a little unfair.”


“N-nothing, nothing.”

Miyu, who fluttered her hands and even said [I’m talking to myself], told him to return to the topic.

“Well then, can you buy me a drink when I get home today? We’ll talk about cake another time.”

“Thanks. I’ll see you later.”

“And that [Thanks] is for fulfilling the promise, right?”


“Y-you don’t have to answer with such a smile. …..I’m the one who’s buying the drinks……”

“Is that so?”

“No, that’s……”

No wonder Miyu keeps digging her own grave.

Fresh out of high school and just starting college, she hadn’t had the chance to interact with a grown man like this.

There aren’t many men who can actually say thank you like this.

At that very moment.

As he handed her the drink she had ordered, a staff (Yuuto’s partner) approached him and said,

“Y-Yuuto san? Is she your acquaintance?”

“Yes, as you can see.”

“Nihihi. I’m his girlfriend, nice to meet you.”

“Huh !? Yuuto san, did you have such a cute girlfriend !? You said you didn’t have a girlfriend !”

“M-Miyu san. Don’t make bad jokes.”

“S-sorry, sorry.”

If she said it in a serious tone and with an imposing attitude, everyone would misunderstand.

“If I may correct myself, I’m his mistress.”


“Miyu san…..?”

“I’m sorry. I’m actually his fiancee.”

“F-f-fi-fiancee !?”

“M-Miyu san……”

The nuance of [Stop it already] seems to have been conveyed.

“I’m sorry, I just got a good reaction from him. He was a pure and cute staff.”

“By the way, he’s the same age as me.”


You could tell by his voice. She understands the situation. Miyu, who let out a nasty voice……with her big eyes blinking, immediately lowered her head.

As expected of a college student.

“No, no, it’s totally fine〜! I like people who go in that hard !”

“Really? I’m really glad you said that.”

“By the way, Miyu chan, are you interested in fashionable restaurants? I recently found one〜”

“Eh, for real !?”

She let out a curious voice. And then–

“–Hey, Yuuto Nii. I think I’m getting hit on.”

“I thought that too.”

Both of them dropped their voices by one octave. Yuuto’s voice was maybe two octaves lower.

“Hitting on someone while at work, or in front of the family……it’s a little bit unacceptable.”

“……Hm, eh? F-family……? Y-you’re siblings? “

The staff is dripping with cold sweat and is obviously bewildered.

“Well, that’s what it is.”

“H-hehe……. That was just a joke, you know, Yuuto….”

“It definitely wasn’t a joke…….geez.”

Miyu has a good appearance and a good personality. It would be unavoidable to be approached by the opposite sex.

Yuuto is not saying that he shouldn’t do that. At least when he’s not there… that’s it.

“Ah, I’m sorry for the confusion, but can I ask the staff one question?”

“Y-yes, what is it?”

“Does Yuuto Nii often get approached by women in this café? I haven’t had a chance to get to know his private life.”


[Why such a question !?] The staff opened his mouth.

“Well, that’s basically how it is with the female regulars. Some days they buy him so many drinks that he has a big belly.”


Miyu is looking at him.

[Hey, so you’re popular.] she said, while hitting his elbow for some reason.

“I wouldn’t say I’m popular with the ladies…..”

“But you are. So, as an apology for lying, you’re going to hang out with me during the break. Is that okay?”

“Eh, you want me to go out with you?”

“No……you know what? I’d rather you accompany me.”



Surprised and dismayed expressions collide.

It must be the effect of meeting for the first time in more than ten years that caused such a misunderstanding even though they had the same opinion.

“Really !? Hurry up and go to your seat ! Time is money !”

“Fufu, I guess so.”

After the conversation is over, Miyu picks up the items placed at the handing entrance.

“Then,, thanks Mr.staff. I’m really sorry for being rude to you earlier.”

“No problem ! Please come again !”

And so, the staff who finished serving the last customer……muttered.

“Somehow……their distance is too close, isn’t it?”

The same goes for the distance between the heart and the mind. So is the atmosphere.

And for [siblings] it was too much……when he saw them heading to the empty seat shoulder to shoulder, he said to himself.

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1 year ago

Saying that she’s his future mistress is not wrong tho. He’s gonna get all 3 sisters and live a happy but not healthy life. His kidneys are not gonna live long.