After buying lunch at Eleven Mart with Kohinata, I returned to the apartment.

Kohinata had changed from her school uniform into a white one-piece dress, and when I first saw her, I thought she looked like a princess in a story, but I was not fooling around because we were going to stay over together.

She was carrying a large backpack that made her body look even smaller, and I tried to carry it for her, but she declined. She seemed to be in a rush, kind of like a child going on a field trip.

“Well, …… we haven’t decided what we are going to do, so what shall we do?”

After a lunch of listening to the feedback on the exam, I was free.

Regarding my question, the Kohinata is right next to me, looking up at me and tilting her head. Yes, cute–cohon.

If this was before the exam, I could have killed time by saying, “I’m going to study,” but as you can imagine, I don’t feel like studying after the exam either. I guess I don’t have to mention Kohinata, who hates to study.

The time was still a little after midday. Even if I go to bed before midnight, I still have more than 10 hours of free time left.

Had Keiichi and Saejima been present, they would have been full of opinions, and if I had been alone, I would have just lounged around and let the time pass by.

However, as expected, playing games all the time is also tasteless, and since I have …… hours, I might as well watch an anime in one sitting.

I’m glad Kaoru has a variety of DVDs on hand. I’ll at least buy him a juice next time as a reward for watching them.

“What shall we do? There are fantasy, gag, daily life, romantic comedy, and many other types.”

In response to my question, Kohinata’s gaze wandered in the air as she touched her lips. It seems that she is troubled. Yes, cute.—kohon

“Come here–you can decide on the cover or the title.”

I stood up and approached the TV board, then beckoned Kohinata to come over. Then, Kohinata nodded her head and approached me on all fours.

It’s kind of natural to say “come here”, but is it the right word to use for a …… classmate? It might be natural if a father would call his daughter….

Thinking of this, I looked at Kohinata, who was walking with a four-legged walker. I sat there and opened the drawer of the TV board so that Kohinata could see it.

“There aren’t that many of them, but there’s enough to last you a whole season, so you won’t find yourself saying, ‘There’s no more!'”
“………… (kokukoku).”
“You can pick up any one you want I’ve seen them all, and there’s nothing I don’t like.”
“………… (kokukoku!)”

Kohinata nodded her head and wagged her butt from side to side, as if she was looking forward to watching anime. It’s kind of like a dog wagging its tail. It’s very cute–kohon.

And so, the chosen one was a romantic comedy with a cute touch.

This romantic comedy should not have been depicted in an awkward way like “Neko Neko Panic” that I saw before, and there is nothing wrong with watching it together.
Yes, there was nothing wrong with the content of this anime itself,

“Well,…… I do remember mentioning something like that,…… but what would you like,…… Kohinata-sama?”

Just as I was about to watch an anime, Kohinata pointed her phone screen at me. On it it says, [Sugino, you said you would do anything]. Is that a threat?

When Kohinata confirmed that I understood the words on the screen, she blushed slightly and huffed. What on earth is she going to demand of me?

Nervously waiting for Kohinata’s next action, she first taps my knee. Then she began to push my body away from the table.

Hmmm……… should I just step back for now?

I’m not going to go against Kohinata’s power, so I’m going to sit on my back on my hands and back up a little bit. Seeing this, Kohinata nodded in satisfaction as if to say, ‘Very well.

And then – Kohinata suddenly approached.

“….Eh, isn’t this out?”

Unintentionally, such a soliloquy leaked out. Really unconsciously, the words came out.

To my surprise, Kohinata widened the space between my legs, where I was sitting on the floor, and completely fit her own buttocks in that little space. Then, using my chest as a headrest, she tipped her head back.

Don’t tell me …… that you want to watch anime in this position? What? Are you serious? I’m not your boyfriend, I’m your classmate.

As I stiffen up in a cold sweat, Kohinata shows me the screen of her phone again with her head facing forward, probably to prevent me from rejecting her. There it said the same thing “Sugino, you said you’d do anything”. No, it’s true, but…!

Well, …… no one can see it, and we can keep it a secret between us? I don’t want to break my promise.

“……I don’t know if this is a reward for you, Kohinata, but you’ve worked hard on your studies. ……”

As I say this to convince myself, Kohinata slurps and rubs the back of her head against my chest. You should be more aware of your loveliness, you idiot!

But it’s one anime season with her in this position…….

I have to make sure I don’t accidentally hug her, or if I make a mistake, I might seriously fall in love with Kohinata as a member of the opposite sex.

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