“Hey, hey…… Shion san?”

“Hold me.”


That’s when I was about to enter the room.

I was hugged by Senpai from behind.


With thin arms

But firmly.

And her arms, her body was shaking a little.

“Shion san, let’s go back to the room.”

“Yeah. Um, I want to talk to you, too.”

“Y-yes. Then.”

Still being hugged from behind.

I opened the door to my room.

When they entered the room together, Senpai gently removed her arm from me and sat down on the bed.

I went next to her too.

“…Shion san, you’ve been through a lot today, haven’t you?

“No, that’s okay. Sendai kun protected me, so that’s fine. But I don’t really understand why the girls in class were so angry. Do they just want to disturb us?”

Shion san asks me, looking like she really doesn’t know anything.

I can somehow understand what Miyama san and the others meant when they were angry.

In short, it’s not possible to share happiness.

When others are happy, I feel jealous.

If I am happy, I want to boast about it.

If others are unhappy, I pretend to feel sorry for them.

If you are unhappy, you want to blame others.

That’s how everyone is in the end.

Miyama san also said that she was supporting me, but in the end, she didn’t like the fact that I was getting along with Senpai.

And I don’t think it’s strange for her to feel that way.

It’s normal, and I used to envy others like that.


“I think Shion san is innocent. I don’t think you’ve ever thought much about being envious of other people’s happiness.”

“I don’t envy others…even though they are happy. Whether you are happy or not…or whether your loved ones are happy or not. That’s all. But if Sendai kun was having fun with another girl, it would be painful, you know?”

“Ahaha, that’s the case with me too. Just seeing Shion san talking to a man makes me uncomfortable, and everyone has that kind of jealousy.”

“……Were those girls jealous, too?”

“I think that might be part of it. Well, I don’t mind, but it means there are people like that, so let’s meet in secret at school.”

“Not because you don’t want to be seen with me?”

“Of course not. If I could, I’d say in front of the whole school, [I love Shion san.] But I don’t want to be bothered again by doing something like that, or if someone harasses Shion san. I want to think about Shion san first and do that.”

“For me……yeah, me too. I understand what Sendai kun is saying. Starting tomorrow, I’ll secretly come pick you up.”

“Yes. Then, I guess it’s going to be okay tomorrow.”


It was a bit unexpected, but Senpai is really a person who gets jealous easily.

But it also means that she cares about me that much.

I would actually be happy if this person’s jealous.

“……Should we go to bed?”

I was starting to feel a little sleepy, probably because I was using my brain to think about things I don’t normally think about.

Senpai also looked a little dull, probably because she was tired.


“Then, together.”

Senpai said that and held my hand, making me feel sleepy again.

I naturally brought my face close to hers in the bright light of the room.



I kissed her slowly.

Then I slowly pulled my face away from hers,

“Turn off the light?”

She said, her face reddening, and she grabbed my clothes with her thin fingers.

I felt my heart beat louder and louder, and with a trembling hand, I picked up the remote control on the bedside table.

I darkened the room.

I had intended to use it as a nightlight, but I had accidentally made it pitch black.

Senpai said it’s better this way, so I left it as it was.

We got into bed together.

“Shion san……my eyes are still not used to it, so I can’t see much.”

“Yeah…but Sendai kun is here. I know. You’re breathing heavily.”

“……Shion san.”

“Yeah, it’s fine. Today is a safe day. Will you hold me a lot?”

The reason that I had been holding on to until now was suddenly cut off by those words.

For the first time, I touched a woman’s body.

For the first time, I saw a woman’s body.

For the first time, I held Senpai in my hands.

For some reason, it was dark and I was completely absorbed in it.

But it felt so good, so fulfilling, so happy.

I could feel Senpai’s breathing, her panting, everything about her.

I don’t remember much more after that.

By the time I ran out of energy and fell asleep, it was already bright outside the window.

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7 months ago

Ohhhh first MC I’ve seen smash the yandere. Bruh I thought he was gonna blue ball shion again