What is this situation?

The girl who had been the center of attention until this evening is now crying in my chest.

I honestly did not expect this to happen. I touch Asahina-san’s trembling shoulder.

“I’m getting wet here. May I come inside?”

Asahina-san nodded with a nod.

I was surprised to go to a girl’s house in such a way, and I was shocked at the pitch-darkness of the house.

I wondered what had happened. Even though she should be at home, Asahina-san’s body was still soaking wet…

No way she was attacked, right? But although wet, her clothes are not in disarray, so it doesn’t seem to be the worst thing that could happen.

“Can I turn on the light?”

“…… yes.”

It’s so depressing to be in the dark.

I saw a switch near the entrance of the room and pressed it.

The LED bulbs on the ceiling lit up and the room became bright.

I was surprised at the size of the room, but this girl is more important right now.

Asahina-san was standing still with a downcast look on her face.

Something is definitely wrong. In that case……

“Let’s have something warm to drink. May I use your kitchen?”

“…… yeah.”

“Asahina-san, please take a shower. You’ll catch a cold if you’re soaking wet like that.”

“……Kushun!” *Sneeze

“It may be too late for that.”

I persuade Asahina-san, who is standing still, by talking to her over and over again.

If she’s the usual girl, I’d be a little more cautious, but there’s a limit to her defenselessness.
I came to this house with momentum, but I wonder if it’s okay.

A man who is not her boyfriend is going to get into a her house at night. ……

“But I can’t leave her alone.”

I can’t leave her alone after she called me with such a frightened voice.

It’s an emergency situation, so I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to open the fridge.

The cooking utensils are all brand name. And they are well taken care of.

I remember Asahina-san told me that she hired Otsuki-san as a part-timer.

“I’m …… now Asahina-san.”

Thirty minutes or so later, Asahina-san came out.


Asahina-san after taking a bath. I thought she was a disappointing beauty today,…… but her beauty still makes me feel thumped many times.

It’s not that she’s very revealing.

She just wears a normal white inner shirt and shorts. Probably the loungewear she always wears.

However, the perfectly proportioned Asahina Arisa was wearing it, and it was overflowing with charm.

Her platinum-blonde hair is moist and shiny. Her large, heaving bosom and spotless white arms and legs.

When I glanced at her, I could see her extremely well-defined face and emerald green eyes. She really is beautiful.

But this is no time to stare.

This house has an enviably open kitchen.

You can watch TV or chat while cooking.

Across from the kitchen is a table and chairs, so you can sit down and talk.

“Please have a drink. You probably haven’t eaten yet.”

I put a cup of the special consommé soup I made during the bath on the table across from the kitchen. Asahina-san sits down and takes the cup.

“It’s warm …… and delicious.”

“It’s a hit with Hiyori too. The bath warms the outside of your body and the soup warms the inside of your body. This way, you can calm down.”

“There are onions and corned beef in it.”

“It’s important to put something in your stomach, you know.”

“……Will give energy.”

I felt as if the light had returned to Asahina-san’s eyes. If she could get back into the swing of things, it would be worth the visit. Asahina-san looked up and immediately bowed her head.

“I’m sorry!”


“I’m really stupid and pathetic …… for calling you out this late at night. ……”

guuu and a sound came from Asahina’s stomach.


She blushed and held my stomach in embarrassment.

Asahina san is always this. Rather than apologizing, it seems to be much better to be hungry.

“I’ll make you some rice. There will be more soup, so please take your time and relax.”

“Thanks …….”

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