After crying together for a while, Shizuku explained the reason for her visit.

The explanation made my heart pound once again.

“Kogure-kun came to Shizuku?”

“Yes, first thing in the morning, out of the blue. I was shaken when he told me that Arisa had a fever.”

“It was late at night when I got sick, so it can’t be helped. I see, Kogure-kun is …… Kogure-kun huh”

In other words, he created an opportunity for Shizuku and I to make up. He was so kind to me last night, made me a delicious breakfast, and made a move so that I could make up with Shizuku and then left with an innocent face. ……

“That’s just too cool.”

“Arisa, you and Kogure-kun are getting along really well, aren’t you?”


“I’m going to ask you to tell me everything that happened yesterday.”

Shizuku, who asks me every question because she doesn’t keep secrets, made me talk about everything. Shizuku let out a big sigh.

“You can’t have boys in your bedroom, even if you don’t have a choice.”

“Yes. ……”

“Arisa, you should be more aware that you are pretty. You have a lewd body that boys like.”


“If Kogure-kun had attacked her, Arisa would have been hurt, and I, who started it all, would have never forgiven myself.”


Shizuku, who asks me every question because she doesn’t keep secrets, made me talk about everything. Shizuku let out a big sigh.

“It’ll be fine, Kogure-kun.”

“Hmmm, but I don’t really like Kogure-kun.”

“Eh!? Kogure-kun is not a bad person! He’s dependable, his sister is very cute, he’s a good cook, and he has big, strong …… hands.”

I noticed that Shizuku was looking at me with a blank stare.

“Arisa, could it be that you really like Kogure-kun?”

“Wwwwwaaa! I don’t like him. No, I don’t!”
“Huh? You said you wouldn’t hide things from me.”

“I don’t like him yet! I don’t think I’ll fall in love with him that easily just because he’s nice to me!”

“I’m sure you’re aware of it, right? I’ll let you off the hook this time.”

I really don’t! I don’t really like him. And I can’t fall in love with him

Because what Kogure-kun likes is Shizuku.

I no longer have to force myself to get attached to him, but I have to repay him for helping me. I’ve decided to support his love.

I wonder why this throbbing in my chest even though……

“And to say I don’t like him is simply a kind of jealousy that he snatched away Arisa’s feelings.”


“Well. The only thing I don’t want to lose is the cooking. Maybe I’ll make curry.”

“I had it last night.”

“My curry is definitely better than Kogure-kun’s. You’ll eat it, won’t you, Arisa?”

“Y-Yes, I’ll have some …….”

There is no way to go against Shizuku now. This is the second day in a row I’m going to eat it.

“Hey, Arisa.”

“What is it?”

“Well, ……, if you want, why don’t you invite Kokoro and the three of us to have dinner together?”

“Ah, …….”

“I’d like to hear how she and Shizuru are getting along. I want to talk just like we used to.”

“Yeah! I’ll invite Kokoro, too, and she will definitely come.”

Thus, I contacted my childhood friend Kokoro and told her what had happened over the past two days and she took the time to meet with me.

The three of us talked a lot as we used to do while eating food prepared by Shizuku.

We are okay now. Our friendship will always be immortal. All that remained was this.


“H-Hello. ……”

After school on Monday, I met Kogure-kun at a café.

Of course, I immediately called him to thank him for his help on Saturday and Sunday.

He laughed and was modest, but I was very comfortable with the time we spent talking.

Today, it was Kogure-kun who called me. He came to my favorite café because he had a day off from club activities and needed to discuss an important matter. I hadn’t seen him face-to-face since Saturday, but for some reason I couldn’t see his face.

I glanced at him and met Kogure-kun’s kind eyes. Oh, I didn’t know he was this good looking. He’s so cute when he’s smiling.

I shouldn’t be conscious of him. Yes, I’ve always been arrogant towards boys, but Kogure-kun is a very nice guy.

But Kogure-kun is different from those boys. ……

huh, what kind of relationship do I have with Kogure-kun?

“The fever seems to have gone down completely. I’m glad.”

“Yes, it’s thanks to Kogure-kun’s help that night. Thank you so much.”

“I didn’t do anything serious. The most significant thing is that you were able to make up with Otsuki-san on Sunday.”

I was impressed by the way he could say it like this. I don’t remember he had this kind of personality. One good thing about him makes me feel good about everything.

“I called you here today because I wanted to tell you something.”

“Yes, you said that on the phone.”

What is it. I wonder if I should stop meeting alone like this.

from now on, I’m going to Shizuku by myself, so I don’t want to use someone anymore.

I put him through a lot of trouble. So I decided to do everything I could to help him make his love life work out.

“Maybe it’s the only time I can say this.”

“Yes, you can say it.”

No matter what he says …… I will nod unmoved. But I would like to continue to be more involved with him if I could.

Until that moment when I can clearly understand the feelings of this chest.

“I’m sorry, I actually don’t like Otsuki-san or anything.”


It was a word I had not expected to hear.

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Finally they cleared this misunderstanding and ship Reo and Shizuku!