Episode 23 – The respective agendas



After Shota-kun left, I was not in the mood.

(…… Yamamoto must have been the main bully who bullied Shota-kun. That guy, why ……)

I tried to follow him, but Shota-kun left me to it, saying ‘Sakurae, take care of this side’.

There is no way I could discuss it in a casual manner when Shota is in contact with the enemy.

I think so, but Shota-kun is trying to leave this side to me.

I want to be useful to Shota-kun. But the role Shota-kun wants me to play and the role I want to play are different. ……

These thoughts got in the way and made me unsure about my decision to pursue Shota-kun.

In this way, Kikuchi kun, who seemed to be getting along well with Shota-kun recently, left after him.

I could only look on in dismay.

When I returned to the classroom after Yamamoto’s talk, a considerable amount of time had passed.

The whole discussion in the classroom is already over and the students are divided into their own groups.


As soon as I got back to the classroom, Sakurae came running up to me and looked up at me worriedly.

“Are you alright! Are you being treated badly?! like Something nasty ……”

“Calm down.”

I dropped a loose chop on Sakurae’s head.

“It was nothing. …… or rather, does Sakurae know Yamamoto?'”

I don’t remember mentioning Yamamoto’s name when we talked about the trauma.

When I asked her about it, Sakurae looked flustered.

I-I don’t know, but I had a bad feeling about it. …… See, it could have been the person who hurt Shota-kun,……!”

“… I see.”

I lightly replied to Sakurae, who had a keen intuition, and pointed towards everyone else.

“Look, we’ll join in too.”

“…. yeah.”

Sakurae is still confused about something, but she gave a small reply.

The preparation for the festival proceeded smoothly.

Sakurae seemed to be concerned about Yamamoto for a while, but when I continued to talk about it, she gave up, although she seemed to be in a bad mood.

And today we are having a costume fitting, …….

“Kokonoe-kun, …… you look good.”

“…..is that so?”

“….Yeah, I think it looks good.”

Instead of wearing a school uniform, I’m just wearing a waistcoat and a waist apron instead of a school run, but I hear it gives a much different impression.

It’s not made to fit just my size, so it feels a little big, but I think I can wear it without any problems.

“Does this look like it?”

“I can see it, it looks good.”

When I asked how it looked from the outside, the girl who made it nodded in satisfaction.

“Oh, but …… sit down for a minute?”


Another customer service person, who was watching the situation, motions for me to sit in a chair.

When I meekly complied, she pinned my bangs in place, saying, ‘Don’t move a bit.”


“…. what’s wrong?”

I ask the girl, who has instantly fallen silent, anxious.

“…. still weird.”

I tried to remove the pin, but she seemed flustered and stopped me

“I-it’s fine! Very good!”

“Yes, yes,! I mean, I don’t know if I’d say it’s good or if I’d say it’s okay. ……”


I didn’t know what the last part meant, so I asked back, ‘Nothing!’ she turned her face away.

As I was doing this, Sakurae, who was changing clothes in another room, popped out.

“… Wow! Shota-kun, you’re so cool!”

She walked quickly towards me, not caring that she was attracting the attention of male students.

“…… looks really good on you.”

“I see, well, thank you.”

After looking at me carefully, Sakurae blushed a little and said that.

Sakurae replied with a wry smile, saying that no matter what I wore, I also kept an eye on Sakurae’s outfit.

I can’t call it a maid’s uniform, but instead of a uniform blazer, she’s wearing a large, frilly apron, and on her head she’s wearing a catsuit.

It’s a gutsy, cute outfit, but it suited Sakurae.

“…… Sakurae too.”

“Fufu, thank you.”

Towards my words, Sakurae smiles shyly.

When I looked around at the itchy atmosphere, I was even more embarrassed by the warm gazes directed at me.

Sakurae stares at me with a difficult expression on her face, ‘Muuu……’, as if she doesn’t realise it.

“…. Shota-kun,you have pins?”

“No, she lent it to me. Would you prefer I didn’t ……?’

“….. no. But if you’re going to wear it in the show, be careful, okay?”

“? … Yeah.”

Sakurae’s meaning was not understood, and I replied vaguely.

“Geez, Shota-kun, you’re such…….”

I reflect on today’s events on the bed.

Such a cool and cute face, it would be dangerous if I showed it to everyone. ……

Shota-kun, who gave a vague reply, definitely doesn’t understand.

He usually lacks a sense of danger.

But I like Shota-kun like that too. ……

This time, too, he didn’t say ‘cute’.

But again, I am able to close the distance between me and Shota-kun.

Soon, very soon. …….

Due to the preparations for the festival, I haven’t been able to move much.

In the end, neither Shota-kun nor Kikuchi-kun told me what Yamamoto was talking about.

I didn’t feel that Shota-kun’s condition had changed, except for that day. ……

But considering the fact that Yamamoto contacted him at that time, I was staring at the fact that he was definitely going to set something up at the festival, including those guys.

If they do something, I’m going to take revenge on them!

They are trying to tarnish the happy memories of Shota-kun and me.

They must be awarded accordingly

If they come, they can come.

If I can protect Shota-kun from them, there will be no more obstacles between us.

The other day, I was thinking about another girl, but it seems like a lie.

Because there is no one who cares about Shota-kun more than me. ……

I was convinced that we were getting closer to that day I had dreamt of, although I had a touch of anxiety.

“Yeah, nothing has moved on since then, has it?”


“Thank goodness. …… I was afraid that Sakurae Sana would do something more thorough to me for being so selfish.”

[….! ……!]

“…. yes, I’m sorry. Your friend wouldn’t do something like that, would they?”


“Yes, I know. I’ll take care of Kokonoe-kun. I’ll convince him to stay away from Sakurae Sana.”


“Yes, I’m sure we can be friends again, …… and more. So tell me more about your class, okay? It would be helpful to know what shift you’re supposed to be on that day too. …… Hang on, I’ll take notes.”

[…., …….]

“…. Thanks, this will help me convince Kokonoe-kun more reliably.”


“Don’t thank me. If it works, I should be the one to thank you. …… Then I’m going to hang up because I have other things to do. Yeah, good luck. See you later.”



[So there’s no contact from Rio after all?]

“Yes. …… But more importantly, are you really going to come?”

[.. What the hell are you talking about now? I’m going to beat you up.]

“You’re going to get hit by Kikuchi, you know? …… But if something really happens and you can stop it, do what you want.”

[Ha! I can’t believe you’re the guy who was so scared and goofy.]

“… Are you complimenting?”

[The opposite. become even more annoying.]

“I’m relieved……. then let me know if you’ve got anything.”

[…. I’ll tell you one more time, it ain’t for you.]

“I know. See ya.”


“…… phew.”

I hang up the call and my body relaxes at once.

I can’t take his information at face value, but it’s probably best to be cautious.

If it’s bad, Sakurae’s safety could be in danger …….

I don’t know what kind of feelings this is, but I definitely didn’t want that.

“It’s almost …… time.”

Preparations are going well, and until the show, if we all check the details together, such as reworking the interior and practicing customer service, the class will be fine.

The rest we won’t know until the day of the event.

I thought there was no point in thinking about it now, so I covered myself with the futon and closed my eyes.

The days pass in the blink of an eye, and the two-day festival opens with each person’s thoughts swirling in the air.

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