“Well then, that’s all for the medical checkup. Thank you for your cooperation, Asumi Onii san.”

“Thank you, Aoi chan.”

The medical room of a luxury cruise ship.

I was being examined by Aoi chan in a room that was probably meant to provide first aid when someone was injured.

The reason for this was to check the effectiveness of the medicine that I took before escaping from the mansion, which cures me from my child body.

The medicine worked perfectly, and I’m now about the size of a middle school student.

I think I have steadily returned to my original size. According to Aoi chan, I should be back to my original size in a couple of days.

That’s good, that’s good.

“By the way, Onii san. What were you doing at midnight last night?”


O-oh no, did she see me? Let’s just play it safe for now.

“W-what are you talking about?”

“Yesterday, I was working in the engine room to maintain the ship. After the work was finished, I was on my way back to my room when I saw Onii san walking around……”

Ship maintenance, you say ! ! Aoi chan, you really can do anything ! !

But still, I didn’t think she saw me…….

I’ll try to cover this up for the time being.

“Erm, I was actually exploring the inside of the ship. I’ve never been on a ship like this before. I guess I got a little excited.”

“……Please moderate your late-night wandering.”

“Y-yeah. I’ll be careful, hahaha.”

I didn’t say I would do it.

After all, I’ve already found a way to escape from this ship ! !

This luxury cruise had a rubber boat that was supposed to be used in case of emergency.

And a very expensive one with an engine.

Using that, I might be able to escape from the ship.

However, since I don’t know where I’m now, it is obvious that I will get lost even if I escape using a rubber boat.

In other words, what I need now is information on my current location. Yeah. It’s a checkmate already ! !

Even if I could get information on my current location, this ship is already quite far from land.

It probably won’t have enough gasoline, and I’ll be in trouble for food.


Once I get to the remote island, my means of escape will be seriously limited.

“Onii san?”

“Whoa ! !”

As I was lost in thought, Aoi chan was right in front of me.

“……Onii san, there’s actually something I want you to see.”

“Eh? What?”

“Please wait a moment.”

After saying that, Aoi chan held something and closed the curtain surrounding the bed in the medical room.

From the other side of the curtain, I can hear the sound of cloth rubbing against it.

What on earth is Aoi chan doing?

“Sorry to keep you waiting. ……Onii san? Why are you in a fighting stance?”

“Ah, s-sorry. I’ve almost been attacked by Akane san and Touka san in those similar outfits, so it was just a reflex.”

“….I would never attack Onii san.”

What Aoi chan showed me was a cute swimsuit.

It’s a blue bikini with lots of frills, and it’s a design that suits Aoi chan well.

“…..What do you think?”

“It looks great on you. It’s so cute ! !”

“Thank you……”

Perhaps a little embarrassed, Aoi chan turns away.

Aoi chan’s reaction like this is rare.

“But why a swimsuit? Are you going to swim in the pool on the deck?”

“No, it’s not that. Onii san, Haven’t you heard from Akane Onee san?”

“Eh? About what?”

“The island we are heading to is far south from Japan. In other words, it is in a tropical country.”

“Ah, is that so?”

I didn’t know that.

Tropical country means a place like Hawaii or Guam, I guess.

Hmm, it might sound a little fun.

“But I’m afraid that Akane san might come at me in a very dangerous swimsuit.”

“I will protect you in case of an emergency, so please don’t worry.”

I remember yesterday’s incident, Aoi chan scolding Aina chan.

Oh, you’re so reliable…

“Then I guess I’ll ask Aoi chan to protect me then.”

“Y-yes ! ! Fufu.”

Aoi chan, who is usually expressionless, smiles and nods at my words.

“That’s right, Onii san. I’m going to clean your ears for the first time in a while. Since it’s a special occasion, I’ll be wearing this.”

“Eh !?”

Does that mean you’re still in your swimsuit?

No, I feel like the knee pillow with bare legs is too destructive.

But Aoi chan is looking at me with a sparkle in her eye.

This is something I can’t refuse.

“Ah, yeah. Then, shall I have you do it?”

“Leave it to me. I have a little secret weapon today.”

“Hm? A secret weapon?


Aoi chan took out something like a remote control from somewhere and hit the switch with a flick.

Then, two Aoi chan came into the room.

Eh !? T-three Aoi chan !? I-I, it’s like the other day….

“As you may have guessed, Onii san. However, unlike last time, this one is a solid life form.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“It’s a fake but real me, so to speak, that generated the exact same body from my genetic information and duplicated my thinking mechanism.”

“You’re acting like a mad scientist again !?”


“I didn’t mean it as a compliment, by the way.”

Aoi chani’s cheeks turn red with embarrassment, so I say this just to be sure.

“Okay, Onii san. Let’s get started right away.”

“Oh, y-yeah.”

The two Aoi chan lie down on the bed as if I were between them, using Aoi chan’s (the main body) bare leg wearing as a pillow.

Moreover, they are quite close together.

The two Aoi chan (not the main body) are dressed the same as usual, but I’m still nervous in many ways.

“Then, Onii san.”

“From now on, I’m going to tease your ears.”

“I will tease you a lot.”

[ [ [Please be prepared for that.] ] ]

The next day, I experienced the best awakening ever.

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