“Excuse me. Good work.”

The person who opened the door and came in was–


“Eh, Ryoga? You…….”

It was my childhood friend Shijou Elena, looking at me with a hannya-like face.

T-this is the worst…….

“Elena, it’s not what it looks like. This is a misunderstanding–“

“W-what are you….. Anyway, get away from Meguri chan ! !”

Elena separates me from Nanahoshi san.

“Come here for a minute! Looks like you need a scolding……”

Tatta tatta tatta

My childhood friend Elena takes my hand and we head towards the exit.

“H-hey. Wait a minute.”

“Shut up, you stupid Ryoga !”


Someone grabbed my other hand.

W-who is it?

“Fufu, wait a minute.”

I turn around to see Shiori smiling at me.

“Oh my, what is it? –Himemiya san.”

“It looks like Ryo kun doesn’t like it. Why don’t you let him go?”

“Oh, thank you for your unnecessary concern. But it’s none of your business, right? Hinemiya san.”

Both of them are smiling, but only their eyes are not smiling.

I’m kind of scared……

“Of course it is, you know? Ryo kun is going to have dinner with me now.”

What? What does that mean?

As I recall, I didn’t make such a promise with Shiori……

“How about you Shijou san, do you have something with him? I’m sure I’ve completely crushed you in the last match. ……Fufu.”

“Kuh……. That’s a different story ! I’m going to have a talk with this idiot now. In the first place, you’re like a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. If you think that’s going to make all the guys fall for you, you’re wrong.”

“Oh my, that’s quite a bark from a loser. How about you come back after you’ve gotten a little better at acting? “

“Huh !? What do you mean by that?”

The two let go of my hand and glared at each other.

H-hey, is this going to be okay……

Wait wait

When I turned my eyes to the side, Maya san was beckoning me.

“What’s going on?”

“I have a great idea. Can you follow me?”

“? Well, okay.”

Maya san quietly opened the door and left the room.

“Come on, this way.”


Maya san’s quick steps lead us to…..

“Um, this is the exit…”

“Just leave it to your sister !”

I walked out of the stage and saw a couple of cabs parked outside.

“Come on, let’s get in.”

“Eh, but those two……”

“If you were there, there won’t be any change ! So, why don’t you have some fun with me?”

“E-eh !?”

When Maya san took my hand and I found myself in the cab.

I-is this a good idea……?

“Excuse me, can you give me a ride to this store?”

“Yes, I understand. The price will be a little high for this distance, is that okay?”

Maya san took out her card from her bag and showed it to the driver.

…..A gold card?

“Is this okay?”

“My apologies. Then we will depart.”

The automatic door closes with a clank and the car starts moving.

“U-um, Maya san, where is this……”

“Where? Fufu, you’ll have to wait and see when we get there.”

Thus, Maya san and I left the live concert venue.

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