The tartar sauce ingredient that Saara picked up with her chopsticks.
I don’t know what it is, even though I can see it.

While feeling a slight sense of defeat at the sight of Saara, I pick it up with my chopsticks.
–There it is…this.
A small object. Something cut into squares.
I put the grain in my mouth and chew it carefully to make sure.

The texture is relatively hard.
Normally, it would be a pickle, but this one is slightly hard.
The more I chewed, the more the flavor spread like smoked meat. ……

…… This is no way.

“Is it ‘Iburi gakko’?”

Iburi gakko is one of Japan’s local delicacies.
It is a pickled daikon radish and takuan in Akita Prefecture.
When you hear this much, you probably don’t think it is that rare.

However, this pickle is completely different.
It is literally smoked.
The aroma is completely like that of smoked cheese or smoked salmon, and it is so savory and delicious that it does not fit into the category of Japanese food.

Saara chopped it into small pieces and added it to her homemade tartar sauce.

“I found that kind of food at the store. I thought it would be a good idea to make my own.”
“No, seriously,……, it’s delicious without question. It was completely too unexpected. ……”

Various innovations can be seen in the homemade tartar sauce, such as pieces of half-boiled egg in the sauce.
It is difficult to put something like a half-boiled egg in commercial products due to the expiration date.
Without a doubt, this would be a taste that can only be found here.

I just learned about creative cooking today in the cooking department.
It is hard to call it creative cooking if you just mix all the ingredients together in a chaotic manner.
In that respect, this tartar sauce deserves the title of “creative cuisine.

I honestly felt that I had lost.
It was a complete defeat.

“I was going to say that but I was completely beaten by Sora kun’s terrine as well, so it might be two wins and two losses. It’s hard to outwit you.”

I rolled my eyes when Saara said that to me.
I was completely surprised, and Saara laughed again.

…………… two wins and two losses.

“I was so surprised by the wasabi-zuke that I had to use some of Sora kun’s ingredients to get back at you, I was going to surprise you eventually.”
“That being said, you didn’t even have a winning record to begin with.”
“When you’re down a win at the end, you feel like you’re on the losing end of things.”
“I understand that feeling, but ……”

Yes, I do.
I know that feeling, and that’s exactly why I’m feeling one step ahead of you right now!

“I’ve got your kitchen perfectly mapped out, so you won’t surprise me so easily, you know?”
“Y-you got me. ……! I don’t have any cards left to play either.”
“Fufu, I don’t like to lose either.”

With a mischievous smile like she did on the first day, Saara also ate her own food and commented

“Mmmm…… remember, I’ll do something back to you too.”
“Yeah! I’ll be waiting for you anytime. I’m never going to leave until you do something back to me! And as soon as you do, I’ll do it again!”

The winner can afford to be. …… I’ll be sure to have something surprising for you.

But what else is left for the now study-perfect Princess Saara to do back with just one idea?
I could return the favor with an unusual dish, as she did today.
But it won’t be easy since I told her about my favorite restaurant before.
Settling with Saara…………. Settling?

After understanding that much, it occurred to me …….

Once I was saddened when Ayato moved out without being able to return the favor.
Right after Saara moved in, she saw my ingredients and took a shot at me.
I was beaten once again by her creative cooking.
Saara is planning to beat me back as many times as she can.
And she’s not going to leave until I do.

We would surprise each other with dishes that would surprise each other.
We keep waiting for each other to make our move.
In other words, it’s never going to be settled.

–What’s wrong with that?

“Hey, Sora kun.”

Saara’s voice brought me back to reality.

“It’s fun.”
“It’s kind of like being back in the old days when we used to make rice balls.”

…… I see.

What has changed.
What hasn’t changed.

Including all of those things.
I am sure that we are still the same as we were back then.

“Maybe we haven’t changed at all.”
“Ah! I’m still looking at you the same way I was looking at Sora kun back then! That was my first thought!”
“What’s that? It’s like I haven’t grown much.”
“Why? You’ve changed a lot!”
“The school’s faculty would probably be devastated if they saw the triumphant look on Saara’s face right now. ……”

I praise Saara’s food in detail, and she explains why my food is better than hers, as if we are competing with each other.
Why are you being so stubborn?

The princess of the school, Ayado Saara.
The best girlfriend I’ve ever had, so much so that I can say that for me, this top doesn’t exist.
And yet, she is still the same Saara, Ayado renamed Saara, as she was when I thought she was a …… boy.

What shall I cook tomorrow?
What will be served tomorrow?

I put the wasabi pickles on top of the sixteen-grain rice that was on the table, and looked at the stars in the sky.
It looks like it will be sunny again tomorrow.

(A/N :
This concludes the chapter.
Thank you for reading this far!

The story of a boy who thought she was a boy but turned out to be a girl has been a common story for many years now.
In this work, I wanted to take it one step further and make the past itself the reason for growth, while twisting the setting of the past.

This was my first romantic comedy work, so I am very happy that so many people have read it!
I am currently working on the fifth volume of my work “Kurotobi no seisha” and have many other plans, so the pace may slow down.
I still have more episodes I want to write, so I would like to keep updating this page.
I would also like to write new works like this.)

(TL/N : Well the first chapter has been completed, looks like there will be a continuation but the author last updated this one in november 2022 so, let’s see…)

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