Chapter 2 Episode 24 – Then Love Hotel


The worse the prediction, the more accurate it is.

The rain clouds recognized from the shoreline approached straight toward the shore and landed shortly afterwards.

As an aside, the speed at which clouds move is forty-fifty kilometers per hour, almost the same speed as a car. Of course it seems to depend on the type of cloud, but unfortunately today’s cloud caught up with us in no time.

“I’ve never heard of torrential rains in spring.”

“Let’s go to the station quickly !:

As the clouds covered the sky, rain began to fall at once. As expected, it is not as strong as the torrential rain in midsummer, but even so, it is a strong rain at this time.

We ran to the Mokusu station.

By the time we got to the station building, both of us were getting wet. When I squeezed my shirt, it was enough to make a puddle at my feet.

“Senpai, we got wet…..right…..?:

When I looked at Senpai, she was taking off her cardigan and squeezing the water. Because she’s focused on that, she’s not aware of her situation right now.

As for what I mean…Yeah, the black bra is see-through. The blouse on her chests were wet and sticky, and the color and shape of her underwear was so transparent that I could clearly see it.

Moreover, Senpai has one of the best busts of Hokusei University. Although her breasts were already very assertive, the bulge caused by the tightness was clearly visible.

“Kobayakawa kun, what’s wrong?”

“Ha !? No, um…..your clothes are transparent.”

“Hyaa !?”

When she finally realized her situation, Senpai covered her chest with a cardigan and quickly turned her back on me. I feel like I was shown something good, but I felt bad. Sorry for repeating this, but your back was also transparent.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t intend to look.”

“No, this is my fault…….”

It’s totally not your fault ! Senpai Plump  chests are as beautiful as Japan’s 100 famous mountains !

……What am I talking about.

Even though I was able to get along with Senpai, I thought about something like this.

I heard rumors that Senpai disliked men, so I’ve been paying attention to the line so that she won’t be alarmed, but doing something like that would damage that trust.

Moreover, Senpai is a band mate. I should refrain myself from making her uncomfortable. It’s not too late now, so let’s at least take action to regain trust.

“I’ll buy a towel or something. Senpai, please stay here.”

If I go to a shop, I’ll probably find daily necessities and souvenir towels. That’s how I calculated it.

Unfortunately, this is a remote fishing town. There are no shops at the station, and there are no convenience stores around. The path is blocked by the rain.

I can’t help but ask the station staff. I knocked the window of the ticket gate and opened the window.

“I’m sorry, I got wet in the rain. Could you lend me a towel because my friend is going to catch a cold?”

The bald-headed old man who was watching the weather forecast kindly lent me a towel. I thank him and return to Senpai.

“Senpai, please. Before you catch a cold.”

“Thank you. Kobayakawa kun is kind.”

“No, no, no.”

I’m doing this because I don’t want to damage my credibility any further. In a sense, it’s an ulterior motive.

“Sir, are you going to get on the train from now on?”

The station staff just came here and asked.

“Yes, we’re going to get on the next train.”

“That’s troubling. Actually, this rain caused a mudslide. So the tracks are blocked and the trains won’t run.”

[ [Eh !?] ]

Is there such a bad coincidence?

“What are the prospects for recovery?”

“It is undecided.”

“Is there no other transportation? We want to go back to Hokusei City…..”

“The bus to Hokusei is two a day, and the last bus left an hour ago.”

W-what the hell………… We’re completely stuck……

“I got a call from the railway company. Tomorrow morning, they will take a temporary bus, so please ride it on the way home.”

“Until then, we’re staying up all night…somewhere…..”

I was disappointed and hung my head. There are always troubles when traveling, but to encounter something like this right now.

“Kobayakawa kun, don’t be depressed. Now we have to find a place to stay as soon as possible.”

“That’s right. Senpai. Let’s quickly find an inn !”

We immediately searched around the inn around the Mokusu station with a smartphone. But I can’t find it because tourism is not thriving in remote areas.

When I was worried about what was going on、

“Kobayakawa kun, how about here?”

Senpai showed me her smartphone. The pin on the map is a few minutes walk from here, so if the rain subsides, we should be able to head there right away.

It’s in very good condition. But I couldn’t accept it right away. No, in fact, it’s definitely not okay. Just don’t go here.

The exterior of the facility is shown along with the map, but it is painted in a flashy appearance, towering over unpopular areas such as warehouses and fields. It’s not a place to calm your hips, it’s a place to shake your hips and enjoy.

“Senpai……This is a love hotel.”

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