There were three figures peeking at them as they were spending some quality time on the bench.

“…… Damn, she just said whatever she wanted to say,”

“I’m so pissed off now that I think about it. I’m going to get my revenge.”

“I almost opened a door that I shouldn’t have, but I can’t allow that Minori guy to have such a cute fiancée. Flirting like that is also unforgivable.”

The three of them were talking to each other and talking amongst themselves.

They should have been scared just a few minutes ago, but now their eyes are filled with hatred.

“Come to think of it, what was that woman talking about earlier?”

“Shinonome……Eiichiro? Sojiro? It doesn’t matter.”

“That’s just a bluff. I don’t give a damn what she said.”

Ignoring that person’s advice, they are discussing what to do.



After receiving such advice, I can no longer settle for youthful indiscretions.

Even so. To be this stupid……seriously, they did a great job.

“You guys.”

When I called out to them, the three of them turned around while trembling. They looked at me and rolled their eyes. That’s no wonder.

I’m much taller than them. I was a little over two meters tall. I’m also larger than a regular person.

Looking down at them. I crossed my arms.

“If you’re going to do something to Shinonome Nagi sama and Minori Souta sama, then I can’t just sit back and let it go.”

“W-what the hell.”

“Who the hell are you, old man !”

……Old man. Old man, huh. Am I that old now?

No, that’s not important.

“Let’s just say I’m the Shinonome family’s personal bodyguard.”


Last night, I received a request from Soichiro sama.

[It’s a request from Nagi. I’m sorry that it’s almost the end of the year, but I want you to be her bodyguard. I will pay you double the usual amount.]

I heard that there is a high possibility that Nagi sama’s fiancée will be involved in some troublesome situation.

It seems that Nagi sama said she could handle the situation, but I was asked to be an insurance policy in case things get rough. Naturally, I immediately responded with my approval.

The only time I will come out is when Nagi sama gives me a signal.

…….There was no way I could ignore it when I saw them planning to hurt the target of my escort in front of me.

Both as a business and as a personal matter.

“I won’t let you get in their way. Never.”

The happiness that Nagi sama has finally grasped.

She’s smiling like that now.

I won’t let them take that smile away from her. I’m going to protect it with my life.

“……W-what the hell. Are you going to do it?”

“I’m warning you. If you leave now, I won’t do anything.”

It’s more accurate to say that I can’t do anything. If I act badly, I will cause trouble for Soichiro sama.

However, it would be convenient if they were the one who initiated it.

“……H-hey. Isn’t this guy bad news?”

“L-let’s just go home.”

At first they were willing to do it, but the other two finally realized that they were on the brink of a deal.

“…….Tch. Let’s go.”

The boy at the front of the line clicked his tongue and turned away.

“I will always be with the two of them……Nagi sama and Souta sama. Don’t think you can do anything about it.”

They would have heard those words. But without replying….the three of them moved away.


I watched them and took a breath.

I’ve known Nagi sama since she was a little girl.

I’m not sure if Soichiro sama would be angry with me if I said that she is like a daughter. I cannot describe her in other words, as I’m not an educated person.

She has always been a mature child. The way she earnestly worked hard in pursuit of her father was… no means a childlike figure.

She was never intimidated by my large size and often asked me about her father……Soichiro sama.

I was very surprised when I heard that Nagi sama’s had a fiancée. ……I was also surprised when I heard that she had crossed paths with Soichiro sama, when he’s about to accept a political marriage for Nagi sama.

“Now she’s walking on the path to happiness like this.”

Although I wondered what would happen when I suddenly brought Souta sama into the back alley, but… Seeing them get along so well like this makes me smile.

And the reason why I accepted the request. It’s not that I didn’t want to see her fiancée.


“If Nagi sama has allowed herself to be so open-minded, it’s more than anything.”

Nagi sama warms Souta sama’s cheek with her hand and looks at him warmly like a compassionate mother.

I must protect the two of you.

I have to protect Nagi sama, who finally started to show her childlike face, and Souta sama……who melted Nagi sama’s heart.

Then, Nagi sama’s eyes moved toward me.

Oh no, I had exposed myself.

I told Nagi sama, [I think Souta sama will be uncomfortable if he heard this, so I’d like to not to show myself as much as possible. .…I plan to introduce myself soon.”

As I rushed to move, I saw Nagi sama’s mouth open. No words were uttered.

(Thank you.)

Yes, I thought she was saying that. ……No, she is. I can handle lip-reading. I think Nagi sama knows what I did.

Once I bowed my head. I moved out of the place.

I have to report to him.

[It’s me. Is everything all right?]

What I hear from the back of my smartphone is the voice of my employer…Soichiro sama.

“Nagi sama and Souta sama have been contacted. There are three of them. All of them are high school boys, and we believe they attended the same elementary and middle schools as Souta sama.

[What about Nagi?]

“At first, Nagi sama successfully defeated them. I didn’t even have my turn…..but after that. I just warned them just a few minutes ago because they tried to interfere with the two of them who were spending some quality time.”

[I see. Thank you.]


I don’t know if Soichiro sama had noticed, but things have changed quite a bit. After Nagi sama got a fiancée.

I think it’s a good change.

[I’ll take care of the rest.]

“… I’d like to ask you a question. What are you going to do?”

[Warning. ……They’re a person who made Nagi angry. I doubt if I can communicate with them. I’ll contact their family.”

I couldn’t help but open my eyes at those words.

“Are you serious?”

[I’m going to be very careful. I would give up everything for them to live happily together.]

I was speechless……but Soichiro sama’s voice brought me back to consciousness.

Laughing? Soichiro sama?

[What? The last word was a joke.]

Normally, he never makes jokes. While I’m trying to sort out my brain, Soichiro sama keeps talking.

[Who do you think I am?]

“That’s… there are fewer people on this road who don’t know–“


He interrupted me and I shut my mouth again.

[I am Nagi’s father–Souta kun’s father-in-law.]

A laugh spilled out from the end of his words. It was not unusual. It was the first time.

[I am their father. I have to be their father.]

“……I’m sorry. I didn’t quite understand what you meant.”

[It’s simple.]

After a beat of silence. Soichiro sama said.

[Souta kun and Nagi are both very wonderful children. I must continue to be the adult who can guide them both. …….I must be able to easily shake off the sparks of fire that hang over the family. Naturally, without sacrificing anything.]

I realized that he was serious when he said that. But even that realization was very short-sighted.

[In any case, you have to nip it in the bud as soon as possible. We must move immediately.]


I was unintentionally startled. I was surprised, but I was glad I didn’t yell out.

[Yeah. I hate the word ‘just in case’. If you’re going to do it, just do it. I’ve been gathering information since last night. I’ve finished my work, so everything is in order.]

“……I understand. I’ll make my move, too–“

[No. You watch Nagi and the others. Just as you have been doing.]

It’s about Soichiro sama. He will probably take bodyguards other than me.

I was about to hang up the phone when I told him I agreed.

[May I ask you one last question?]

“Yes. What is it?”

[Nagi……and Souta kun. How are they doing?]

I couldn’t help but laugh at those words.

In the truest sense of the word…….he’s becoming like a father. It’s not something thatI can say as a mere bodyguard.

“Right. Nagi sama went out of control a little.”

[Out of control?]

“Her love for Souta sama grew a little too much, I guess…….however…”

I peeked my face from the wall. The two people who were there were–

“They look very happy. More than anyone else in this world.”

Souta sama leaning against Nagi sama. And Nagi sama was gently patting Souta sama’s head.

At first glance, they looked like a young child and his mother. …..The expression on Nagi sama’s face was very gentle.

However, the words that say she really likes Souta sama. It was also transmitted here.

[…… I see. Thank you.]

“My pleasure–excuse me.”

In order to listen to Nagi sama’s signals, I always made sure that I could hear their conversation. It pains me to say that I feel like I’m eavesdropping.

However, I ended up listening to the conversation so much…..and almost said that.


Soichiro sama laughed behind the phone.

[Isn’t he a strange boy? He has the power to change people. I’m sure you’ve been hit by his power too.]

“…..My apologies.”

[I don’t blame you. We’ve known each other for more than a decade, and we’ve even had a few drinks together from time to time. I am happy.]

Soichiro sama then broke off.

[Take care of both of them. Make sure no one disturbs.]

“Yes, sir. ….Then excuse me.”

I hung up the phone and exhaled.

This time I messed up a lot of things. The only thing is that Soichiro sama was so generous, if not, the contract would have been terminated.

From now on, I must be even more careful.

I looked at the two of them. Souta sama looked up and was about to stand up holding hands with Nagi sama.

Both of them–they had very nice smiles on their faces.

I don’t protect them because it’s my job. …..I have a feeling that it was natural.

Nagi sama, whom I have known since she was a child, and Souta sama, who saved Nagi sama.

I want to protect the happiness of these two people. That feeling was getting stronger and stronger.



“What’s wrong? Nagi.”

A notification rang on Nagi’s smartphone, and she smiled as she checked it.

“No. Right. I’ll tell you in case you want to know.”

Nagi almost shook her head once, but after thinking for a moment, she answered. She laughed softly.

“I told my father about those people yesterday. I just got a call from him.”

Nagi put her smartphone in her pocket. And took my hand in hers.

“[Don’t worry about it anymore, your father will take care of everything.] He said.”

“……Soichiro san?”

“Yes. My father.”

I felt my cheeks twitch involuntarily.

“Let me say this. My father doesn’t think it’s a ‘nuisance’.”

Nagi’s hand left my cheek and gently rubbed it to bring it back to its normal position.

“It’s because he’s’ about us. My father……no. Among us, Souta kun is already a respectable family member.”

-just as Souta kun’s family has accepted me.

Nagi added.

I smiled. I was happy.

I was so happy that everything that had been bothering me earlier became unimportant. I was happy.

“…..I’m very blessed.”

“Souta kun, you yourself are kind and strong. Birds of a feather flock together, they said.”

I was about to say that it was an overestimation….stop it.

Even if it’s an overestimation. It’s good if I become a worthy man for her. I don’t think it’s easy. But still, I have to become that man.

“Well, then. Shall we go shopping for clothes?”

“I guess so.”

So we started walking, but soon after, Nagi raised her voice.

“…..Ah. That’s right. Souta kun, would you like to see some kimonos that would look good on you next time? I have a lot of them at home.”

Kimono, huh.

I have only worn it on occasions such as shrine visits.

“I like it. I’d like to wear it with Nagi and go to a festival.”

“…….! Yes ! Let’s choose one together in the near future !”

The number of things I want to do with Nagi is increasing. Let’s do it little by little.

First of all–

“Please tell me a lot about the clothes you like, Souta kun?”

“…….I’m not familiar with fashion.”

“I don’t care what anyone other than Souta kun thinks. If Souta kun likes it, that’s all I need to be satisfied.”

I laughed again at Nagi’s words and Nagi laughed too.

Talking like that, we soon arrived at the clothing store.

–The fun time is not over yet.

No one disturbed us.

The fun–happy time continued.

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