Episode 49




Sure enough, I could not sleep, and I yawned while stretching my arms out.

Today’s class did not come into my mind at all.

Apparently Narukawa san has something to say to me, so we’re going to school together.

“…You look sleepy. I wonder what you did last night.”

I was being hugged by two witches ! Of course there is no way I can say that,


“Why is it a question?”

Narukawa san says with a feeling of astonishment.

As a side note, Narukawa san and her mother apparently did not see the tragic scene because they had been ordered to hide on the second floor.

It is her impression that although she is aware of the fact that she was attacked, it was over without her knowing it.

It’s hard to say it myself, but I was able to control it relatively quickly.

By the way, the government reported it as a planned crime in the ransom request.

No information related to Imperial Prince Akina was made public.

Well, the fact that there are traitors in the police organization, the leak of the location and date of the heart surgery of the Imperial family, and the shooting of the Imperial Palace guard by a terrorist is a major blunder related to public relations.

There’s no way I could be so honest and announce it. I guess the police had their hands on that part.

Anyway, I’m sorry for your loss. Kujo san will probably have some troublesome work to do by now. Namu Amidabutsu.

“By the way, didn’t you say you had something to talk to me about?”

I asked Narukawa san, who still doesn’t want to get into the main topic.

Narukawa san gazes at the bag while shaking her body with surprise at my words.

As I looked at her, I looked into the bag and found something like an envelope.

……Hmm, what is it?

“The cast hasn’t been announced yet…”

Narukawa san is unusually inarticulate.

Could it be a bad story? But it seems that I heard something about the cast…..

“Actually, I got a starring role in the movie.”

“Eh !?”

When I received the completely unexpected good news, I jumped and said, [That’s amazing! !]

Narukawa san seemed happy, but she had a somewhat complicated expression.

“So…it was sudden, but I decided to transfer schools.”


This time, the ending becomes⤵︎.

I see. That was the kind of atmosphere that made it hard to say.

Things have been strange since this morning, and I thought that yesterday’s attack might be a lingering influence…

I see. Transfer.

I never expected that Narukawa san would be the first to tell me.

I still have things to do with my uncle and sister, so it will be a while before I live on my own.

I thought I had to tell Narukawa san, one of my few friends, someday, but…

“I really don’t want to say this, but…..my mom won’t last much longer.”

I did not respond and decided to wait quietly for the next word.

You know your body the most–those were the words I had heard so many times even in this other world. This may be the most depressing confession for me.

Narukawa san’s mother, Naomi san herself, said it wouldn’t be long. What that means is that [death] is near.

“That’s why I’m going to take on the leading role in a movie, which has always been a dream of both me and my mom, even though it might be her last chance. Actually, Sakuma kun, I was planning on dropping out, not transferring.”

Dropped out of high school.

It’s not something a teenage high school girl would say.

It was a word that I could feel that strong belief and resolution.

“But there was a female producer who was worried that it would be better to graduate only in high school because of the connection. There seems to be a school where students can live their lives while continuing their performing entertainment activities.”

“That’s right…..”

I’ve heard that idols have such schools.

There must be some people who are so busy with their entertainment activities that they don’t have enough time as students. The lead role in a movie is no exception.

Above all, it may start climbing the stairs of Narukawa san’s popular actress by starring in a movie. If that happens, she will not be able to continue attending a high school in the regular course.

I feel lonely but I can’t help it. Only she can take responsibility for her  life.

Since she decided to do so, all I can do is congratulate.

Hopefully, I hope Naomi san will see the starring film by all means.

“…From now on, I think we’ll have even less time to meet each other.”

“That is…..I guess so. It’s a pity.”

“A pity– right. Sakuma kun feels sorry for me…fufu.”

Narukawa san smiled at me when I told her my honest impressions.

Maybe she wants me to be happy. Could it be that she have finally found a partner in this world?

“So, here’s the real deal–if you don’t mind, come with me–“

“–There he is ! I finally found you, Ryunosuke ! oh, my god ! I haven’t seen you since yesterday. how are you doing?”

The moment Narukawa san grabbed the envelope, I was called by a familiar voice.

When I turned my gaze to the voice immediately, there was an open car there.

A fashionable singer raised her sunglasses on her forehead and waved to me

The unexpected visitor is Minamoto san.

There was no way for me, who did not use the [Evil Eyes of Guidance], to know that going home from school with Narukawa san and Minamoto san’s whims would have a huge impact on my future life.

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