“Welcome, my brave men and women. Please save this country from the evil hand of the Demon King.”

Her slightly moist eyes, fragile gestures that make you want to protect her, and overwhelming beauty.

With a sophisticated and mocking gesture, as if she was perfectly aware of her own cuteness, she asked us, who have no connection to this country, to save it.

Hashida stepped forward to meet the thick-skinned demand of the woman who seemed to be such a princess.

“If you want to be my sex slave, I’ll help you !”

“You, you are rude to the princess ! !”

The suspiciously dressed old man pointed his cane at Hashida, but she calmly held out her hand to stop him.

“I don’t mind. …If you say you will defeat the Demon King and save this country, I am willing to give you everything I have.”

“Oh, you know what I’m talking about ! Then let’s get on with…….”

Hashida tried to put his hand around the princess’s shoulder, but the princess flicked his hand.

“…….However, that’s only if you can defeat the Demon King. I am still the first princess of the kingdom of Barbados, Limona Ella Rossa Barbados. I am not so cheap that I can be touched by people who have no guarantee that they can defeat the Demon King.”

“Aaah !? You’re the one who called me out of the blue to this strange place and now you’re talking to me like that !”

“…..I am sure you are right to be angry, but I have summoned so many people that even I cannot tell who the true heroes are. ……And I offer myself to only one true hero.”

“No way, it can’t be anyone else but me ! ! ……There’s no one better than me amongst that pathetic crowd ! !”

Hashida tried to grab the princess, but his hand was blocked by what looked like an invisible, transparent wall that appeared in front of her.

“….Brat. Don’t forget that this place is much farther away than your world, okay?”

A suspiciously dressed old man threatens in a hushed voice.

I wonder how many of my classmates here realized the gravity of the fact that we had been suddenly abducted by unknown means to a completely unknown foreign land.

At least I was made to fully understand that this old man and that princess had the right of life and death in their hands.

I wondered if my other classmates, who were also trembling, were the same.

“Shit ! Then how can I prove that I’m a true hero ! Should  I just finish off all those trash right now !?”

“……There is no need for that. In our country, we have a magical tool to measure the qualities of our brave heroes.”

The princess looked at Hashida with disdain and snapped her fingers.

Then one suspiciously dressed person carried what looked like a large crystal ball.

“What the heck is this?”

“….. This is a [skill orb] ….. It allows you to examine the effects and types of [skills] and their strength grades, which are always possessed by at least one of the heroes summoned from another world.”

“Oh? Can I just hold out my hand for this?”


Hashida grinned and held out his hand, and a light so bright it was almost like looking at the sun through a magnifying glass was emitted.

“W-what a surprise! The actual !…..[Sacred Sword Excalibur] and [Sturdy Warriors] are both five stars, the highest grade, but there are two of them !

T-this is, this is… unimaginable gem ! !”

The old man holding the crystal ball shouts in surprise. The reaction apparently indicated that Hashida’s skills were tremendous.

….I was expecting Hashida to get only weak skills and the end of Hashida’s regime in hell, but from the looks of it, my hell was going to continue for a while.

“Hey, Limona. Now you know I’m a true hero without question, don’t you?”

Hashida’s extended hand was still blocked by an invisible wall.

“I’m sure your skills are great, but I haven’t seen anything like it yet. And no matter how powerful you are, if you do not have the will to defeat the Demon King, you will not be recognized as a true hero.”

“Tch, that’s not what I’m talking about ! !”

“…..If you don’t defeat at least one of the Demon King’s men—I won’t be able to offer myself.”

“Damn it.”

“However, it is also true that you are a talented person. I will send you a good-looking maid to do with you as you please, so please be satisfied with that for now.”

“……I won’t tolerate anything half-baked.”

Hashida kicked a nearby wall, not amused.( `Д)┌┛∑;∴

The wall of stone was crumbling to pieces, whether it was the power of the [Sturdy Warriors] skill he mentioned earlier.

…..If I let Hashida have that kind of power, I’d probably die by the end of the day.

“Now, everyone else, please check your skills.”

A mysterious old man with a crystal ball came to the classmates and measured their skills one after another. There are less than 30 classmates, but about 15 of them have 3 stars, 6 have 4 stars, and only 4 have 5 stars. 

Moreover, one of the owners of the five-star skills is a guy named Kishida, who is Hashida’s biggest lackey, and his skill is [Holy Knight]……which seems to be a skill to protect and become good at recovery techniques on purpose.

And the other Hashida’s friends are at least 4 stars. God is giving power to the wrong people.

Lamenting the absurdity of the world, I still prayed strongly.

…..Please. Please give me strong skills ! Otherwise, I will be killed by Hashida and his friends by the end of the day !

I held out my hand to the crystal ball as I prayed.

The light was as strong as Hashida’s, and its color was golden, unlike Hashida’s, which only emitted a strong light.

“W-what in the world, a 7 star skill !? [Transfer]–I see. A skill that allows the surgeon to move freely and unrestrictedly within a place once visited and within visual range.

The only one confirmed in history was up to 5 stars, so I thought that was the best, but I never thought there was anything higher than that in this world…I’m starting to wonder if Master Hashida is the true hero ! ! !”

The ground shook as if an earthquake had occurred at the same time as the old man’s voice echoed with a mixture of surprise and joy.

“Itoooo ! ! ! ! Bastard. You’re taking better skills than me, you piece of trash ! ! !”

Hashida runs toward me, smashing the stone floor as if he were running on a cookie.

Oh shoot, shoot shoot, shoot. If Hashida, now that he’s got his stupid power, hits me like he always does, I’m going to be crushed to pieces and die ! ! !

“Master Hashida, stop it ! !”

The suspiciously dressed old man tries to protect me by putting up a transparent wall while dropping and shattering his crystal ball, but Hashida doesn’t care and breaks through it with a thud ! ! ! 

In the face of the imminent threat to my life, I desperately tried to use the [Transfer] I had just acquired.

Transfer ! Transfer ! Transfer ! Quickly ! Transfer ! I’m going to die ! How does it work !? Hey ! If I don’t transfer soon, I’ll die, I’ll seriously die !”

The time was less than one second. However, my thoughts were abnormally accelerated by the threat to my life, and I was thinking of using the [Transfer] to escape at any cost with those accelerated thoughts.

I was in such a desperate situation, and a certain scene was floating around in my brain.

“[Transfer] ! !”

At that moment, my body was enveloped in a floating sensation like the one I had just experienced.

Hashida’s fist cut through the air with a single stroke of paper.

( `Д)┌┛∑;∴ Ugh ! ! !

With a loud sound, I thought I saw, for just a moment, a large wind tunnel in the stone wall behind me.

……I-I’m saved !?

I found myself in my room.

The bed was soaked with sweat. The words [I’m going to be a veterinarian !] written in ink on the ceiling. This is the room I always see through my tears after Hashida has done me wrong.

My heart is throbbing, and it won’t stop beating.

It feels like I’ve been dreaming. Everything that was happening didn’t feel real.

But my face, which had been beaten up so much by Hashida a few minutes ago, is aching. It was as if that was proof that the current situation was not a dream.

“Haha. Hahahaha. If this is not a dream, if this is reality, does it mean that…..I’m the only one who has returned to my original world?”

And that means, on the other hand, that Hashida and the others are gone from this world because they have been transferred to another world. That meant that I was free from Hashida—from those hellish days.

At the same time, I had the assurance that I could always go back to that world.

I thought of that stone plaza, and if I thought of the word [Transfer] I would be back in the royal chamber.

“Itooo ! ! Don’t avoid me. Where have you been?”

As I look at Hashida, who was about to hit me as soon as he finds me again, I calmly picture the scene in my room and think of [Transfer].

Then that floating sensation came again, and I found myself back on my bed at home.

The hands of my alarm clock have not moved a minute during this time.

It seems that I’m the only one who can go back and forth freely in this class transfer–

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