As soon as it’s lunchtime, a few of my friends come over to me, smirking.

“Hey Sagara, what happened to your lunch box?”

“Huuh, you didn’t have that with you in the morning, did you?'”

They all ask me in an indifferent manner.

After I left senpai, she saw me come back with a big bento box.

“…, it’s fine, it’s fine.”

“It’s not fine! You’re the one who’s getting the best”

“Waaa, I’m sorry.”

He teased me by grabbing me by the neck and scratching me on the head.

Naturally, I ended up being asked persistent questions about my relationship with senpai

“So, how are things with Kayamori-senpai?”

“Well, I mean …… we’ve been friends ever since then, but…”

“Is that all?”

“…… well.”

I really didn’t feel like I could say that I slept with senpai yesterday and did this or that.

Everyone says their faces are scary.

“Well, that’s fine. Now, show me your lunch box.”

“No, I mean, isn’t the food normal? No matter what you eat, it’s delicious.”

“You’re even having food cooked for you?”

“Oh, no, ……, well, maybe she just wanted to thank you.”


I’m not very familiar with this kind of discussion, so I wish they’d disbanded quickly since it seemed like it was going to get messy.

I succumbed to the pressure of my friends, who seemed reluctant to move until they saw the contents of my lunch box, and slowly took the cloth.

“….. It’s huge.”

The larger lunch box is only one tier, lacquered.

Slowly open the shiny black lid and there it is.

“…. Eh?”

It’s a letter.

There are letters written on it.

Of course, there is no notepaper between the letters, but on top of the white rice, which is spread all over the box, there are letters written in nori (seaweed).

[Sagara-kun Love you!]

That’s what it clearly says.

Seeing this, I have no more excuses.

“Hey, Sagara san, what in the world is this all about?”

“No, no, no. Listen to me for a second.”

“Listen! Catch this happy bastard!”


I was jostled and teased by all the boys in class.

They said, “What on earth did you do to make that Kayamori-senpai say this much?”

Like, I went out with her, but we sneak around and laughed at them from behind our backs.

They asked me to steal senpai’s underwear.

Well, they said all sorts of things to me.

Finally, in the second half of the lunch break.

I finally got to eat.

“…. Madoka, can I go see him now?”

“Stop asking me that every other minute. Can you at least accompany me to eat bread?”


Eating with Madoka as usual.

It’s always the case.

I don’t like to have deep relationships with other people and don’t have any friends to have lunch with, so I spend time with Madoka, who always comes over and talks to me.

It’s an important time.

But now I feel a bit bothered by it.

I know it’s wrong, but…

“….. I want to go see him as soon as possible.”

“Yes, yes, I understand, I understand. But really, could you please let me meet your junior once again? I just want to see his reaction.”

“Yeah, I’ll introduce you sometime.”

“When is that going to be?”

But it’s fun.

Madoka soothes my restless heart.

I have to make sure she doesn’t get left behind.

“Then, I’m going.”

“Yes, yes, smart girl. You should be home by the end of the lunch break.”

“You mean leaving early with Sagara-kun? That’s a good idea.”

“I mean, come back to class, you idiot.”


When I didn’t have much time, I was in a hurry to eat the lunch box that senpai made for me.

senpai came to the classroom.

“Hey, she’s picking you up.”

My friends tell me enviously.

Then they scatter.

As if in disgust.

I put down my chopsticks once and rush to senpai.

“W-What’s wrong?”

“Sagara-kun, are you eating your lunch?”

“O-of course. I’m eating it right now because I’m a little busy.”

“I see. Did you read my message?”

“Y-Yes, I did. Didn’t it take you long?”

“If it’s for Sagara-kun, I can spend as much time as I want. ……”

Senpai students were embarrassed as they said it.

When I saw that, I noticed that the people in my class were looking at me with cold eyes.

“…. senpai, can we go somewhere a little less crowded?”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Just wait a minute.”

I hurriedly took my lunch and went to senpai.

And then I went straight out of the classroom and headed to the fire escape entrance at the end of the corridor.

In this area, there are no classrooms and not many people pass by.

“… Wind, it’s quiet now.”

“Sagara-kun, have you eaten all your lunch?”

“No, I still have some more to go. May I have it here?”

“Yes, eat all of it.”

I sat down leaning against the wall, and senpai slowly sat down next to me.

When I opened the lunch box, I found the message written on the seaweed from earlier scattered around.

“I’ll eat it. Yes, it’s delicious.”

“Sagara-kun, did the message bother you?”

“No, not at all. I was surprised, but I was happy.”

“Kind ……, Sagara-kun. Can I call you by your name?”

“Yes, it’s okay though…”

“…… Toma-kun.”

When I called my name, senpai grabbed my right hand, which was holding chopsticks, and then turned her lips towards me and said, “I’m sweet too, right?”

The area around my mouth was sticky from fried chicken and fried eggs, so I hesitated to kiss her. 

But Senpai doesn’t wait for me like that.


I am kissed again by senpai.

The kiss was a little sticky, but it was as if she was checking the taste of my lips.

The lips were a little cold.



“Sagara-kun’s lips, delicious.”

senpai who licked around the mouth with her tongue had tears in her eyes a little.

I was worried that something was wrong, but she kissed me again, saying, ‘I’m so happy, I cry’.

Lunch break flew by as I was wrapped up in time with senpai.

When the chime rang, senpai went back to the classroom with a very painful look on her face, so painful that it looked like she was in despair, as if she was heading for the place of death.

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