After Friday’s holiday, it is Saturday.

Today, in order to fully enjoy Satsuki Emerald Park, the four of us are going to purchase playground equipment and other items. Yesterday, after my part-time job was over, I talked with Keiichi in private chat and we decided that the guys would pay for these things.

The reason being, it seems that Saejima and Kohinata are going to prepare and cook a meal for the four of us. The vast lawn at Green Park is much more spacious than the school’s courtyard, and the weather forecast shows that it is a perfect day for an outing, so I am really looking forward to it.
I was looking forward to it, but I couldn’t afford to pay for the food, so I decided to support the event at a different place.

“The place we’re going to, though, is a one-coin establishment …….”
“Hmm? What did you say, Tomoki?”
“I’m talking to myself.”

The place is a little too far to walk, not to mention take the train, and the bus would be just fine.
If it was a one-coin establishment, we could buy a lot of playthings, but we had to be very careful with our luggage or we would be in big trouble.

Although there are many stores in this three-story building, most of them are clothing stores, so I am not really interested in them.
A cheerful voice over the building’s public address system said, “Time sale starts at 00:00!” I don’t want to be like ants swarming around sugar in a crowded commercial facility on a holiday. I would get people-sick and fall down.

“If you stop, we’ll get separated.”

I called out to Kohinata, who had stopped to look at the stuffed cats on display in the general store. She noticed that she was getting separated from the group and came running up to me with a tetetete.
The cat Kohinata was looking at seemed to be a larger version of the key chain I had given her. It was about the size of a human face.

“If we get separated, I’ll make an announcement inside the building without chatting. The lost Kohinata asuka~…”

I said teasingly, and Kohinata patted me on the waist. It’s cute.

“It’s a joke. I won’t do it.”

To begin with, it would be a nuisance to the people at the facility if I did that. I’m sure the really lost children would be in trouble.

While exchanging such a trivial conversation, the four of us proceeded through the crowded place to the one-coin store on the third floor.

Taking the lead was Saejima, who was in hot pursuit both inside and outside the store. Next to Saejima, Keiichi was guiding the boar, saying, “I think we could have taken the escalator this side of the building”. Good work.

I followed Keiichi and the others, watching over the little classmate walking next to me to make sure we didn’t get separated.
I’d feel safer if she held my hand or something, but I’m not dating Kohinata, so I can’t let her do that, and more importantly, I’d get nervous and my hands would be soaked in sweat.

“Something on your mind?”

When I called out to Kohinata, who had stopped again, she buzzed and shook her head. She looked somewhat apologetic as she trotted up next to me. What she was watching was a commercial for a frying pan on a small LCD screen. She was watching a commercial for a frying pan on a small LCD screen, not that she wanted one in particular, but rather that she had somehow seen it.

As I smiled at Kohinata, I noticed that Keiichi and the others had also stopped and were looking at me.

“Why don’t you hold hands with Tomoki?”
“Fufu, that might be nice.’

The two guys in front of us look at us with a smirk and say something like that. You guys are the ones who should hold hands. From the side, you’re no longer a couple, you beautiful man and woman.

“Ah …… kohinata, you can ignore what these guys are saying, okay? They are just teasing you.”

Especially Keiichi. This guy has seen with his own eyes that I was not involved with girls at all, so he must be enjoying this situation.

As I was making up my mind to beat him up in a game when I got home, Kohinata, who was looking slightly down at my face, quickly reached out and pinched the hem of my clothes with her fingers.
I see, holding hands is embarrassing, but clothes are fine.


I thought, but she quickly withdrew her hand and began to stretch the hem of my clothes with both hands this time. Judging from her movements, she was worried that my clothes would get wrinkled. It is true that these are new clothes, but I don’t mind that much. I’m embarrassed, though.


As the three of us watched Kohinata’s movements, Kohinata’s ears turned red, she exhaled through her nose and gripped the pinky finger of my right hand with her left hand. The soft and pliable touch of Kohinata’s hand is transmitted through my pinky finger, along with the warm body temperature.

…………. I never thought that Kohinata would hold my hand–well, it’s just my pinky finger! But still, considering it’s a classmate of the opposite gender, it’s impossible to be normal or anything!

Kohinata seemed to think nothing of reacting to my flustered reaction, and her ears were properly reddening.
Perhaps she was more apologetic for stopping unintentionally than embarrassed.

Here I’m not going to tell Kohinata, “Why don’t you hold hands with Saejima?” I don’t intend to give her any advice. I am just as shy as Kohinata, but such a cute girl voluntarily held my hand (though it was her pinky finger).

It would be a shame to miss out on this happiness—WASTEFULL!
Fortunately, the only surface in contact with Kohinata is my pinky, so I don’t have to worry about sweaty hands. Perks and benefits.

I explained to Saejima and Keiichi that it was just first aid to avoid getting separated, and they each said, “Ah, yes, it’s first aid,” “No way, really …… yes, it’s first aid!” and so on, scratching their cheeks in embarrassment.
You guys said it! What’s with that reaction, like you’ve seen a hot couple!

As I was making jittery eyes at Saejima and Keiichi while thoroughly enjoying the body heat transmitted to my little finger, Kohinata flicked my arm with her free hand. Apparently, she can’t stand the embarrassment and is urging me to hurry up and go.

“—O-ou. Let’s go.”
“………… (kokukoku).”

When I responded, Kohinata waved her slightly pink face up and down.
If she pointed to something in the show window and said, “I want that,” I’d buy it without hesitation.
Please don’t tell her.

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