“Kento ! Shall we eat lunch?”

As soon as the chime rang to indicate the end of the third period class, Maki came toward me.

This scene has become so commonplace in our class that it does not attract any special attention.

Just as Maki moved her chair to sit down next to mine to eat lunch, the door to the back of the classroom opened with a bang.

“Senpai ! Let’s eat lunch together !”

“………Kento, why is that girl here?”

Before I had time to answer Maki’s words, the door in front of the classroom was opened with a mighty bang this time.

“Kento ! I made lunch today ! Let’s eat together !”

Today I was the center of special attention.


I moved to the cafeteria.

For the time being, I was able to avoid the chaos in the classroom by leaving the area without saying a word. The three of them had something to do with me, so if I moved, they had no choice but to move with me !

I’m sure my fine play will receive applause from all over the country.

“Kento ! I decided to stick to rolled eggs today ! You’ve always loved them !”

“Senpai ! I woke up at 5 o’clock today to make this ! Please accept my love !”

“Kento,…, I’m not great at cooking,…..but I’ve been practicing for the past month because I wanted you to eat it,…..but if you eat it,…..but I’d be happy.”

Recently, Maki has been making lunches for me, so even if I don’t bring my own lunch, it looks like I’ll have to finish three lunches.

“……Thanks everyone. I’ll take it.”

My belly, eat it…….


“……Thanks for the food.”

“Kento, was it good?”

“Maria senpai, it was so delicious.”

All three were very tasty.

No, of course, not so delicious that others would rave about it, but I could feel…….the love. All three of them were well-made, and I could feel how much they wanted me to be happy.

“You know what? You bullied Hikari chan, right? How can you hang around Kento like that?”

“Ugh……I’m really sorry about that. But ! I heard that even Maki was abusing Senpai !”

“Muu………how do you know that……”

“All three of you, listen to me.”

When I said that, apart from Maria senpai, the two people who had been bickering with each other the whole time I was eating also started paying attention to me.

“Er……thank you, for liking me. I’m really lucky.”

Of course, I felt the same way about Hikari and Emiko senpai, who were not here.

“W-what’s the matter with you?”

“……,That’s right, it’s not like Senpai at all.”

“……I agree.”

I thought I didn’t get a very good reaction from the three of them…….but when I looked closely, I saw that all three of them were blushing. It looks like they’re just shy.

“No……I just wanted to say something.”

“I see……….”

The atmosphere after that was quite awkward due to embarrassment.


“Senpai, can I come to your house today? ….I’d like to talk with Hikari chan.”

When I arrived home, I received a message from Riko.

“I’ll ask Hikari.”

As soon as I typed that message, I headed to Hikari’s room.

Knock knock.

“Hikari? Is it okay if I come in now?”

I knocked and asked Hikari if it was okay.

“………Wait a minute.”

Hikari’s voice that I heard at that time seemed to be filled with some coldness.

……Did I misunderstand?


I knew it.

“I’m coming in.”

When I entered the room after declaring that—

There was Hikari, completely naked.

“H-hey ! Put some clothes on !”

Reflexively, I covered my face with my hands.

At that moment, Hikari pulled me by the arm and threw me onto the bed. Hikari immediately straddled me and got on top of me.

I was caught off guard. Of course, if I had resisted, I would not have been thrown out. However, if I resisted and Hikaru got hurt……that moment crossed my mind and I gave up on resisting.

…..I felt like this with Maki too.

As for me, even though I was being pushed down, I was calm enough to even think about such things. Well, you could say I was optimistic.

“Hikari, why are you–“

I felt a sensation of moisture on my cheek. I involuntarily looked at Hikari’s face and saw her eyes filled with tears and a sad expression on her face.

Ashamed of my optimism, I waited for Hikari to say something.

“Onii chan ! I know you don’t care about me anymore !”


“I heard it from a friend. Onii chan is flirting with various girls at school. There is also Riko chan among them. ……I can’t go to school because of Riko chan, and you’re flirting with her at school !”

I realized.

……Yes, that’s right.

This is totally my fault. Riko is apologizing today, and as of right now, she hasn’t apologized yet. I shouldn’t have accepted Riko, at least not today.

…..[If Hikari forgives you, then I forgive you too] I said so myself.

Just as I was feeling disgusted with my own stupidity, Hikari suddenly opened her mouth with eyes like an abyss.

“I’m sorry.”

“…..Why is Hikari–“I’m sorry. But don’t throw me away. I would do anything for Onii chan ! I’m not lying, okay? I’ll give you money even if I have to sell my organs, and I’ll even do naughty things for you ! I’d do it right now, okay? Look, my breasts have recently gotten bigge r! I’ll also continue to give you that bob cut you love, and I’ll do all the housework ! So, you know? I don’t think it’s time to throw me away yet. I’m still valuable to you–“Hold on a minute !”

I calmed Hikari down, who started talking like a barrage of bullets, and I opened my mouth.

“……I will never abandon Hikari. ……I’m sorry for making you worried. It’s all my fault.”

I hugged Hikari gently.

“…….Thank goodness. Ugh…….”

Perhaps understanding the situation, Hikari began to cry.

‘I’m sorry. I really am sorry.”

“Onii chan, lately you haven’t been giving me any attention, and I thought… might have abandoned me……… Just thinking that, I got so scared…..that I decided to devote my body so that I wouldn’t be abandoned……….”

Hikari’s voice breaks off, tears streaming down her face.

“…..That’s why you’re naked.”


Hikari gave her affirmation and buried her face in my chest again and began to weep shakily.

“Okay, okay………”

At the same time as I embrace Hikarri, I become aware of my own incompetence.

These tears would not have flowed if I had been firm.

Lately, I’ve been going on dates with other girls. I had less and less time to spend with Hikari. And if she knew that I was getting along with Riko, the girl who had bullied her, she would have gone crazy.

Originally, Hikari didn’t go to school, and the only people she interacted with were our family. hat if I can’t pay attention to Hikari?

“………I’m sorry.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve apologized, and I’ve tightened my hold on Hikari.

However, she is still similar to Maki.

[Don’t throw me away] These are the words that Maki also said to me. From these words, I know that both of them are dependent on me. I think it is because both of them spend a lot of time with me.

But that alone shouldn’t make them so dependent on me.

……I guess I have a tendency to be relied on.

It’s disgusting to even say it myself, I thought so.

“………Onii chan.”

“Are you calm?”

“Yeah…..not that, um…’s hitting.”

Hikari points out while her face turns bright red.

“…My bad.”

My thing has evolved, perhaps because I saw Hikari’s naked body.

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