Volume 2 Episode 5 – I would rather see onii than illumination



We came to see the annual Christmas illumination at a flower park in a certain place.

Under the winter night sky, the flower garden of the flower park was enveloped in the warmth of the illumination.
The flower arches lining the entrance are also lit up, and I look up at the arches as I enter the flower park.

All the couples walking around the park are very passionate, even in the middle of winter.

I know it’s Christmas, but I would have rather stayed home and listened to ASMR for virgins than be exposed to something like this.

“How is it onii? Isn’t the illumination so beautiful?”
“There are so many couples here.”
“Of course it is! No one but couples come here on Christmas night.”

Here are three people who are included in the “non-couple” category.

“You don’t like this kind of place, do you, onii chan?”
“It’s not that I don’t like it, but it’s not the kind of place I’d come with my sister on …… Christmas.”
“You are too aware of your surroundings onii! I will I’ll hold your hand, so I won’t look like your sister, right?”

Kairi naturally put her right hand on my left hand.

“Ugh, onii’s hand is so cold!”
“Your hand is too warm, you know.”
“You don’t get upset when I hold your hand, do you?”
“That’s …… because it would be gross if I was excited about holding hands with my sister.”

As I said this with a look of shame on my face, my right hand suddenly became warm.

“Well, I think I’ll hold hands with onii chan too.”
“S-Stop making fun of me, even Yuri!”
“That’s right, onee-chan! Onii don’t like it”
“You too, Kairi! Get away from him!”

I shake them off, and Yuri and Kairi look up at me with a groan, “Muu!”

“You guys should be watching the illuminations, not me!”


In the end, onii chan was defeated by our push and decided to look around the illumination while holding hands with us.
Kairi took onii chan’s left hand and I took his right.

“Oni, aren’t your face a little red?”
“I-I’m not blushing.”
“You’re so lucky to have beautiful sisters like us all to yourself at Christmas, aren’t you?”
“Yes, yes, that’s right.”

From a while ago, Kairi had been aggressively talking to oni chan, trying to create an atmosphere of “Onii is dating me”.
Well, Kairi is still a bit naive, isn’t she?
The reason I’m not participating in the conversation is because I’m concentrating on this hand.

Onii chan always uses his right hand when he does it. So if I hold his hand, it’s practically the same as if I’m holding his ****.

Ah~♡ Onii chan’s **** warm~♡
The one who takes the initiative and holds onii chan’s **** is me.
It is just like Kairi to feel like she has won just because she has a better sense of rhythm.

“Y-Yuuri’s face is redder than mine, are you okay?”
“Hee?……, I guess so.”
“You must have a fever.”

Onii chan let go of my right hand, and moved his hand to my forehead.
O-Onii chanr’s right hand, which always holds his ****, is on my forehead!

“H-Hey, you’re blushing even more.”
“Onee chan, I think you’re thinking of something weird.”
“Something strange?”
Onii chan looks at me with a strange look on his face.
Kairi…… again, something unnecessary.

“I don’t know about you, but I brought a body warmer just in case something like this happens.”
“Here, Yuri.”

Onii chan take out a brand-new warmer from his coat pocket and put it between our hands as we hold hands once more.
“It was cold when we were holding hands. This way, Yuuri and I will both be warm, right?”

Onii chan hold my hand..
I look up at onii chan, suppressing my body’s jitters of excitement.

“Onii chan,……, you’re smart after all, aren’t you?”

“Is that so? Well, I’m embarrassed when Yuri compliments me.”

I love onii chan…….
I want to leave Kairi behind and go to a hotel and have a white Christmas …… as soon as possible!

I grinned to myself, and only Kairi kept looking at me with white eyes.

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