Well, let’s see what I can make. I have most of the ingredients, so I can make anything.

Preferably something warming. Potatoes, carrots, beef, onions, et cetera.

[I love the curry Shizuku makes!]

There is curry roux. Then I’ll just have to make it.

The beauty of an open kitchen is that you can have a conversation while cooking.

It doesn’t have to be an open kitchen, but being able to talk face to face is an advantage.

Just as I was about to put my hands on the food, I heard the sound of thunder. It was quite close.

At that time, Asahina-san reacts with a startle.

I looked for a way to distract her, and found that the kitchen was equipped with a button called “music”. When I pressed the button, I heard the sound of the signal being connected and music started playing in the room.

What an amazing facility. I wonder if it’s a one-button Bluetooth connection. I hope this will drown out the sound of thunder.

“Hey, Kogure-kun. Why did you come? Oh, sorry. I’m so glad you came. ……”

“That’s right. There are various reasons, but the most important reason is for myself.”

“Eh? For myself?”

“I was very curious about the phone call from Asahina-san. I’m the type of person who can’t stop once I start worrying about something. I was going to adore Hiyori afterwards, but I couldn’t help but be curious about you, and I thought it would be rude to touch an angel in such a state of mind, so I came here.”

“Yes. ……”

“So I was fine with being turned away at the door. Then I could have adored Hiyori without any worries.”

“But how could you come here in this rain?”

Even though it’s raining, at this level, I can wear a cap and get around without a problem.
I don’t have that kind of fear because I’m going to go at full speed on my bicycle even in the rain or on sale days at the supermarket.

Ahaha, compared to the fear I had when a stalker woman pulled a knife on me a long time ago, I’m not afraid of any situation.

“You have too many phobias …… that you are afraid of not only high, dark, and ghosts, but also thunder.”

“Ugh,…… I had a lot of phobias when I was a kid, and since then I’ve been totally screwed up.”

“Thunder is a common occurrence, isn’t it? What did you usually do?”

“I was always with Shizuku. She held my hand gently and slept in the bed with me.”

I thought the scene must smell good, but as expected, I can’t say it out loud.

“But I hurt …… Shizuku.”

A small tear spills from Asahina-san’s eye. The curry was just about ready, so I served the rice from the rice cooker and poured the curry over the rice. I put the bowl on Asahina-san’s table.

“Please eat it before it gets cold.”

“Yes. It’s delicious …… and not spicy at all.”

“The curry is sweetened properly. Please eat as much as you can.”

She ate more and more, probably because she was hungry. If she has an appetite, she’ll be fine in no time. But I’m a little afraid of what will happen after this …… because she had been left out in the rain for quite a while.

“If you don’t mind, …… would you mind telling me what happened? If you really don’t want to, I won’t force you to.”

“Yes. I have to apologize to you as well as to Kogure-kun.”

“Me too?”

Asahina san once put down the spoon of curry.

“As I said before, me, Shizuku and Kokoro. The three of us were childhood friends. Our homes were close and we had known each other since kindergarten, so we were very close. To be honest, I didn’t need any other friends. I thought that the three of us were all I needed.”

I knew that much. That’s what you think when you have a really good childhood friend, isn’t it?

“But you know what? I have an older brother,…… and that’s what made this relationship crazy.”

“Asahina-san’s older brother, huh? Do you and your brother look much alike?”

“Our personalities are quite different, but I think we look exactly alike. We are only one thing apart and people often say we are twins.”

A male version of this look. He must be very handsome.

“Shizuku was the first to fall in love with my brother. From the time I was very young, Shizuku had feelings for my brother, and I and Kokoro knew it.”

“I see. So Otsuki-san had someone she liked.”

“For someone who likes Shizuku, you don’t seem too upset.”

“W-w-well. I think everyone has someone they like, and it’s not like we are dating. I can’t help it! ”

Dangerous. I was about to reveal that I didn’t have feelings for Otsuki san.

“Shizuku also thought it was too high of an ambition, so she didn’t attack my brother. I didn’t think so and pushed my brother quite a bit. But he didn’t realize how much she wanted him.”

“From your brother’s point of view, you all might have been like his younger sisters. ……”

“I think so. I’m sure that’s the case. But everything changed when we became high school students. After Kokoro went to a strong sports school where she played the same sport as my brother.”

“I see. ……You mean”

“Yes, both my brother and Kokoro were swimmers, so they got close to each other quickly. Since Kokoro grew up so fast in high school,…… she doesn’t look like a little sister anymore.”

It’s not easy to hear such stories in real life. I’m sure Mizuhara Kokoro knew how Otsuki san felt about him. Whether it was from Mizuhara-san or her brother is not a big issue at this point.

“Asahina-san found out that they had become lovers, and she did not tell Otsuki-san about it.”

“I thought Shizuku would be sad ……. More than that, I didn’t want Shizuku to know that Kokoro steal from her even though she knew her feelings”

“I think Otsuki-san would have understood if you had been honest with her.”

“I think she probably would have. But I couldn’t tell her. I couldn’t tell her if I thought it would ruin the relationship between the three of us.”

“For Asahina-san, the best thing is for the three childhood friends to spend time laughing together,……, that’s what it’s all about.”

Things that could have been said immediately became harder to say as time passed. It’s like a wound that spreads more and more. There are so many things she can’t say

“So I thought that if Shizuku fell in love with someone else, if her feelings for my brother faded, the bond between the three of us would not be damaged even if she was found out.”

“I see. So it’s me.”

“I’m sorry!”

Asahina-san bowed her head strongly.

“I took advantage of your feelings. I’m really sorry!”

“Don’t be sorry.”


“I know it was for the sake of your best friend. If you were using me, I don’t feel inconvenienced right now, and there’s no need to apologize that much.”

“Kogure-kun,……, you are too kind.”

In the first place, I don’t want you to apologize. I’m lying too, but I can’t tell her that.

I want to tell her the truth about the situation, but it’s hard to say that now that Asahina san is so vulnerable, and I feel like I’m stuck.

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10 months ago

Kogure is kind of cool, figuring it out right away… but bruh, just tell her already…

Also the brother…. Joins the swim club with his childhood friend who he had seen as a little sister at first but then she turned into a woman and her swimsuit figure was just too good huh… a simple man indeed…

1 month ago
Reply to  Koukiri

Kogure is great in every sense aside from the fact that he’s manipulating both Asahina and Otsuki with an ulterior motive in mind, which is a really shitty thing to do. It doesn’t really matter that he’s doing it as a favor to his friend, it’s still dishonest and underhanded. What Asahina did wasn’t nearly as bad.

As for the brother, I mean, Kokoro getting hot certainly doesn’t hurt, but we don’t know that’s the ONLY reason he’s dating her. I wouldn’t call someone simple just because they are sexually attracted to their girlfriend if they also like them as a person.