Episode 38 – Riko (The Bully) And Hikari (The Bullied)



“O-Onii chan……what do you do with that?”

Hikari says and points at my foolishness.

“No, well, if I leave it alone, it will go back to normal.”

Of course, this is a lie. She is naked in front of me. I’m honestly very excited.

……I’m definitely becoming that 1%. I was forced to realize this.

Ping !

Suddenly, a notification on my phone rang.

……! I had come to Hikari’s room to ask about Riko.

“Hikari, I need you to listen to me for a moment. ………After you get dressed, of course.”


I told Hikari everything about Riko.

My response to Riko after Hikari stopped going to school. Her suicide attempt. How she regrets the bullying. ………And that she wants to meet Hikari now.

“……I won’t invite Riko to the house if Hikari doesn’t want to see her. If you don’t want to see her anymore for the rest of your life, that’s fine too. But I think it’s okay to give her a chance.”

Hikari fell silent. I wonder if she’s on the edge right now.

“Think about it carefully. I respect your choice.

How many minutes passed, five, ten? The silence, which seemed like an eternity, was finally broken by Hikari.

“…..Riko chan…..I’ll talk to her.”

I had expected Hikari to refuse, so I was surprised.


I told Riko on the message app that Hikari had agreed. The message was read instantly, and she replied that she was on her way.

I remove my gaze from my phone and glance at Hikari.

Her face seemed to be tense, if not heartened.

“……Hikari, you don’t have to force yourself.”

“I’m fine. It’s been a while since we met, so I’m just a little nervous….ehehe.”

It was half an hour later that Riko arrived. I feel like our house and Riko’s house were far away, so she must have left right after I contacted her.

“………Sorry to disturb you.”

I lead Riko into the living room. I was worried that Hikari would have a negative reaction or get hurt, but I knew that I had no choice but to be patient. Hikari and I both.”

“It’s been……a long time, Riko chan.”

“Yeah……long time no see, Hikari chan.”

[ [………] ]

Well, this is the kind of mood we’re in.
In fact, it would be scary if a conversation started here.

“…Could you please wait in the other room, Onii chan?”


“Are you sure….you’re okay?”

I was completely taken aback because all I was thinking was that it would be better if I stayed.

“……Yeah. I just wanted to talk to her alone for a minute.”

If I were to be told this, I would have no choice but to leave. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed because I’m worried about leaving the two of them alone and I was curious to see what kind of conversation they would have.

“Okay. Call me if you need anything. ……Riko, make sure you put into words how you feel right now.”

“……I understand.”


I think about half an hour had passed.

“Senpai, may I come in?”

Riko, huh.


“Excuse me…..how surprising, your room is tidy.”

“Surprising is too much……how did you know where my room was?”

Riko has never come to my house, so there is no way she would know.

“It’s quite simple, Hikari chan told me. She’s minding her own business, so that’s why I’ve come to call on my senpai instead.”

I see. Well, if you think about it, there is no other way but to ask Hikari.

“……So? How did it go?”

When I asked her that, she turned her face down.

“I apologized properly, but……she told me clearly that…..she can’t forgive me yet.”

“……Well, you know. I honestly could have expected that.”

“……Yes. I reconfirmed that I had caused a deep wound to Hikari chan.”

The fact that the high-tensioned Riko is depressed like this, I knew that she was seriously reflecting on her situation.

“……You did a great job.”

I found myself patting her on the head.

“N-no……it was my fault in the first place……”

“Still, it’s admirable that you can admit your fault and honestly apologize, and I’m personally happy that Riko didn’t run away and apologized to Hikari.”

I honestly put my thoughts out there, and Riko started to cry.

“……I-I was really anxious today, but I couldn’t talk to anyone about it because it was my fault…….”

“I know. I’m really proud of you. It’s okay.”

Riko was not a bad girl to begin with. I can say this with confidence. I think that’s why she regretted and suffered from having bullied Hikari because of her one-time mistake.

“Onii chan, don’t pamper Riko chan.”

Hikari, who had somehow come to the room, was staring at me sharply.

I guess she didn’t expect Riko to be crying. Hikari looked away from Riko, probably because she was upset, and Riko looked away from her as if she was also feeling bad.

The three of us were in an indescribable mood.

“I still can’t forgive you, Riko chan, but I’ve received your feelings.”

Hikari let out a few words and then quickly left the room.

“I’m happy for you, Riko.”

“Yes,……yes !”

…It’s a step forward.

I took a deep breath out of relief that the discussion between the two of them went well.

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  1. This story so far is great. Sure the pace is fast, but I don’t see many read that has character development that is as good as this.

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