I finished my day shift.

As the area was enveloped in a warm glow, I finally turned my feet to the school gate to go home.

Then again, Sato-san seemed strange after meeting Iyoki-san.

Maybe it was my imagination, but I got the feeling that she was hesitant to talk to me.

“I wonder if it means she doesn’t want to talk to me. ……”

It can’t be helped that everyone has their own preferences.

Without worrying about it, I proceeded with my feet and arrived at the shoe box.

Right in front of my shoe box.

There she stood, looking good in black tights.


“Ah, Irisake kun. You’ve finished work?”

“I just finished a while ago. Did you wait for me, by any chance?”

“Yes. I wanted to go home with you.”

“I-I see.”

I was embarrassed to hear her say that to my face.

Thanks to that, I ended up with such a trivial reply.

“I’m sorry for making you wait. Shall we go home together?”

“Yes, of course!”

Iyoki-san looked at me with a humming sound.

I took out my shoes, put them on, and started walking side by side with her.

“…… Um, Iyoki-san?”

“What is it?”

“Um… it too close?”

I started to walk, but it was difficult for me to walk with Iyoki-san’s shoulder against mine.

It’s like you entrust your head to me.

“It’s not close, is it?”

“Nono, close—”

“It’s not close, is it?”

“Ah, yes.”

The pressure exerted by a beautiful woman is terrifying.

I had no choice but to shut up like a small animal.

I was desperately trying to divert my attention from the close proximity, when Iyoki-san opened her mouth.

“It’s fine. There is no one around now.”

“T-That’s true, though…”


I’m scared.

Iyoki-san is making a very bad face.

“Iriake kun is only mine”


“Nothing. Ufufu”

I couldn’t hear her clearly because she mumbled so softly.

But, well, if she didn’t restate it, she was probably just talking to herself.

Five minutes later, I was walking in close contact with Iyoki-san.

When we came to a convenience store with a blue and white sign, she stopped walking.

“Why don’t we stop for a while? It’s been hot lately, so why don’t we stop for an ice cream?”

She pointed to a bench in front of the convenience store and said,

I had no plans for the rest of the day.

It would be strange to refuse.

“It’s fine. And I’m free.”


Seeing Iyoki-san’s innocent joy, my cheeks unintentionally relaxed.

We bought ice cream and sat down side by side on the bench.

We both knew we couldn’t eat too much, so we bought one that could be broken into two pieces.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

We shared the ice cream and took a bite while looking up at the sunset sky.

The crunchy texture and the slightly sweet taste of coffee spread through the air.

“It’s delicious.”

“It is, isn’t it?”

By the way, our shoulders were still touching each other while we were eating the ice cream.

Just what in the world is the purpose of this attachment?

I was so engrossed in the ice cream that I was afraid to ask her.

Oh well. I’ll just enjoy this sweet ice cream for now.

“Speaking of which, what’s your relationship with the girl you were with earlier?”


The topic is too sudden.

The relaxed atmosphere I was in earlier was ruined.

“What kind of relationship do you have with her?”

“What kind of relationship? As I said before, we just share the same day duty, and we’re classmates.”


What’s with this questioning?

I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?

“But you seemed to be getting along pretty well.”

She looked kind, but her eyes weren’t smiling.

I’ve never seen Iyoki san like this before.

“No, that’s not true. If you ask me, we talked just now for the first time.”

“It was the first time you spoke to her, and yet you two were so close.”

“I didn’t say we were close. I don’t get along with any of the girls in my class.”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right. I told you before, I didn’t even have friends of the same sex. And I can’t have friends of the opposite sex.”


Iyoki san doesn’t seem to be quite sure what to expect.

What in the world would convince Iyoki san

“But you were nice to her, weren’t you? It was obvious that Iriake-kun was holding the notebook more”

“That’s …… because, well, it looked heavy.”

“….. Iriake-kun, are you kind to other girls besides me?”


Iyoki san leaned in even closer to me.

Munyi, the chest was against my arm.

“Iriake-kun, you must not be nice to any other girl but me. It’s not allowed.”


I don’t really understand what she’s saying, but I nodded anyway.

Then, finally satisfied, she let out a giggle.

“It’s a promise, right? If you break it—, I won’t forgive you.”

I absolutely must not break it.

That’s what I thought instinctively at that time.

“Ah, you’re dripping ice cream.”

“That’s right! Do you have anything to wipe it off?”

“Sorry, I don’t have any.”

“I’ll go get some.”

Just when I stood up

Iyoki-san grabbed my arm and put her face close to my fingers.


“Phew, now you are clean. It’s all right now, isn’t it?”

“AH, Y-yes.”

Suddenly, I stopped thinking.

There must be some kind of mistake, but it’s still true no matter how you think about it.

—Iyoki-san licked my finger.

“Fufu, The sky is beautiful, isn’t it?”


Iyoki-san licks her lips.

Then, she smiled happily.

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Welp off the cliff he went

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Bro is acting like a girl licking his hand is pretty normal.