The morning after the event.

I was walking to school.


“Hey, that four eyes, isn’t he lookin’ bad?”

“Where? Whoa, what’s with that creep……”

“He was kind of grinning~Seriously, unbelievable. He’s smelly.”

“Mari, that’s too much~Lol”

Abusive voices come from a group of three girls nearby.


A sigh escapes me.

The “four eyes” they’re talking about are definitely me.

I don’t even have to look up from the phone screen in my hand to know that they are talking about me.

Even though I’m used to it to some extent, it’s really tough…….

–However, the reason why I’m sighing now is not because of that.

The cause is the beautiful black-haired girl on the lock screen of the phone in my hand.

“No, seriously…….”

Yes. I’m currently looking at the two-shot photo I took with Himemiya san yesterday.

She’s a voice actress, but she’s also a pure and innocent idol voice actress who captivates those who look at her—Himemiya Shiori.

In the photo, Himemiya san is smiling at me with a devilish smile as she brushes back her glossy black hair.

No matter how many times I look at it…..

“She’s cute.”

Yeah. If it weren’t for the stiff face of the guy next to her, I’d say it’s really the best picture.

I’m going to look up how to change it because I can’t keep this wallpaper forever, so I’m going to find out how to change it, but it’s just a little longer–

“What’s so cute?”

“Whoa !”

I involuntarily flinched at the voice whispering in my ear, and there she was, Hazuki san, who brought her angelic face close to me.

T-that was surprising…….

“G-g-good morning !:

“Good morning, Ryoga kun ! ……By the way. Why are you so upset?”

“N-no. It’s nothing.”

I put my phone away in my pocket to keep it away from Hazuki san, who’s looking at me with suspicious eyes.


“Ah ! You just put something in your pocket, didn’t you?”

“I-it’s just your imagination.”

Damn, why are you so sharp…..?



You can’t stare at me with your cheeks puffed out so adorably.

“……Naughty pictures?”


W-what are you talking about?

“No, it’s not that kind of thing.”

“Fufu, so it’s not something naughty?”

Saying that, Hazuki san is giving me the eye at close range.

T-the looks from the people around me are…..

“Sorry, but this is a little……”

“Sigh. I understand……. I’m on day duty, so I’ll go ahead of you ! Bye-bye !”



When I waved back at Hazuki san who ran away saying that, people around me were like, [What’s with that guy?] and stared at me. Sigh……

Well, I’m gonna go too–

The moment I started to walk away with that thought, I felt a strong impact on my right shoulder.

Don !

W-what is it?

I turned my head to the side and saw a brown-haired guy with a cheerful look on his face staring at me.

“Look ahead and walk, you gloomy bastard !”

No matter how I look at it, you’re the one who’s not looking ahead in this situation–Suzuki.


Well, what can I say to the idiot?

I ignore Suzuki and start walking.


“–Come to the back of the school building during lunchtime, you jerk.”

I’m not sure if I should reply to the voice coming from behind me, but I don’t know what this guy will do to me if I ignore him.


“Tch. Don’t run away from me.


Tattaa tattaa

This time I ignored Suzuki and started walking away.

Sigh, this is not my lucky day.

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Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
1 year ago

We’re gonna have aliens officially visit us for diplomatic relationship soon enough before this pu$$y MC evolved to be a decent human being without his ret@redly low self esteem while he himself actually a superhuman being in the society.