“Well then, at the request of the Student Council’s Igarashi-san, Matsukaze-kun, she says that she is recommending you as ‘the representative officer of the library committee’. I have agreed to that. That is why, please do your best.”

Fujigaya-san stood up after saying that. As the head of the library committee, she was about to leave the place after telling me that she had appointed me as the representative. Fujigaya-san’s skirt swayed softly.

Was this what Shirono was talking about? Indeed, I think I heard that she made a direct request yesterday. And the committee chairman agreed to it.

My attendance at the meeting as a board member was a given. I had no choice.

Since Shirono was not here, I replied in a proper manner.

“……Yes, I’ll do my best.”

“You’re very motivated, that’s good. The first meeting of the committee for tomorrow is the first meeting of the board of directors for the athletic festival, so you don’t have to attend it.”

“Thank you, Chairman. But is it okay? Don’t you have any work to do with books, such as moving the class library? I’ll do the heavy lifting if necessary.”

“I don’t intend to do that kind of hard work tomorrow, so you don’t have to be worried about it.”

“Is that so? Then I will go to the board meeting and find out what we are going to do.”

“Yes, please take care of it. Then, the discussion is over.”

Fujigaya san opened the door to the library with her favorite mystery novel in her hand. I hear a rattling sound.

I should go home soon, too. I closed the page of my psychology book, “About Love,” and headed home.


The next day. I was in the conference room.

It was not that important, but the conference room seemed surprisingly spacious.

“Well, I’d like to start the first meeting now, but it looks like there are still some representatives who haven’t arrived……. I’m sorry, could you all please wait?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Takun! Good work!”

“Shhhh. Shirono, be quiet. Everyone is quiet.”

I told her in a whispering voice. Shirono tilted her head and didn’t seem to understand what I was saying.

“Let’s work together from now on!”

“Did you hear what I said?”

Shirono, who was excited to no end, was seated next to me. She’s pretty high-spirited. Her smiling face is cute. I honestly thought so.

well, I wonder when that smiling smile will turn into a grinning smile today.

While I was thinking that, people started gathering one after another in the conference room. Shirono noticed this and quickly moved away from me to take a seat at the front of the room where the moderator, who had an overwhelming presence, was seated.

“It seems that everyone is here, so I would like to start the meeting. I look forward to working with all of you.”

“”Please do.””

“Well, let’s start with self-introductions.”

“I have just been appointed as the chairperson of the Sports Festival Executive Committee. I am the vice president of the student council, and my name is Shiba Wataru from class A of the third year. I look forward to working with you.”

After Shiba san’s self-introduction, he was clapped with a crackle of applause. After that, Shirono stood up this time.

“I have been appointed vice-chairman of the Sports Festival Executive Committee. My name is Igarashi Shirono of Class A, Year 2, and I am the secretary of the Student Council. Together with all of you, I want to make the athletic festival a memorable one for the third-year seniors. Please do me the favor of working with me.”

Bowing in a small bow, she sat down in her seat. Unlike the applause at Shiba’s, all the students in the meeting room applauded for Shirono. The sound was grand.

When this happens, we are supposed to introduce ourselves in order, and fortunately or unfortunately, we are to do so starting with the PE committee members.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the order was to start with the sports committee members, and I would be the last. The seats for me and the P.E. committee member were in the complete opposite direction.

Then, while I was waiting, it was my turn.

“Well, …… I’m here as an officer representative of the book committee. My name is Matsukaze Taku from Class B of the second year. That …… well, I’ll do my best. I look forward to working with you.”

“Yes! I look forward to working with you!”

A good greeting and reply in reply. It was Shirono who did it.

“Well then, I’ll get right to it. I’d like to have the officers decided by committee, but do any of you have any requests? All those who have, raise your hands.”

One person raised her hand.


“Okay, Igarashi-san.”


Shirono was grinning a little, a change from her earlier smiling face. However, she instantly became expressionless, as if she didn’t want everyone to realize what was happening.

“I and Shiba-senpai will be serving on both the student council and as officers, but this will be mostly at the headquarters. As you may know, the student council is small in number. So, I need one or two people to lend a hand …….”

In other words, anyone who has time on their hands should work with the student council. I don’t think that was sent to everyone here to tell them that. Just me.

“Is that …… really necessary, Igarashi-san?”

“Yes, it is necessary.”

“Eh, but it’s …….”

“It is necessary. Is that right, Shiba-senpai?”

“Y-yes. ……”

For some reason, I felt like I was looking at myself.

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