Hello everyone !

I’m Nanahoshi Meguri, a voice actress belonging to Oishi Productions !

I have loved anime since I was in elementary school and wanted to become a voice actor to play anime characters.

I started attending a training school in the first year of middle school, and at the end of my second year, I auditioned for Oishi Productions, and to my surprise…..I was accepted !

In the first year after I joined, I had no work at all, and I was very nervous, but in my second year, I formed a unit called “Try☆Stars” with Shiori chan and Maya san, and suddenly I started to get a lot of work.

Since then, I have been taking dance lessons, doing post recording, doing interviews for magazines, reading scripts at home, andvoice training…..

I worked harder than others because I was not as good at remembering things compared to others.

Especially when we work as a unit, my mistakes cause trouble for the other two, so I’ve been taking lessons, lessons, lessons every day so that I don’t drag them down !

–And today is Try☆Stars’ 3rd anniversary live.

I was worried that I might get nervous and make a fool of myself, but I was able to perform as practiced without any problems !

I was five times more nervous than usual, especially because Ryoga sama was there to see us this time……

Yes, no matter how Nanase Meguri tries to hide it……she’s a big fan of Ryoga sama ! !

Not only do I check out every anime that Ryoga sama is in, but I also collect everything from character song CDs to character goods. Ehem !

And after the concert, Ryoga sama unexpectedly came to our dressing room.

I was too shy to speak well, but it was an emotional moment……

Unfortunately, I was unconscious in the middle of it.

Ryoga sama came close to my face (and he was so cool ! ! ! !). I was about to fall back when he gave me a hug !

At that moment, my mind went blank and I let go of my consciousness…..

Haa….., my face is still red when I remember it now.

Later, when I woke up, Ryoga sama was gone. And Maya san was gone too.

Well, the after live party is free to participate, so there’s no problem at all, but I’m a little sad.

And then, Elena chan came !

Elena chan is a half-French girl with silver hair and blue eyes.

She’s a cool and modest adult woman, the opposite of my childish personality.

I wish I could be like Elena chan……

“Elena chan, thank you so much for coming today–“

“Geez, why is that idiot not picking up ! Ah, I’m getting annoyed…..”


Elena chan taps her phone repeatedly while biting her nails with an angry expression on her face.

Cool and modest……

N-no, no, she’s just happened to be in a bad mood right now.

Then let’s talk to Shiori-chan.

“Good work today, Shiori chan~!”

“Fufu you’ve done it, Maya san. While Shijou san and I were arguing with each other……. Fufu, fufufufu !”


Shiori chan is also tantrum-tapping her phone as if she was possessed by something.

Tap tap tap

Only the sound of tapping on the phone echoes in the room.

What in the world happened while I was unconscious……?

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1 year ago

Lmao….. pretty confusing to be in her shoes