Episode 62 – Hazuki Rinka Wants You to Notice



“Eh, errands?”

Lunch break.

I was about to go to the rooftop with Ryoga kun, as I always do.

“Y-yes. I’m sorry, I have something to do.”

“I-I see…….”

I—Rinka Hazuki was a little surprised at the unexpected event.

Because he……Ryoga kun probably doesn’t have any friends other than me and Yamada kun.

It doesn’t look like he’s being called by the teacher, where is he going?

“I’ll be there soon, so please eat your lunch first.”

“Y-yeah. Okay.”


Ryoga kun walked out of the classroom after saying that.

At that moment, I had a bad premonition in my mind, though I can’t put it into words.

Suzuki kun and the others had left the classroom immediately after the lunch break, looking very angry. 

And Ryoga kun, who rarely has to run errands, said that he had something to do only today.

The two events fit together like a puzzle.

…..T-that’s not true, is it?

No, but I don’t think so……

“I’m sorry, Yamada kun ! Can you go ahead to the rooftop?”

“Eh? Ah, o-okay ! But where are you going –“

“I don’t have time to explain !”

I told Yamada kun and ran out of the classroom.


I run down the stairs, hoping that my guess is wrong.

If my guess is correct, Ryoga kun is probably headed for–

“Haa……haa……, I’ve arrived……”

I arrive at my destination, and I put my hands on my knees to catch my breath.

There was no sign of anyone around.

I-I knew it was my imagination.

“R-right. There’s no way, Ryoga kun–“

As if to drown out my mutterings, a murderous, angry voice echoes through the air.

[Gloomy bastard ! Fight with me.]



My body unintentionally stiffens.

N-no way………

I desperately try to suppress the strength that’s about to leave my body, and I move closer to the direction the voice is coming from.

Tatta tatta

I poked my head out of the corner to see what was going on, and there was——

“N-no way……”

What I saw was a familiar back figure.

While in a boxing stance, Suzuki kun is about to hit Ryoga kun.

Suzuki kun is definitely an experienced boxer because he used to boast in the classroom, [I used to box.] while swinging his arms around.

Ryoga kun, on the other hand, pulled his right leg back a little and relaxed his arms.

D-don’t tell me you’re planning to fight…..?

[Just die already !]

I-I have to stop him !


[Go back to sleep.]

Bang !


Along with Ryoga kun’s voice (so cool), I heard a sound like something being slammed, and the next thing I knew, Suzuki kun was lying on the ground.

W-what’s going on?

Suzuki kun is an experienced boxer……right?


I was confused, but the sound of footsteps approached me.

I-I have to hide !

I crouch down and hide myself.

Then, Goto kun and Saito kun, who are carrying the unconscious Suzuki kun, run away with a panicked look on their faces.

I can’t believe it, but this means….that’s what happened, right?

“….Who is it?”


The low-pitched voice of Ryoga sama ・・・・・・ that can be heard from behind the corner makes my body react with an involuntary twitch.

S-so cool……

Tatta tatta

And then I appear from around the corner.

“I-it’s me. Ryoga kun…….”

“H-Hazuki san?”

The Ryoga sama atmosphere from a while ago is gone, and there’s the usual Ryoga kun with his mouth open.

To be so cool and strong in fighting, this is…..

“W-why are you here……?”

“I saw Suzuki kun and the others go to the back of the school building right after class, and then Ryoga kun suddenly said he had something to do, so I got worried…….”

While saying that, I approached Ryoga kun.

“I-I see–eh?”


I wrapped Ryoga kun’s right hand with the hand that was not holding the lunch box.

“Ryoga kun is very strong…… My heart is still pounding.”

“N-no. Suzuki was just weak. I mean, sorry…..”

“Fufu, why are you apologizing? Ryoga kun is really interesting.”

Seeing Ryoga kun who seemed so apologetic, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Well, it’s typical of him.

“T-then, let’s go. Ryoga kun.”

“N-no. It’s dangerous if you don’t let go.”

“N-no you can’t. I won’t let go until we get to the rooftop.”

Even I can see that my face is getting red.

I’m a little embarrassed, but I know he won’t notice unless I do this.


Ryoga kun looks at me in surprise.

Fufu, I won’t let you go anymore, okay?

“Come on, let’s go…….”


Thus, I headed to the rooftop with Ryoga kun.

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