Was the first blow shocking? Asahina-san clung to my arm the whole time.

“Hii will protect Onee-san!”

Hiyori is so reliable.

Not only is she an angel, but her brother is happy to see her grow up to be this much. On the other hand, this person….

“Gusu…… gusu.”

I dragged the sobbing Asahina-san along with me through the horror house.

If it had been her boyfriend, I would have been able to hold her tighter, but as expected, I don’t have the courage to do so.

Asahina-san’s breath is much more thrilling than the ghost’s.

There is the most beautiful girl in the school at a distance where I can hear her breath, and I am being hugged by such a girl in the present.

My face gets hot when I’m conscious of it. Let’s walk without thinking.

“It was fun~”

While taking quite a while, I had made it through the world of horror.

Hiyori was satisfied, but I was not sure because my consciousness was almost somewhere else.

I let Asahina-san, who still hugs me, sit on the bench.

“We’re out. You are safe now.”

“I’ll be possessed by a ghost……”

Her face is pale, isn’t it?
Asahina san is holding on to me with a lot of force and I can’t seem to pull it off.
“Asahina-san, we’re out… now, please let go of me.”

“No, the ghost is still here. You’re trying to make me a resident of the darkness, aren’t you?”

“What are you talking about?”

She seems to be completely disoriented.

Why did you force your way through the world of horror with such a frightened little thing?

I guess I’ll just keep waiting for her to calm down.


Hiyori hugged Asahina-san’s body.

“Scary, scary, fly away!~”

“It’s going to be okay now. ”

“You are an angel!!”

Yes, you are an angel. Onii san was happy to see her sister grow up to be a godly woman.

Hiyori’s words finally brought Asahina san back to herself.

“I was terrible at it to death even in elementary school,……, but even after growing up, it’s something I can’t conquer.”

After regaining her composure, Asahina-san sighed deeply.

“Thank you, Kogure-kun,……. It must have hurt to be hold on for so long.”

Honestly, I can’t say …… it felt good. I covered it up with a friendly smile.

“Are you okay, onee-san?”

“Yes, thanks to Hiyori-chan! Thank you”

Asahina san hugged Hiyori tightly. I am so glad that I brought Hiyori along with me.

No, without Hiyori, we would never have gone to the haunted house.

Now, it’s still a little early for lunch.

“Then, which attraction shall we ride next? Hiyori, is there anything you want to ride?”

“That one!”

Hiyori pointed to a roller coaster.

Naturally, Hiyori’s height would not allow her to ride it, so she had to choose an attraction with a height limit accordingly.


I had a bad feeling about this and turned my head toward Asahina-san. She looked very pale.

“Maybe you’re …… not good in high places?”

“…… quite a bit.”

“Would you like to wait here?”

“I don’t want to! Don’t leave me alone, the monster will come from behind!”

“If the monster gets out, there’ll be more trouble.”

You still have a lot of fear left in you.

In the end, I couldn’t leave her alone, so I had to take Asahina-san on a roller coaster ride that toddlers can also ride.

This person has too many weak points. And she seems to be too random.

I began to feel uneasy about her way of life.

“Hiyori chan, are you okay with heights?”

“Hnn, Hii likes heights!”

“That’s amazing. Hiyori chan is an angel after all.”

What kind of conversation was this? A roller coaster for toddlers that even Hiyori can ride.

Of course, the height and speed are not that great.

It would not be enough for those of us in high school. But for this person, it might be just right.

“The roller coaster looks like it seats three, but who wants to sit in the middle?”

“M-Me! Kogure-kun, Hiyori-chan, protect me!”

“I will protect you, onee-san!”

A fifteen year old clutches at a five year old with a tearful look on her face. I’m sure I’m going to look at her differently now, but I guess it can’t be helped.

It was my turn to sit on the three-seater coaster.

“Hiyori, make sure you don’t let go of the safety bar.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Asahina-san, let’s …… calm down.”

“It’s better than ghost just because it’s bright, Kya!”

The coaster started to move with a clatter. The coaster started to move in a straight and flowing way. Yeah. The speed is also slow, and looking at the rails ahead, it doesn’t look like there will be any sharp turns.


Hiyori looked a little bored. I guess I’ll have to wait until she gets taller. The problem is this guy.

“High, high, high!”


I wonder why she is yapping at this level of height.

Asahina-san is screaming and clinging to my body. If it were a horror story, there would be nothing scary about this roller coaster.

“Asahina-san, let’s calm down. If you look closely, you won’t be scared.”

“I can’t get my feet on it! Kogure-kun,…… gusu, don’t take your hands off.”

I was staring at her with teary eyes looking up at me. My heart pounded hard at the sheer loveliness of it.

A few moments ago I couldn’t see clearly because it was dark, but now I can seriously see Asahina’s frightened appearance outdoors, so I’m even more emotionally shaken.

That cuteness is foul, isn’t it?

I can’t have her begging me with a face like that. Giggling, I lean into the curve and Asahina-san clings to my body tightly.

Her platinum blonde hair touches my nostrils, and I can’t help but be mesmerized by its silky texture.

Unlike the horror stories, it’s not a ride that lasts for many minutes. It’s over quickly.


I suddenly turn my attention to Asahina-san, who is shivering and hugging me. That’s when I noticed it. Today’s Asahina-san’s outfit is a little loose around the chest.

By hugging me, her plump breasts were deformed and became a cleavage so that I could look into them.

Of course, I am also in puberty. How could I not like big breasts?

I love big breasts.

I even enjoyed the softness of the breasts pressing against me in horror stories.

I’m very sorry, but I’m going to burn this into my eyes while she is trembling with fear.

She’s such a beautiful woman and her breasts are so big. …… She really is the strongest in appearance.

The only flaw is that she has a lot of weaknesses.

When I noticed that I had arrived at the goal.

Staring at it, it happened in the blink of an eye.

I shook my head, blew away the evil thoughts, and got my legs on the ground.

The safety bar was released, and I grabbed Asahina-san’s arm.

“It’s over.”

“Ahh ……”

It was better than the horror stories from earlier, but still Asahina-san’s legs were shaking.

“Onee san are you all right?” 

“Thanks, Hiyori-chan,……. A few more minutes please.”

“It feels so good to have Ni ni pat your head you know. Hii likes to be stroked by ni ni.”

“I see. Kogure-kun, please stroke my …… head.”

“You’re kidding!?”

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2 months ago

Asahina’s attitude to men reminds me of IT security. It’s very common to have a very strong outer layer of defense, but once you get past the first hurdle, the security inside the network is almost non-existent. Now that she’s dropped her guard with the MC, she’s COMPLETELY dropped her guard.