“Yuri, I thought you were going to play with your boyfriend for Christmas.”
“onii chan, you don’t have a girlfriend, so you’ll be alone for Christmas, right?”
“……Y-you hit a sore spot I didn’t expect.”
“Onii chan is so sad, so I’ll take care of it.”
“Wait a minute, onee chan.”

Kairi interrupts our conversation and peeks out from her sister’s room.
She interrupted us at the doorway and pointed a finger in Yuuri’s direction.

“It’s not you, it’s us, isn’t it, onee-chan?”
“……W-What do you mean by that, Kairi?”
“I’m saying I want to spend Christmas with onii too,”.
“Haa? You’re supposed to spend Christmas with the boy you like.”
“Where’s the information come from? Onee-chan?”
“I didn’t say anything about it.”
“Oh, well, whatever. Anyway, we said we’d spend Christmas with oniii because we feel sorry for him.”

Yuuri and Kairi will spend Christmas with me, her brother. ……?

Something is wrong. Is it a trap?

Because both Yuuri and Kairi were looking forward to spending Christmas with a guy.
Kairi is going to our high school for the sake of a guy,……, but where is that passion going?

“Onii, what are you going to do? reject?”

I don’t care if I’m a Christmas bum.
I was going to have a white Christmas listening to [Christmas ASMR with the virgin boys – I’ll lick your ears because I feel sorry for you] delivered by Toshigaoka Yururu-chan, who is my V guess for Christmas. ……

Christmas with my sister ……?
I know walking around with beautiful sisters often gets nasty looks from people around you, and Christmas is going to be even more awkward.

These guys are getting ready for me, a misogynist and a loser. If I ignore them, I would lose my dignity as an older brother.

Above all, I was afraid that if I refused, our relationship would go back to the way it was before.
Kairi will be cold to me, and Yuuri might keep her distance from me.

I …… would prefer to keep things the way they are.

Kairi will open up to me and make up with Yuuri.
At last we’re back to being proper siblings,…… so.

“I’m …… going for Christmas. You guys have been so worried about me.”
“Onii (Onii chan).”

Thus, I was dragged into the darkness.

The next month…

This year’s Christmas was a white Christmas.
Powdery snow danced in the air, and I went out with the front button of my coat firmly fastened.

“Onii chan”

I turned toward the voice I heard behind me, and there it was.

“”Sorry to keep you waiting.””

And so began the Christmas season known as “sister lake”.

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1 year ago

[Christmas ASMR with the virgin boys – I’ll lick your ears because I feel sorry for you] what. The. Fuck.