The medicine to cure my child body was swallowed in one gulp.

There was not much change, if any immediate effect.

But now everything is ready.

The time of day for the escape plan is late at night, when everyone is asleep.

I headed for the basement through the door under my bed, and from there through a hole I dug steadily.

Eventually, I came out into the garden of the Shinryuuji family’s mansion and moved to the gate that serves as the entrance and exit.

Then, equipped with the rubber gloves and boots I had received from Touka san yesterday, I lightly touched the door.

“O-oh, this is good ! ! I can make it ! !”

I climbed through, being very careful not to touch the door with my skin, and jumped down to the ground.

All right ! !I made it out ! !

I thought, and the next moment.


I felt a sharp pain in my neck.

“Eh? What….was that……”

My consciousness faded.

I couldn’t even stand up, and I collapsed on the spot.

“This is Alpha One. We have the escaped Asumi sama in custody.”

[This is Beta One. I will report this matter to Akane sama.]

Ah, t-there he is ! ! The man in black who comes out from time to time ! !

The mysterious man in black, wearing a black suit and sunglasses even though it’s late at night.

I’ve seen him when I had a zoo date with Murasaki chan, or when we walked around.

“Excuse me, Asumi sama.”

“Wait, u……can’t you just let me go……”

“I’ll lose my head if I do that. Well then.”

The man in black carried me on his back and opened the gate door to take me back inside the mansion.

During that time, I couldn’t move my body in the slightest.

The pain that I felt just now was probably like an anesthetic gun used by a detective who is a child with an adult mind.

I could not move my body at all. On the contrary, my consciousness gradually sinks into darkness.

“Nn……….this is….? Something soft……”

I raise my consciousness from the darkness while hugging the soft thing.



I forcefully lifted my heavy eyelids to see what I was hugging right now.

“Oh my, ufufu♡ What’s wrong, forcefully hugging Mommy’s body?”

It was a naked Akane san.

For some reason, I’m sleeping in the same bed as Akane san, who looked exactly the same as she did when she was born.

I have been in a similar situation several times, so I’m no longer flustered.

No, but I still can’t get used to it.

“….Ah, s-sorry…….”

I tried to remove my hand in a panic, but I couldn’t move my body as much as I wanted to.

I wonder if the anesthesia is still working.

“Ufufu, Asumi chan♡ Not only did you try to run away, but you hugged Mommy’s body♡ You’re such a bad boy♡ I need to punish you♡”

“Whoa !?”

The next moment, I’m hugged by Akane san and can’t escape.

My head was buried in Akane san’s big boobs and she held me tightly.

I-I can’t escape from this ! !

“Even so, I didn’t think Asumi chan was trying to escape. Mommy might be a little shocked.”


When I averted my gaze, Akane-san laughed.

“OA, don’t worry, I’ll fill the hole in the garden and the basement that Asumi chan used, okay?”


S-seriously ! ! That hole will no longer be usable ! !

Now I’ll have to start all over again.

“But we won’t be able to use that mansion for a while. I didn’t think there was a passageway through the entire basement of the house. ……It’s not like Asumi chan dug it all up, right?”

“Ah, erm, yes…..”

I calmed myself and confessed everything.

When I told the the basement was built by Akane san’s father, Akane san puffed out her cheeks.

“Geez, Dad……. Well, if I think that Asumi chan and I will all be able to live on a remote island, then the result will be alright.”


What did Akane san say just now?

“Umm, Akane- an? What about a remote island?”

“Oh? Didn’t I say that? Why don’t you look out the window for a moment?

Akane san beckoned me with a little movement of her finger.

I followed her and looked out the window of the room.

…….It was the sea.

Apparently, I’m on a big ship like a luxury cruise liner, and it seems that I’m heading somewhere.

“Eh? Erm, Akane san?”

“Now, we’re heading to the remote island that we own. It’s a secret island that’s not even on the map.”


“Because you might escape again, right?  In order to fill up the basement, we decided to rebuild the entire mansion. I decided to live there for about half a year. Of course, everyone agreed.”


“We’re going to a remote island for a week. so we can live together again.”

Seriously ! !

Apparently, the failed escape made the escape even more difficult.

I dare to say it again. ! ! ! !

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