Episode 24 – School’s Madonna Ponders



“Whew, that was good food again today.”

“Aikawa, why don’t you get a job at a sushi restaurant?”

Aizawa and Ishikawa san muttered their thoughts in satisfaction.

“Then maybe I’ll become a professional fisherman too !”

Sawaguchi san raised her hand and made such a declaration.

“Can you make a living at fishing?”

Aizawa wondered in response to Sawaguchi san’s declaration.

“Nowadays, there are people who are making a good living from fishing.”

There are videos that offer an introduction to fishing for beginners, videos that teach what can be caught by fishing at various ports and beaches in various locations, and others that decide on the target fish and explain in detail the tricks and other details.

Those who post such videos receive a lot of attention, sponsorship, and the latest fishing tackle from the manufacturer.
A few of them even have teams and make a living doing it.

I tried to explain to everyone based on the video I was watching. I thought I told them that the current situation was tough, but

“Aikawacchi, come work with me to become a professional.”

Sawaguchi san seemed to be getting more and more enthusiastic, tapping me on the shoulder and soliciting me.

“Maho. Aren’t you and Aikawa getting closer?”

Ishikawa san observes us while playing with her phone. Her eyes seemed to be probing our relationship.

“Maybe you’re in love with him?”

“……W-what are you talking about out of the blue !”

Aizawa smiles and throws a bombshell. I hurriedly look for denial to avoid any strange misunderstandings.

“Hmm, I think Aikawa is like a younger brother type. I like good-looking boys, so I think cute guys are a little……. Sorry?”

Sawaguchi san put her hand over her mouth and gave a chuckle. That one word made me calm down.

“No, I don’t really mind.”

“Can you be more conscious of that part !?”

I’ve grown accustomed to her teasing thanks to a few days of hanging out with her, and now I’ve even grown to be able to instantly reply with something like this.

“And Aikawacchi ! You went out of your way to prepare a small plate of fish you caught for me, didn’t you? I felt your love, right?”

Still, perhaps frustrated at having to back down, Sawaguchi san smiles and pursue.

“No, it is natural for an angler to want to eat the first fish they catch by themself, and I don’t have that kind of intention at all.”

I cut Sawaguchi san off. It can’t be helped because I’m seriously not thinking about anything at all.

“You two are a good match for each other, for sure.”

Aizawa, who had been watching the exchange, looked at us with a dumbfounded expression on his face. Aizawa is not in the right place because he tries to connect everything to a romantic relationship between a man and a woman.

“More importantly, what’s wrong with Misa?”

Ishikawa san turns the conversation over to Watanabe san.

She had not joined the conversation since a while ago and did not talk much during the meal.
Everyone’s eyes turned to Watanabe san.

“Are you tired after all?”

I was worried that she might be sleepy since she had just helped me with the dishes and had done some strenuous exercise today.

“N-no ! I’m not tired…….”

With that said, she glanced at me with a resentful glance.

“It’s Aikawa kun’s fault, you know.”

She whispered so that only I could hear.
I don’t know what the hell I’ve done, but it seems that I’ve somehow offended her.

“Anyway, what are you going to do tomorrow?”

Ishikawa san took her eyes off Watanabes san and asked about the plans.

“Well, me and Aikawa still have part-time jobs for the next few days.”

Unlike today, tomorrow is an all-day job. Since we were originally planning to work, it would be more irregular for us to go fishing, enjoy swimming, or play beach volleyball.

“We have to go home tomorrow.”

On the other hand, Watanabe san and the others also had to return home since they had originally just come to have fun. All three of them looked disappointed, as if they hadn’t had enough fun.

“Well, it’s our last night, so let’s talk it over.”

Aizawa makes a suggestion to change the atmosphere.

“Drinks here ! Snacks here !”

Sawaguchi san takes him up on the offer, and the snacks are hastily placed on the table.

“I won’t let you sleep tonight.”

Ishikawa san takes advantage of the situation,

“No, I have to sleep or I’ll have a hard time at my part-time job tomorrow !”

“You just have to get through it with your strength ! Aikawacchi !

Sawaguchi san was getting excited.

“Okay, let’s have fun to the fullest today !”

Watanabe san’s voice was cheerful, and the party began.

In the end, the party continued beyond the date……


The sound of waves can be heard in the room where silence reigns.
Looking at the clock on my phone, the time was around 4:00 in the morning.

The light from the phone leaked out and illuminated the face of Aizawa, who was sleeping next to me.
Last night, he had been excited and kept the mood high, but after the girls complained of sleepiness and broke up the party, he returned to my room and collapsed onto the futon as if his batteries had run out.

Since then, I have been sleeping without making the slightest movement.
There was still some time before my part-time job. I thought about taking another nap, but the light from my phone woke me up halfway, so I decided to go to the bathroom.

I quietly left the room and went down the stairs so as not to wake Aizawa. The three girls’ room was at the back of the room down the stairs, so I made sure I was aware of the direction so as not to enter it by mistake.
We walked down the hallway and arrived at the bathroom in front of the entrance. On the way there is the Japanese-style room where they had been making noise earlier.
When I finished my business and walked down the hallway to return to my room, I saw a black pattern floating on the eaves that led out from the Japanese-style room.
As I stared at it, the outline became clearer and clearer. I recognized the backside of the figure in the eaves. It must be Watanabe san.

Was she couldn’t sleep, or did he wake up the same way I did?
In any case, I might startle her if I called out to her suddenly. As I was thinking about going back, she suddenly turned around.

“Aikawa kun. It was you, wasn’t it?”

“How did you know?”

I couldn’t help but ask her how she knew I was there.

“I heard the sound of people walking in the hallway. Riho san and Maho san would have called out to me, so I figured it must have been either Aizawa kun or Aikawa kun.”

Certainly, I was not walking with particularly deadly footsteps. Would it be easy to spot someone if she sensed someone stopping?
Watanabe san, seen in the early morning, seemed less energetic than usual. Was it because I was looking at her in the dark or because she was tired?

“Aikawa kun. Would you like to go for a walk?”

Suddenly, without thinking, Watanabe san cut in.

“If it’s okay with you, I’ll go out with you.”

I couldn’t let the girl walk alone on the beach at night. If she wanted to walk, I would go with her.

“Thank you very much.”

We changed into sandals and walked out of the inn.

“It’s rather cold at this time of night, isn’t it?”

Watanabe san shivered as she hugged her arms.
During the daytime, you could sweat just standing up, but late at night and early in the morning, it’s a little chilly. It must be cold in just a yukata.

“Should I bring something to wear?”

It would be a problem if she caught a cold, so I asked her if she wanted me to bring a jacket.

“No, I’m fine with this.”

Watanabe san shook her head and started walking.

The wind blew and fluttered her hair. The moonlight poured in and her flaxen hair seemed to shine.
We walk along the beach for a while, aimlessly, just silently.
I silently follow her. Watanabe san looked like she was thinking about something, and I didn’t want to interrupt her thoughts.

After a little while, she stopped.

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