“…… no, bad. Don’t look at my face.”

After finishing the act with senpai, I came back to myself and looked at Chifuyu, she also seemed to have cooled down and hid her face, feeling embarrassed that she had been heavily entangled with me in the living room of her house.

“I-I’m the one who’s sorry …….”

“No, it’s because I couldn’t resist. It’s very vulgar …….”

The shy senpai is also cute.

Watching this, my body, which I thought had completely withered away, became a little more energetic again.

“…Continue, can we do it at home?”

“Yeah. I want to take a bath.”


I put on my clothes and quickly left Chifuyu’s house.

Fortunately, the sofa wasn’t dirty, but I’d better do something like that on the bed.

If I thought that it didn’t matter where we was, I could end up looking for Chifuyu anywhere.

That’s how attractive she is.

“Oh, by the way, we haven’t had dinner yet, have we?”

“….no honorifics.”

“Eh, Oh, I’m sorry.”



“I’ll get angry if you use it.”

“……, okay.”

Chifuyu, who is getting closer and closer to me in this way, is perfectly positioned next to me and does not move away.

Like this, the two of us go back to my room together, so closely together that we seem to be stuck together.

“……Toma-kun’s room, I feel at home.”

“Yeah. But it’s a little cramped for the two of us to be together all the time.”

“No, I like it better when it’s small. No, the smaller the room, the better.”

When I took off my shoes at the entrance, she kissed me first.

After that, Chifuyu said, “I’ll cook dinner with what we have,” and started cooking.

I prepared the bath and went to the kitchen again, and she told me to stay in the room, so I went back to the room.

During that time, my mind was occupied with Chifuyu.

I was horny again even though I had just done it a few minutes ago.

I was worried if we would be able to stay together from tomorrow onwards.


“I made fried rice, Toma-kun.”

When I see her smiling at me happily with a little late dinner, all those feelings fly away.

I want to stay with her forever.

Drowning in this feeling, I melted into her again this evening.

“…… Good morning, Toma-kun.”

When I wake up in the morning, the cute sleeping face of Chifuyu is there.

In the morning, I wake up to see the cute face of Chifuyu sleeping there.

“Yes, good morning, Chifuyu. We have school today too, right?”

“I don’t want to go to school. I’ll be separated from Toma kun.”

“It can’t be helped. But let’s have lunch together.”

“Yes, I love you, Toma-kun. ……”

In the morning, I would have liked to start the day with a quick round, but as expected, there was not enough time.

Chifuyu seems to be planning to stay with me for a while.

As proof, she had brought some loungewear and school uniforms from home yesterday.

We can be together again today.

Just thinking that makes me feel better about the day ahead.

“By the way, what kind of person is Madoka, Chifuyu’s best friend?”

“Eh, you’re interested in Madoka? no, I won’t let you meet her.”

“N-not that. Look, if she is always so nice to you, I should at least say hello to her.”

“Hello ……, then, would you like me to invite Madoka and the three of us to have dinner today?”

“That’s good. Then, please”

While we were talking about this, we arrived at school.

Chifuyu looks at me as if she doesn’t want to leave, so I ask, ‘Shall I walk you to the classroom?’


“……I don’t want to leave you after all. I’m lonely, I don’t want.”

“W-Wait, Chifuyu?”

“No, no, no. ……”

She started crying at the shoebox.

Luckily it was a bit early and there weren’t many people around, but in a hurry I took her to the back of the school building where there weren’t many people.

And as we sit side by side on the stairs, comforting each other, Chifuyu finally regains her composure.

“……I’m sorry, I’m going to embarrass Toma-kun.”

“It’s fine, not at all. I’m glad you want to be with me that much.”

“Toma,……, I love you. I love you so much, I love you so much, I don’t want to leave you.”

“I don’t want to leave you either. But it’s just a little patience.”

“Yeah. ……”

Chifuyu tries her best to get over her feelings, but her body doesn’t seem to listen to her.

Time passes as she leans on me.

It’s almost time to start school.

I have to go to the classroom soon.

“…… Chifuyu, it’s time to go.”

“I know,……, but I don’t like it.”


Well, sometimes I feel like it’s okay to be late, but if it’s like this every day, it will be a problem for both Chifuyu and me because it will interfere with our schoolwork.

While I was wondering what to do, Chifuyu took out her smartphone.

“… Madoka, can I call her?”

“Oh, you want her to pick you up? It’s fine.”

“Yes. …….”

She quickly send a line, and a little later, I hear footsteps behind me.

“Chifuyu, what’s wrong with you?”

The woman who came was a beautiful woman with a short cut and a sharp face.

She’s a little short, but she has the strong impression of an athletic girl.

“Ah, Madoka. Yeah…you know, I don’t want to be separated from Toma-kun.”

“So you want me to come and get you? Well, that’s fine. Ah, I’m Madoka. Nice to meet you, Kohai-kun.”

“Oh, hi.”

It was a very rough introduction, but maybe that was enough.

When I bowed to Madoka-san, Chifuyu was looking at me with the same eyes as yesterday when she got angry when I glanced at the figure.

I guess she still doesn’t trust me. ……

“Well then, I’ll take Chifuyu in. See you later, junior.”

“Y-yes please take care of her.”

Chifuyu continues to resist, but Madoka-san calms her down by saying things like, ‘Look, he’s going to hate you,’ and it seems like she’s quite good at handling Chifuyu.

In the end, Chifuyu, who had shown no sign of moving, finally followed Madoka back to the classroom, almost in tears, saying “no, no, I don’t want to be hated”.

After witnessing this, I was impressed that there was a way to do it that way, but just when I thought I couldn’t do it, the chime rang.

I was late for school.

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