I wonder which one you are referring to. I can’t think at all. My body is shaking from the rain.

“Today. Someone came back to this house during the day. I knew Arisa wouldn’t be back until the evening, so I thought who might it be ……, and it turned out to be Shizuru san.”

My brother had come home. I have a bad feeling about this even though my parents’ house is here and it’s not a problem.

“Beside Shizuru-san, there was Kokoro with a happy face.”


“I didn’t know that. Shizuru san and Kokoro were dating, weren’t they? They really matched each other.”


“Did Arisa know?”

“I-I’m …….”

“You knew after all, didn’t you?. There’s no doubt that I loved Shizuru-san, but I thought it was a love that wouldn’t come true, and if it had been Kokoro, I think I would have been able to congratulate her. but”

Shizuku’s words gained weight, and I couldn’t say anything back.

“I don’t think it’s terrible that you hid it from me. Was I that untrustworthy? Did you think I would tear them apart?”

“No! I’m sorry I hid it from you. I was thinking of…. Shizuku and Kokoro.”

“If you were thinking of me, I wanted you to be honest with me.”


“You didn’t believe me.”

In the pouring rain, Shizuku said just that and went back to her house.

I told Kokoro to keep quiet to Shizuku for fear that my brother and Kokoro’s relationship with each other would hurt the relationship between the three of us.

I just wanted to stay in the relationship we had.

But if I had told Shizuku right away …… like she said, this might not have happened.

I didn’t think she would have found out.

He said he couldn’t go on a date because he was busy with club activities at a boarding school over there.

Why are you two coming back to this house together? I didn’t hear about that …….

But I’m the one who put the problem off. It’s all my fault.

Drenched all over from the heavy rain, I went home and lay down on the couch in the unlit living room.

I had never had a fight with Shizuku.

I wondered if I would ever be able to go back to the childhood friendship that I had with Shizuku.

At that time, there was a strong sound of thunder.


My body trembled and I held my head.

A strong flash of light and immediately followed by a roaring sound. I have been traumatized by thunder since my childhood experience.

So on thunderstorm days, I can’t stand it unless Shizuku is by my side.


I can’t call Shizuku. I can’t call Shizuku because I’ve hurt her.

It rains all night. The thunder rumbles all the time.

Every time it glows outside, I hold my ears and scream as the roar rips my heart out of my chest.

I’m scared, scared, scared. But …… I have to keep enduring alone.

Everyone I hurt. Not only Shizuku, but also my heart and my brother. It’s all my fault. But I’m scared. Someone help me.

[Then …… will you be worried if I have a fever or something?]

[I would. It’s natural, isn’t it?]

[If there’s anything I can do, I’ll help you.]

I remember his carefree words. I take out my phone and press the call button on the line. Clutching at straws, I send an incoming call to Kogure-kun.

And it connected immediately.

“Yes, …… Asahina-san, what’s up?”

“I-I …… Kya!”

As soon as I started to say it, the sound of thunder rang out again.

The shock blasted my phone and sent it flying toward the window.

I reach for my phone, but a light wraps around the front and …… roars out.

I wanted to go for my phone, but I couldn’t move my body toward the window. Then the …… call went dead.

Yes, it was rude not to answer during a call. The incoming call could have been cut off.

I held both my ears and …… cowered all the way down. Every time the thunder rumbled, my voice would leak out and I would continue to cower in …… fear.

I don’t know how long ten, thirty minutes, an hour …… passed.

Then the chime of the house rang.

Who could it be with such heavy rain? Could it be a drop of water coming?   

It couldn’t be. We had a fight and Shizuku has a duplicate key.

I didn’t have the energy to answer the chime. But…

“Asahina san! Are you at home? This is Kogure! Please open the door if you are in trouble!”

I hear him knocking on the front door again and again.

It was the voice of the man I had spent all day with today. I get up and immediately run to the front door.

I unlocked the door and opened it roughly.

There he was, soaking wet, wearing a tarp but still soaking wet,…… I screamed and hugged him like I did in the morning.

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