“I’m sorry, Ryunosuke kun. I didn’t know you were going home with a friend.”

“Ah, no, I don’t mind at all…..”

We met Minamoto san, she took us for a ride in a convertible car, and moved to a coffee shop.

We sat across a round table after a drink.

The pressure emitted from beside me is hurt.

[Is that how you treat me?] said Narukawa san,

She says with a grumpy face.

Well, Narukawa-san doesn’t seem to be the type who likes to be in a group (I’d describe her as solitary rather than lonely), and since she was cut off from the conversation she was supposed to have with me, I don’t think she’ll be in a good mood. …She gives off an uncomfortable aura.

“Ah, sorry. By the way, Rin chan was here too. I’m sorry.”

―No !

Ah ! A vein is now appearing on Narukawa san’s forehead ! It definitely popped out !

I’m sure MInamoto san doesn’t mean any harm, but for some reason, I feel like these two just don’t get along well.

“Sakuma ku–Ryu kun, is there something you want with him?”

Narukawa san who deliberately rephrases my name.

Why did you just call your name in front of Minamoto san?

The next moment she brushed off my beautiful black hair and took a sip of tea,

“Ryunosuke kun.if you like, why don’t you come to my office?”

“Guhaa !”

Narukawa san cough. Narukawa san, not me, blew the drink she had in her mouth. Just like the Merlion !

“The trial training is for stuntmen, right?”

“That’s right. It happened yesterday, but we should hurry up. I’m happy to work with you, and above all, Ryunosuke kun seemed to be having fun too.”

“I see…..trial period.”

I nodded.

Emotionally, I feel better.

Being a student, you have to decide where to earn, but you want to carefully look at a lot of work, and you want to avoid passing things that were different from what you thought when you experienced it though you are interested.

I feel that the experience admission is a good condition that satisfies such real feelings.

“Even though it is an experience, you will also get a salary. Of course, it’s only a small salary, but considering what you’ll get there, I think it’s a pretty good deal.”

Minamoto san who takes out the envelope somehow saying.

“……This is?”

“Hm?” of course it’s an application form.”

Whoa. Amazing. This woman really came prepared.

I can’t believe we just met yesterday.

However, not only did she come to see me in between work, but she also gave me pamphlets and detailed documents. I can’t help but thank her.

“So? how about it?”

“Hey !”

Minamoto san takes a round chair and approaches to the distance where our shoulders touch each other.

She rubs my chest with her fingers in a very familiar way.

Oh, it’s really amazing ! Even if he could seduce me in front of my female friends, wouldn’t that be enough?

This is the margin of an adult woman !

“Why don’t you try living with your sister while you’re in the trial session? You can save on living expenses, and I can teach you everything…of course, I’ll help you with all sorts of things.”

― ! !

Narukawa san takes the glass cup he had in his hand and knocks it down on the saucer.

A high-pitched sound reverberates in the coffee shop.

“Enough—Ryu kun.”

“Eh !? Me !? Why are you getting angry with me !? Why !”

“Hey Rin chan. Don’t disturb me. I’m dropping Ryunosuke kun off.”

You said it. You’re seducing me.

In some ways, it’s worse for my heart. When pressed so directly.

Narukawa san sipped the tea she had placed, then carried a round chair and sat next to me.

The shoulders are so close that you can almost hear the onomatopoeia. 

Being pressed by two flowers……

“I never thought I’d be able to get ahead of myself. It’s a life-changing experience.”

“Ah, haa……”

Narukawa san, who seems to be feeling regretful for some reason, pulls out the envelope he was about to hand over earlier.

It’s also an envelope………..

“If you are going to enter the experience, I want you to consider this school as well.”

It’s a school.

When Narukawa san took out the documents from the envelope, it was Minamoto san who showed the first reaction.

“Aahh ! That’s so nostalgic ! That’s my alma mater! Hm? maybe Rin chan is going to go there too?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I was cast in the lead role. That’s going to keep me busy.”

“I see. It’s true that when you’re filming a drama or movie, you don’t have time for several months. I mean, congratulations ! It’s amazing to be the lead role !”

Minamoto san speaks happily.

For some reason, I was also happy that Narukawa san’s efforts had borne fruit. So this is friendship. It may be the first friendship that sprouted in the real world.

“…You suddenly lose your venom. I thought you were being provocative, but then you congratulated me so easily…I’m losing my temper.”

“Fufu. That’s that, isn’t it? But even if my opponent becomes the leading actress, I have no intention of losing.”

“That’s my line.”

The two of them were staring at each other with sparks on both sides.

Um…I’m getting too much attention.

““I told you earlier that I was transferring, right?”

“Well, yeah…..”

“I actually had the option of dropping out, but it was this high school that I was recommended to move to. I have heard that there are students who are performing entertainment activities and children who have talent but can not pay school fees.”

“That’s right. I also wanted to enter this world as soon as possible, so I transferred to this high school along with my (stunt woman) trial enrollment. I went there, but I believe there was also a student dormitory.”

“……How, I wonder?:

Narukawa san asks with an upturned look. Her expression is a mixture of anxiety.

I see.her

Frankly speaking, it’s a better option. No, there are too many.

Transferring schools, moving, work experience. All of that can be done at once. All I can say is that it’s truly amazing.

According to what I heard, there seem to be students of the same age and talented who are struggling at a young age, and at least a few teachers who turn a blind eye to bullying and students who encourage them.

Not only can I transfer with Narukawa-san, but I can also trust her if I come with Minamoto san’s approval.

There’s something off about it. Could there be something inconvenient?

[Yeah, well, that’s what’s bothering me in so many ways] Narukawa said this time.

it seems that I can’t do anything good.

“Well, if there are any disadvantages, I’d like you to tell me honestly…”

[ [Disadvantages…..] ]

Oops, unusual. These two people are in agreement.

“This school was originally a high school where actresses and famous idols like Rin chan attended.”

“Yes, it is.”

“There are remnants of that, and the frame of the male students is very limited.”


I drop my gaze at the pamphlet that Narukawa san brought.

I understandIt is true that the gender ratio is 3 to 7, and the number of girls is overwhelming.

“In other words, in the case of a man, the entrance examination is not easy.”

[ [That’s true too !] ]

“That too !?”

That means there’s something else, right?

“In any case, I’m really happy with the proposal from the two of you. It’s a boat for me too. I will consider both positively.”

“Ryunosuke kun……!” “Ryu kun……!」

Although I said that I was considering, to be honest, I was going to take the experience admission and the entrance examination. This is because intuition is important.

More than anything, it would be a lie to say that my heart is not dancing in the new life waiting for me.

It seems that the word New is going to shine again on my to-do list.

To prepare for the entrance examination in order to transfer to another school. I want to minimize the use of magic as much as I can.

No, I don’t want to exercise if I can because I will trample on the efforts of the students who have failed so far, but without it there is nothing gleaming.

They’ll probably criticize me for being cowardly, but I might be able to use this as a bonus for subduing the Demon King’s army by teleporting to another world.

While various futures spread quickly in the brain, one luxury car stopped.

I became more cautious and watched the people coming out of the car—–

“Yo. It’s been a while.”

There comes Kujo san, who wears a bright red dress and black high heels.

For a moment, I rubbed my eyes thinking that the demon king came down.

Moreover, the fluffy fur that seems to be high-class because it looks on her shoulder.

No, she looks like a devil.

In fact, you’re also a woman who can’t read the atmosphere.

I’m still having tea with my friends !

Kujo san pointed to a luxury car with her thumb、

“Get in, Sakuboy”

Of course, the two people beside me looked suspicious.

I don’t know what to say, but I don’t want them to think that I know you. Sorry.

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