Episode 62 – The best way to repay



“Yes, let’s talk about this properly.”

I, too, look at Shiina with determination.

“What do you want to do? Which do you want to talk first?”
“I don’t care which one, I’m listening if you want to talk first, or I’ll tell you first if you want to talk later.”
“Hmm, I’d like to hear what Saku-kun has to say first, but I’ll tell you first here.”
“I see.”
“I don’t know what to do~ I’ll just say my conclusion first.”

Taking a deep breath, she said

“I’m going to keep my distance from you from now on.”

She clenched her fists in concealment and said


I was taken aback by her words.

“What~, Saku-kun, don’t make that kind of face~? How was the happy news?”

Shiina smiled at me, but it was a completely fake smile.

“I was there for you before to reassure you and keep you from feeling lonely. But I thought you would be fine now. Besides, I’m just in the way. I think I have been overdoing things to him for quite a while now, or rather, I’ve been doing a lot of annoying things to him. I was always following him around more than I should have, trying to be with him even though I was being a nuisance, and just generally being a pain in the ass. So, I decided to put an end to that today.
I thought.”

Shiina’s smile gradually fades and the tone of her voice lowers.

“How’s it going? It was a …………… good story for you, wasn’t it?”

A drop of water trickles down her cheek.

“huh………..? Why am I crying?”

The drop eventually overflows from the eye and a large tear flows down.

“I’m sorry,……………I really didn’t mean to cry,…….I’m no good at all,………….”

Wiping away her overflowing tears, Shiina tells the story as best she can in a hushed voice.

“Shiina ……………”

I bit my lip tightly.

What am I doing after putting Shiina through so much pain?
Hanging on to the past, not looking forward. I will be forever remembering and feeling empty.
Shiina, who couldn’t bear to see me like that, reached out to me many times, didn’t she?

No matter how many times I have to pay off her kind hand, she has always been there for me no matter what time of day.
Now it’s my turn.
Abe-san said that this is my problem too.

That’s why I’m here to settle the score.
This is the best way to repay Shiina for all she has done for me.
And I want to talk about the future with Shiina.

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