I still can’t get the feeling of having my wound licked earlier out of my head.

That’s why I was silent all the way home.

I think I should say something, but I can’t look at her face.

It’s partly because I’m embarrassed.

When I look at her, I feel weird.

It’s a weird feeling.

I feel a bit close to her, or she’s not afraid to hold my hand or give me indirect kisses, so I’m always thrilled by her.

But that doesn’t mean I should suddenly hug her, or push her down, or anything like that, and if I stirred up her fear of men, I’d be just like that pervert.

I think I should do it properly first.

I don’t know how to do it properly, I’m too inexperienced.

In times like this, I realise how important it is to have a history with women.

I think the guys who are popular are used to it, so they are good at dealing with women, or they know when to do what.

hnn, I wish I could listen to her heart.

Senpai is also silent all the time, but I wonder what she’s thinking about.

Sagara-kun, Sagara-kun, Sagara-kun, Sagara-kun, Sagara-kun …… love

I don’t know if he’s embarrassed or not, but he’s always silent, but I’m sensitive to the glances he sends me, and every time he does, my chest and many other places are sorely touched.

I feel like I’m going to collapse in the middle of shopping.

Should I go to the toilet again?

No, I’ll look crazy if I go again and again.

I have to hold back …… but holding back makes me want him even more.

I want him to touch me.

I want him to play with me.

I want him to lick me.

I want him to insert himself.

….. Oh no, I can’t.

All I can think about is him.

All I can think about is imagining him doing nasty things to me.

I have to make hamburgers today.

I have to mix the meat.

Until then, I can’t get my fingers dirty.

I’ll just have to be patient a little longer.

“Oh, I see a supermarket.”

I was thinking about a lot of things and came back near the house around the time I decided to be firm and restrained.

I saw a supermarket.

So what, you might say, but if I don’t say something, I’m going to be crushed by the awkwardness of the situation.

“Yes. we have to buy the ingredients for hamburgers, right?”

I was relieved that senpai finally opened her mouth.

Finally able to say goodbye to the suffocating tension, we entered the supermarket.

“Well, what do you want to buy first?”

“Minced meat and onions, I think.”

“I had a hamburger during the day, but I’ve completely forgotten what it tastes like.”

“…… I will make it unforgettable.”

“Eh, ye-yes. I’m counting on you.”


One taste and you’ll never forget it. 

When she says that, I can’t help but look forward to the hamburgers that senpai is going to make from now on.

I’ve had her cook for me twice and they were all delicious.

I’m sure she’s good at hamburgers too.

I know because I cook for myself too, but how can she make such good food with just the equipment at home?

“Senpai, will you teach me how to cook next time?”


“Eh, Well, I want to cook and eat good food even when I’m alone.”

Besides, the situation of having senpai teach me how to cook is also a bit moe.

So I asked her to teach me by all means.

“…. no.”


“If I teach you how to cook, you’ll eat it by yourself, won’t you?”

“Eh, Yeah, well, I have no one to act as a substitute and I’m not that good at it.”

“Then …… no. I won’t teach you.”

“I-I see”

“Yes. Sagara, you don’t have to cook.”


I don’t know why, but she refused.

Did she see through my ulterior motives?

I don’t think I was making a weird face or anything, but maybe I was getting too carried away. ……

I threw the food into the basket and went to the cashier, feeling a little disappointed.

When I go to pay, Senpai pulls out her wallet and comes in front of me.

“S-Senpai, I’ll do it here.”

“It’s okay, I’ll get it.”

“That’s not right.”

“I want to. Can’t I?”

“…… No, then.”

I let Senpai buy the food and even cook it for me.

I feel not just a little, but a lot worse.

I really need to thank you somehow.

Maybe I should secretly buy the seeds of the plant that senpai wanted and give them as a gift.

“Well, let’s go home.”

I take the shopping bag and we leave the supermarket together.


“Rain. ……”

It was raining outside.

It was sunny and sunny earlier, but the weather is so changeable at this time of the year.

“What should we do, it’s raining”

“I have an umbrella.”

“Oh, I see. I’m glad you have an umbrella.”

“Yeah, let’s go in together.”


The rain was falling now, so there was no resistance to taking advantage of Senpai’s umbrella.

While holding the umbrella so as not to get senpai wet as much as possible, we walked slowly to my house.

By the time I arrived at the flat, the rain had increased even more, and just like that day when I rescued Senpai, the downpour was pounding the ground.

“It’s raining really hard, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I’m glad I had an umbrella.”

When we returned to the room together, the corridor was dimly lit, probably because it was dark outside.

After hurriedly turning on the light, I took off my shoes.

When senpai was also trying to take off her shoes, she lost her balance there again.


Positively, I catch the light body of senpai.

Then, senpai puts her arms around my waist.

“A-are you alright?”

“…. Sagara-kun, you caught me.”

“I-I thought you were tired after all. …… You don’t have to force yourself to cook.”

“I’m fine. But I got wet again.”

“Oh, did you get wet? I’m sorry, I need to give you more umbrella side”

“It’s okay. But I’m soaking wet, can I borrow your shower?”

“O-Of course you can. I’ll be in my room.”


While supporting senpai who is still clinging to me, I guide her to the bathroom.

Then, after taking out the towel, I go back to my room.

In the end, senpai is taking a shower in my room again.

The rain is playing tricks on me, or should I say

I wonder if it’s okay if I don’t even have a change of clothes today.

…… but I wonder where was she wet.

When I supported senpai earlier, I didn’t feel like any part of her was wet. ……

In front of the surly shower.

I was looking at my naked figure in the mirror,

“Ah…… Sagara, kun …….”

I stroke the wet spot.

I have to make hamburgers now.

This is his home.

I know it’s wrong, but I can’t stop.

I hear a squeaking sound.

Afterwards, I rinse off my stringy fingertips in the shower.

“Sagara-kun,…… I want you to hold me,…… I want you.”

I think I should go out naked like this.

I wonder if he will hate me if I do that.

Or will he be pleased with me?

He’s gentle.

He probably won’t get angry, though.

….. But more importantly, I have to make a tasty hamburger steak.

Otherwise he will go to that restaurant.

I don’t want him to go to a restaurant full of young women.

I don’t want him to eat the food they make.

I want him to eat only the food I make.

I want him to eat only me.

I want him to look only at me.

I have to clean my body …… properly.

After he eats the hamburger, he needs a dessert.

He likes sweet food.

I should put on some sweet perfume.

“Sagara-kun…… I won’t be going home today.”

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