( ^ω^ 三 ^ω^ )

The whole class was summoned to another world, and only I was able to come back.

I just went to another world for a moment and came back immediately afterwards, so I’m free to go back and forth. And since I’m not tired at all, it seems that there are no restrictions at all.

In fact, even though I’m now moving from one corner of the room to the other like a repetitive sideways leap, I don’t see any signs of my physical strength decreasing at all.

“In addition, it seems that this skill can be used here as well.”

If the old man with the crystal ball was right, this skill can be used to freely and unlimitedly [Transfer] to any place I’ve been and within visual range.

But the only advantages that this kind of cheat-like ability can be used in this world are that it will reduce commuting time to zero and that you can escape immediately even if you get tangled up with a punk. I can’t do the math because I don’t have the sales know-how to make it look like I could use it to make money.

Lying on my back, I looked at the calligraphy on the ceiling that read [I will become a veterinarian.]

Well, the fact that I can use my skills over here is just a byproduct.

The important thing is that Hashida and the rest of my classmates, who have been bullying me so horribly, have been quarantined in a different world from which there is no return.

From tomorrow, I will finally be able to lead a normal high school life. I couldn’t help but look forward to it.

The next day. I arrived at school about 30 minutes earlier than usual due to the [Transfer] and was alone in the classroom studying by myself. I brought a reference book that I had bought with what little money I had, but they didn’t tear it up. No one would suddenly hit me while I was studying.

My desk, which was covered with numerous graffiti, was put in the corner, and the seat next to it was mine. I exchange my textbooks with Hashida’s, which are still clean.

If I were to report the damage, I would be guilty of theft, but since it was Hashida who made my textbooks unusable, this was in effect a form of reimbursement. Besides, Hashida is in a different world now.


Happiness is probably a word that exists to describe this moment.

As I was studying on my own in a good mood while humming, my co-homeroom teacher came into the classroom.

“I-Ito. What’s wrong with everyone else? Why are you here alone?”

The substitute homeroom teacher comes in with a trembling voice, somewhat frightened of me, and asks me in a distant manner.

I see. Everyone is in another world and he haven’t heard anything from them. It is not surprising that the worried parents of my classmates have contacted the school.

“Everyone is in another world right now. I’m the only one who made it back.”

“A-another world?”

The substitute teacher wandered out of the classroom as if dizzy on his feet.

A few minutes later, two policemen were standing in front of me as I continued my independent study.

“Ito Sora. As an important witness in the Efuran High School Class 2-A mass disappearance case, I will ask you to accompany me to the police station.”

“I’m a victim, remember?”

“You’re here to make sure of that. Or do you need handcuffs?”

The indignant attitude of the policeman made me want to metastasize and flee to my home, but I’m not a criminal.

I can always escape by metastasizing. It would not be too late after I tried to explain myself.

An inorganic white room. A mass-produced long desk and a pipe chair. It was morning and the windows and door were left open, so the room, labeled [Interrogation room] was bright.

Sitting opposite me was not a veteran, nihilistic old man, but a bright, good-looking young female police officer.

“Do you serve katsudon?”

“If you give me some money, I’ll go to a convenience store or something and get you some.”

“Then tea?”

“I’ll get you some.”

The tea that the policewoman brought was not hot tea in a teacup, but bottled tea. It was totally different from what I had imagined.

“So, let me ask you a straightforward question……the students of Eifuran High School Class 2-A—you’re classmates, where are they?”

“In a different world. More specifically, the Kingdom of Barbados.”

“…..Lies and jokes will be treated as falsehoods, you know?”

I expected them not to believe me, but still, I was only telling the truth.

“Haa. Ito san. Nitta sensei told me that you were bullied by your classmates until yesterday.”

Nitta sensei is my substitute homeroom teacher.

“Yes. I even asked the police for help several times, but they said that it’s just a fight between students. And they wouldn’t do anything about it. What does this have to do with anything now?”

“I don’t know the details of the situation, but……even if you were abused, it is wrong to retaliate in this way.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“…..Killing, and covering up the bodies.”

If I could, I would have done it long ago without putting up with this much. But it is impossible to murder 30 classmates and cover up the traces without leaving evidence.

“I didn’t do that. Rather, how could I do it?”

“That’s what I’m asking you now.”

“I would tell you if it were, but it’s impossible. Even if the other party is just one person, I don’t have the strength to carry dozens of kilograms of dead bodies and I don’t have the guts to kill someone at the last minute.”

If I have the power to handle 30 corpses and the spirit to kill that many people, I will be able to twist them over with force before killing them. Not getting bullied.

“Please don’t speculate when there are no corpses.”

“Corpses…..! That means you–“

“This is just an example, alright? Don’t you think it’s strange that in real life, 30 people are dead or locked up somewhere and you haven’t found a trace of them?”

“……B-but !”

“As for my classmates, as I said earlier, they’re in a different world. Around noon yesterday, I was assaulted by Hashida by punching and kicking me, and at the moment when I was about to be forced to eat the class pet mouse alive, the classroom floor glowed pale and before I knew it, I was in another world.”

“E-even if I were to believe that……how is it that you are the only one who has been able to return to this world?!”

“That’s because I’ve acquired the skill to transfer.”


(^ω^ 三 ^ω^)

When I used the skill to jump repeatedly from one end of the interrogation room to the other using transfer, the female officer was surprised to see her eyes widen as if she had seen something impossible.

“Does this make you believe that my classmates have gone to another world?”

I asked, and the female officer dropped her head.

“I’ve told you what you want to hear, so I’m going back.”

After saying that, I returned to the classroom.

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