Sada Kento……needless to say, the main character.

Sudo Maki……no.1 heroine. She was originally dating Kento, but due to a misunderstanding she abused him and got dumped. They are now completely reconciled. She is Kento’s first partner.

Sada Hikari………heroine No.2. 1% of people. She was originally conflicted about falling in love with her own brother, but when he saved her from being bullied, she reaffirmed her love for Kento and decided to join the heroine races.

Shimazaki Maria……heroine No.3, fell in love with Kento as she worked with him in the student council. However, she is easily rejected by him (although she did not confess). This causes her affection to flip into hatred, and Maria repeatedly abuses Kento. Now she confesses again and they reconcile. Recently, she seems to have become less haughty in her remarks.

Akamura Riko……heroine No.4. She loves Kento too much and is jealous of Hikari who is loved by him, and incites others to bully her. Later, in shock at being hated by Kento, she turns into a Yandere and attempts suicide, but thanks to the author’s superb skill, she succeeds in eliminating the landmine. Once reconciled with Kento. Next, she tries to reconcile with Hikari.

Miyahara Emiko……heroine No. 5 is the daughter of a conglomerate. Her pride is incomparably higher than Maria’s. She has been bullied in the past. And to protect herself from it, she has a harsh attitude toward those around her. As a result, she did not have any friends until she was a college student. Her parents made her get a part-time job to study social interaction, and that is where she met Kento. She falls in love with Kento despite being scolded by him.

Sari Nee chan…..a heroine who was unsuccessful in the audition. She was originally supposed to be a heroine, but decided not to be a heroine because of the saturation of heroines. After being used as a stepping stone for Maki to become a yandere, she quietly returns home.

Flea market senpai……a senior at her part-time job who has been completely turned into a mob. He is not described in the story, but he is still going to his part-time job, but he doesn’t have much chance to get involved with him anymore.

Yuto……school friend. He himself goes to school, but there is no depiction here. However, since there is no particular event, Yuto and other school friends are cut out.

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