Episode 27 – Kento’s Type



I’ve been staring at my phone for half an hour now, but I’m still not feeling very brave.

“I’d like to talk to you, are you free right now? ……it is a little too hard……”

I press and hold the delete button to erase the sentence I’ve just typed.

“Are you free now? Let’s talk a bit……I think it’s a little too soft. I don’t want him to think I’m an effortless woman…….”

I press and hold the delete button again to erase the text.

I’ve been repeating this for a while now.

I can’t seem to find the right words to talk to him.

…What if I type something weird and he hates me?

Just thinking about it makes me stop trying to send something.


Ping ! A notification sounded.

“Hyaa !”

A new sentence was added to the screen I was staring at.

“Last time you came to my house, you forgot your handkerchief, right? I’ll bring it the next time I see you.”

Just having him send me a message makes me so happy that I jump up and down.

Love is truly amazing.

……I have to reply as soon as possible.

“Thanks. You don’t have to wash it or anything.”

Sent and……

It was read instantly. He must have been waiting for me to respond.

In other words, for the past few dozen seconds, he was mine.

Just thinking like that makes my brain release a rush of happy chemicals and makes me fall in love.

Ah, happiness.

Ping !

I immediately came back to myself and checked the screen…

“Okay, I’ll see you next Monday.”

……Eh? I feel a strong intention to end the conversation…….

“No ! No !”

I flailed around on my bed like a child who was getting frustrated because she hadn’t been given a toy.

This is one of the few times I get to talk to someone outside of school. I would definitely make the most of it !

But what should I do……what should I type…..

……No, I should be proactive here !

“What kind of girls does Kento like?”

Oh no……I looked closely and the subject was forcefully changed, it’s obvious that I want to talk more !

“I’m embarrassed…….”

I typed it myself, but I could see my face was turning red.



I open the screen again, feeling that the reply is late.

“Still haven’t read it……”

He must have stopped playing with his phone already.

I guess he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.

My anxiety overflows endlessly.

“Ah !”

He read it !

“My type of girl……”

That’s not clear ! If you’re a man, you should just say it out loud !

Maybe it’s because I’m excited to be able to talk to him, but I’m mysteriously in high spirits.

“If I had to say, I’d say a……kind person. It’s a cliché, but.”

Memo memo.

“What about hair style?”

“Bob haircut !”

……No way……mines……long…… his preference…..bob……

Gotta go to the hairdresser tomorrow.

“Then what about body shape?”

“My body shape is….neither too skinny nor too fat? …..What’s up with the sudden question?”

…Even though you know what I’m talking about. That is, that is–

“Of course it’s because I want to be your ideal woman…….”

……The conversation after this was awkward for both of us.

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