“Ito. Why are you here?”

I had returned to the classroom to resume my independent study, and the substitute homeroom teacher looked at me as if a little frightened.

“I had finished showing my innocence, so I came back. Besides, I’d rather attend class.”

“I-I see. But I can’t do that since no students other than Ito are in attendance.”

“….Even if they attend, they won’t listen to you, right?

“Even so. Ito, I’m going to close the class for today, so go home.”

……Well, if all  I want to do is study on my own, I can do it at home.

I packed up my things, moved to a deserted landing, and then teleported back to my room.

Since I showed it to the female officer, there’s not much point in hiding it, but there’s also no point in showing it off.

“I’ve got some free time unexpectedly.”

I’d like to catch up on my studies, but it’s only June of my junior year of high school. It would be good to take a little breather.

I moved to a supermarket far away from the shabby apartment I live in and bought about 2,000 yen worth of snacks. The lineup included potato chips, chocolate, and gummy candies. I choose quantity over quality, so there was plenty to go around even for 2,000 yen.

I went to another world just like that.

The walls were pitted with wind holes, and the cobblestone pavement was crumbled. The old man who was working so hard to fix them.

And then there is Limona, the princess who was there when we were summoned at that time. As soon as she sees me, she runs to me and touches my arm in a gesture that would make a man misunderstand.

“The Hero of Transfer ! ……Where have you been? We have been worried because we haven’t seen you around, you know?”

“Apparently, if I use my teleportation ability, I can return to my original world. I bought some things that might be useful in this world.”

“I see ! So that’s how it is ! …That’s, um…”

“Yeah. It’s chocolate. Want to try one?”

Limona’s gaze was directed toward the bag, so I took out a bargain milk chocolate and handed it to her. Limona’s face turned bright red and she stepped back, crossing her hands in front of her chest.

“I am Limona Ella Rossa Barbados, first princess of the Kingdom of Barbados. No matter how brave you may be, a hero of seven stars, you dare to use an aphrodisiac to take me in hand–shame on you !”

Limona glares at me. Is chocolate treated as an aphrodisiac in this world?

“No, that’s……chocolate is a common candy in my world, so I didn’t mean that. ……If chocolate isn’t your thing, how about this?”

I showed a little bit of nervousness and offered her one of my Hi-Chew.

“W-what is this……thing?”

“Well, it’s a kind of candy. You can eat it if you peel off this silver wrapper.”

I” see. …..I’ll have one of them, then.”

The princess, with a body that said fearfully, throws one of the Hi-Chew into her mouth. After chewing slowly and carefully, the princess opened her azure eyes.

“Ah, it is sweet. And this rich, mellow grape aroma. Even I, as a royalty, have never tasted a pastry made with such an abundance of precious sugar ! To be able to prepare such a wonderful luxury item, are you of a very high status in your former world?”

“No, that’s not true. In the first place, there is no class system in my country. And anyone can easily obtain those sweets if they wanted to.”

“I-I see.  But this is a wonderful pastry. Could you please let me buy the rest of it?”

“Of course.”

“Really !? T- then……Klaus. Pay the Hero, please.”

Limona snaps her fingers as I hand over the rest of the Hi-Chew. Then the butler behind her gently placed about ten gold coins in my hand.


“Such delicious sweets from another world. It may seem a bit cheap for the price, but this country is currently in a position where it is afraid of the threat of the Demon King. I hope you will not mind if I give you this.”

The gold coins were heavy and weighed roughly 300 grams in total.

E-erm, 1 gram of gold costs about 5,000 yen, right? So, times 300, 15……no, 1.5 million yen !

That’s a price that would give me change even if she bought a lifetime supply of Hi-Chews ! !

W-well, but if she says she’ll give it to me, I’ll take it gratefully.

“By the way, are the other things candy too?”

“Yes. I couldn’t think of anything good that we have in my world that they don’t have in this country.”

“I see. In addition to those sweets, it would be helpful if you could buy me other tools from another world that seem useful…I will buy them at the highest price possible.”

So, since the price was ten gold coins for the Hi-Chew, does that mean I can get more for a better one?

If I could exchange it for gold, it would not be so difficult in Japan, and if I could exchange it for gold, I would be able to buy various things even though I am poor and have no money. If I sell it here and exchange it for cash again…..I would be able to make an unlimited amount of money !

I thought it would be difficult to make money with this transfer skill, but it turned out to be a business meeting in an unexpected way.

“Well, if you say so, I’ll bring it back.”

“Thank you……. And those sweets over there are for the other heroes, right?”

“……Well, right.”

Gift is not really a misnomer, but it’s not likely that I’ll be honestly kind to them after I’ve had a lot of trouble with them.

“If you want, I will show you around.”

I went outside with Limona.

The sky in the other world was slightly greenish, and there were two moons floating in the sky. The sky, which is not like the sky on Earth, reminds us that we are in a different world.

“Speaking of that, is it possible to bring someone else along with you when you transfer to this world, Hero?”

“No, I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know.”

“If it were possible, would you still bring back the other heroes?”

“No, of course not. Didn’t you see what Hashida did to me yesterday? Those guys also overlooked it.”

That shitty class was summoned to this world and I was the only one who could go home.

That was the first time I was freed from those hellish days. Hashida, who created the hell, and my classmates, who not only overlooked it but even mocked me. There was no way I wanted to bring them back to Japan.

“….Right. I am glad to hear you say so. If they leave before we defeat the Demon King, this country will be destroyed. …..And the heroes are like that, aren’t they?”

As I walked around chatting with Limona, I came to a slightly spacious place.

It was a place like a wide disc-shaped arena like the Colosseum we had seen in pictures, but without any kind of spectator seating. The arena is littered with former classmates lying wounded and kneeling knights wearing battered and dented full plate mail.

“Hahahaha ! I’m the strongest after all ! ! You guys, don’t ever tell me what to do again ! !”

Hashida, smiling broadly, took a different exit from the direction we were in and went away. 

It felt good to see the scum who had ridiculed me for being treated so badly get their comeuppance, but it didn’t feel good to see Hashida doing as he pleased.

But oh well.

After making sure Hashida and his cronies were gone, I appeared in front of my former classmates.

“Hey, hey, hey, everyone, it’s been a while since yesterday. How much do you want for some Japanese snacks?”

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