We finished eating and the three of us left the canteen.

It ended up being a weird feeling.

Well, …… Asahina-san and Otsuki-san. If the two girls don’t have bad feelings for me, I guess it’s okay.

There’s still time until the lunch break is over.

“Well, I’m going to …… the flower beds, will you two be back?”

Oh, did I mention that Otsuki-san also tinkers in the flower beds during her lunch break?

I’m sure she really likes gardening.

I’ll tell Reo next time and try to bump him up.


Asahina-san poked me on the back.

“Kogure-kun, go with her and help Shizuku with that.”

“You’ll definitely get more favorable impression. That way the two of you can work together more and more and I’m sure Shizuku will take a fresh look at you.”  
“W-well, ……, that’s true.”

“Then ……, you ask her out on a date.”

Ask for a date? I cannot do such thing

To begin with, I don’t really like Otsuki san.

I’m just gathering information about her for …… my best friend, and I don’t intend to get to know her better than I have to.

“It’s just that we’ve only just started to talk to each other, so a date is absurd no matter how much you want it!”
“I don’t think so. If you have feelings for Shizuku, you should go for it.”

“No, it’s too early for that. I should wait until I get to know each other a little better.”
“No, it’s not too soon. I can’t wait that long.”

“…… ”

Why am I being forced to do this so abruptly?

Asahina san, I have no idea what you’re thinking.

Even if I invite her, I’m sure she’ll refuse. For the time being, I have to get through this place somehow.
As I raised my hands and slowly backed away, Asahina-san approached me.

“Listen! Hey, what are you doing?”

“Hey, what are you doing!”

A man’s voice echoed in the empty aisle. The voice was that of my best friend, Hirasawa Reo.

Reo’s face is grim, and he grabs my arm and puts me behind his back.

“Don’t you dare come on to Ryoma, Asahina.”
“It’s none of your business, Hirasawa kun.”
“It’s nothing to do with it. Can you overlook the troubled Ryoma? Huh?”

Asahina-san glared at Reo, then looked at Otsuki-san who was nearby.

Maybe it was because he looked at Otsuki-san with a stern look on his face, but Otsuki-san looked completely frightened.

“Hey, don’t scare Shizuku!”

Asahina-san, who loves Otsuki-san, would not allow that and immediately stood in front of Otsuki-san.

Reo and Asahina-san glared at each other.

I whispered into Reo’s ear so that the two girls wouldn’t hear me.

“I’m fine. I don’t want you to give Otsuki san a bad impression.” 
“I mean you know?”

“You are brutal after all. I don’t like your high-handed side. Like A place that looks great in the minds of girls! ”

“Haaa. That makes two of us. I didn’t like your cold-blooded personality to begin with. You always give Suzuki, Sato, and Tanaka the cold shoulder!”

It was as if they were water and oil.
The relationship between the two, who had never had a good impression of each other, had taken a turn for the worse.

“Don’t ever talk to me again. Shizuku, let’s go.”

“Ryoma, let’s go.”

Reo and Asahina-san turn their backs and start to walk away.

A complete breakup, Otsuki-san chased after Asahina-san and I had no choice but to chase after Reo

We parted from the girls and entered the school building. Reo, who had been walking at a brisk pace, suddenly stopped.


Reo suddenly cried out and curled up into a ball. I couldn’t let the girls who liked Reo see him like this. I walked around to the front of Reo

“What’s wrong?”
“…… Hey Ryoma. I’m sure Otsuki san hates me.”

The most popular person in the school, who had been so vigorous, was crying and looking depressed.

“I don’t think she’s going to have good feelings about me.”
“I see.”

“Why did you do it in the first place? You know I’m approaching Otsuki-san for Reo. I should have absolutely avoided making connections with Asahina-san. Didn’t we also talk about Asahina-san’s misunderstanding last night?”

Reo is a bit of a loser. Basically, he’s cool, but …… he’s surprisingly sensitive and ditzy. I understand Reo’s character very well.

Yesterday, when I told him that Asahina san had misunderstood me, he said, “If it was Ryoma, it would be frustrating, but I’m withdrawing…Gusu, make the person I love happy.” What a hell of a situation.

“You should have just left me alone.”
“I can’t do that!”

Reo raises his voice in a strong tone.

“I can’t leave Ryoma alone when he’s in trouble!”
“It’s pointless if the girl you like doesn’t like you for it.”

“But …… I can’t leave Ryoma alone!”

Haa…… I feel more than anything happy about the actions of this childhood friend who helps me even if the person he likes hates her.

He always comes to my side like this, so I think it’s okay if I don’t have a best friend other than Reo.
I touched the crouched Reo’s shoulder.

“Thank you, Reo. Let’s start all over again.”

Now …… it’s not good that I made Asahina-san angry.
If I don’t get a chance to redeem my reputation, I’ll be banned from talking to Otsuki san.

I’m a little too lazy to talk to her.
While I was worrying about it during the afternoon class, I received a message on my phone.
ARISA “Are you free after school today? I have something I want to talk to you about over there.”

It was a calmer message than I expected from Asahina-san.

I wondered if she was actually not that angry, but then the next message jumped in.

ARISA “Shizuku got mad at me for stuffing up with Kogure-kun. Gusu.”

I see, so there was a sermon over there. This might be able to work…… I sent a message of approval.

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9 months ago

Oh, I take it back, maybe I read too many Soafp novels.
So Reo DID notice that Shizuku X Ryouma might become a thing and was even ready to gave up his love for her.
Not only that, the moment Arisa was troubling Ryoume, he protected him.
Reo, you’re a chad. Like, literally!