“A train will be arriving soon on the first track. It is dangerous, so please stay behind the yellow line.”

Even though it is a weekday today, Akaitohama station is crowded with people from the morning.
I guess there are a lot of people who come to see the sights even on weekdays.

“Well, today is the time to sit down and relax…”

As I hurried through the ticket gate and stood at the head of the line waiting for the train, I saw a girl I recognized at the head of the line next to me.

“Is that….Hyori senpai?”

Hyori senpai, whom I had witnessed several times yesterday, was standing on the platform with her hair blowing in the wind.
She is a picture-perfect beauty even when she is standing still.
It’s like a scene from a TV drama.

I’ve seen her around since yesterday, but I guess she lives in the neighborhood.
Does that mean she is a local? No, did Kaneko says that she had moved in?
In any case, if such a beautiful woman were in my hometown, even I would have heard about her.

“Well, it’s none of my business.”

I gently turned away from her and the train stopped right in front of me.
I got on the train right away, sat down in the corner seat and took out a book from my bag.

Well, I’m not studying, I’m just reading the next chapter of a novel I’ve been hooked on lately.
It’s not a bad way to spend a morning.


A girl wearing the same school uniform sits down next to me.
The scent is so refreshing that it seems as if this is the only place on the train where the air is different from the rest of the world.

When I glanced next to me, I saw that the person sitting down was the same Hyori senpai I saw earlier.


In my heart, I muttered to myself, what a coincidence.
At the same time, my heart was beating wildly.

The reason for this is first of all, the smell.
She gave off such a fresh, pleasant, and somehow calming scent that made me think that girls could smell so good.
And it’s like something I’ve smelled somewhere before……


Also, maybe it’s because the guy on the other side of her is a businessman, but her left shoulder, which is strangely close to mine, sometimes touches my right shoulder.

Of course, it was just a touch, but the zero distance between me and a pretty woman was enough to make my heart beat faster.
When I look at her profile up close, it’s as beautiful as if it were fake.
Her grayish eyes and lush lips are so captivating that I try my best not to stare at them, so I keep my eyes fixed on my book.

The train is shaking a lot today.
Every time it does, her shoulder touches mine.
Her scent reaches me every time.

I couldn’t read any longer.
If this situation continues for another 30 minutes, I will surely die from a heart attack.
With this thought in mind, I forgot to even breathe and stared out the window at the scenery.

Soon the train arrived.

“The train will be coming to the first line shortly. It is dangerous, so please step back to the back of the yellow line.”

Today, too, the station platform is overflowing with depressing garbage, no, crowds of people.
But today, I feel good because I found him….no (my boyfriend).

“Tokiwa kun……he’s going to ride the train with me.”

The jinx of Akaitohama is so famous that even a person like me, who has no friends, can reach it.

If you take the same train from here with the person you love, your love will be fulfilled, huh?
To tell the truth, I had no interest in this nonsense.
But after I got to know Tokiwa kun, it was different.
We met because I rode this train with him, and we are attracted to each other.
I thought that the jinx was not a lie.

“Fufu, but if we ride the same train every day, we will be together in the next life and the one after that, too.”

I get on the train, mumbling to myself happily
The same wagon as him.
But I don’t have the courage to talk to him.
No matter how much I know he likes me, I’m shy by nature.
Besides, I’m confident that I would not be able to talk to him if I met him face to face.
So if possible, I would rather stare at him from a distance.

But the people around me won’t let me do so.

You see, some high school girl is trying to get a seat next to him.
They must be thinking that Tokiwa-kun is so nice that they would like to sit next to him and talk to him if possible.
That’s pretty much the kind of behavior a seemingly incompetent person wearing all that makeup would do.

They are all low-lifes.
There aren’t many women like me who know how to help out, who would prepare the dishes, greet his mother, tidy up his room, and then sneak home before he gets home.

Hey, isn’t that right, Tokiwa kun?
My omelet rice yesterday was delicious, wasn’t it?
I woke up early this morning and made breakfast, but did you eat it all?
You ate it, right? Yes, I’m sure you did. Tokiwa kun is so kind, he would never let my cooking go to waste.

……Yeah, Tokiwa kun is a really nice person.
That’s why.
That’s why I don’t want that vulgar woman from another school to interrupt his fresh morning.
I’m so nervous that I don’t think I can say anything.
But I won’t give up my spot next to him.
If any woman takes up a position next to him……

I’ll drag her down even if I have to kill her.
Ehehe, I’m so courageous.


My legs shake.
My body shakes.
My heart shakes.
But, with my feet outstretched, I reached him and sat down next to him.

I felt him glance at me.
But he didn’t talk to me. I think he must have been too shy to talk to me.
Tokiwa kun always expresses his affection for me in a roundabout way, so it must be difficult for him to talk to me in a public place like this.
Yes, I understand. I’m the same way. Besides, I like that part of him.

Oh, his shoulders, which sometimes touch me, are much tougher than I thought they would be.
Whenever they sway, he glances at me as if he is concerned about me, and his weak gaze is very lovely.
Even though he is so slender, he has a very strong core and courage.
I can’t wait to have a long talk with him, who always uses his courage for me.
It would be rude of me to keep avoiding him.


I wanted to stay like this for hours, but the train stopped.
He looked at me one more time, then got up and got off the train.
I get off the train to follow a little behind him.
I feel refreshed, and even the usual depressing scenery seems refreshing.

With light steps, I sidle up to him from a short distance away, eventually overtaking him and heading ahead to school.
I have something to deliver to him today.

“Ehehe, I hope he enjoys his lunch today.”

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