“Look, Ryoga kun is here ! Megumugu !”

“I-I can’t~~”

Shiori calls out to her, but Nanahoshi san is crouched down, not looking at her at all.

She can’t? W-what does that mean…..?

Erm…….. She’s been like that since a while ago, but Megumegu is a big fan of you, Ryoga kun ! She’s just a little shy right now, right?”

No, I don’t think it’s just a little, no matter how you think about it……

She was a different person from the one who was MCing in a soothing voice during the concert.

“Look, Ryoga kun came here all the way, so you better come over here. If you don’t, Ryoga kun will leave, you know?”

“T-that’s not good ! !”

Sasasa !

The small animal girl who was curled up in the corner of the room teleported behind Shioriin an instant.

She’s moving so fast……

“Geez, Megumegu~!”

Flicker, flicker, flicker.

“Ryoga sama, c-cool…….’

My eyes met with Nanahoshi san, who was asking me how things were going through Shiori’s back.

Hm? I think she’s mumbling something just now……. Is it my imagination?

“Hey, you can’t hide. It’s rude if you don’t speak properly, right?”


Nanahoshi san appeared after saying that.

It’s probably because it’s just after the live performance, her cheeks are slightly reddish.

And, as expected, if I look closely, she looks so pretty.

I can see why the fans were screaming



I guess she was disappointed to find out that Ryoga was me, and she kept her head down and wouldn’t make eye contact with me.

I already knew it, but it’s a bit hurtful when she actually does it. Sigh……

Well, let’s say hello anyway.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Ryoga from Aono Enterprises.”

“I’m N-N-Na-Nanahoshi Meguri ! F-f-from Oishi Productions !”

……She fumbled.

[Ah…..] said Nanahoshi san, who was depressed. As a voice actor, I understand how embarrassing it is to bite your tongue when you start speaking.

How can I help Nanahoshi san ease her nervousness?

At that moment, I suddenly remembered what I had talked about with Suda san before.

That was before the recording of “Ore Kano” last week, I believe—-

“Hello, I’m Ryoga from Aono Enterprises. And I’m looking forward to working with you today, Suda san.”

“Hey, Ryoga kun. Nice to meet you again today ! Oh, do you want a can of coffee?”

“Eh, I can’t take that. Are you sure?”

Suddenly, Suda san offers me canned coffee.

To be honest, I’m afraid to owe this person a favor because of what happened before……

“No, no, it’s fine. I bought a black one from the vending machine and got another one. If I drink too much, I’ll have to go to the bathroom during the recording, right?”

“Well, if that’s the case, I’ll take it.”



Gulp gulp

I opened the can of coffee handed to me by Suda san and quenched my thirst.

“Ah, the black coffee stings~! Oh, yeah. I want to ask you something, Ryoga kun.”


“Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, there are times when fans suddenly call out to you in the streets, right? I was wondering what Ryoga kun would do in such a situation.

“Ah, I don’t show my face, so I don’t really know……”

“Oh, I see ! Come to think of it, Ryoga kun, you don’t show your face. I thought you would have shown your face since you’re so handsome !”

Suddenly, Suda san starts yodeling about me. If I were good-looking, every guy in Japan would be good-looking.

Something is fishy with this canned coffee……

“Flattery won’t get you anywhere……”

“No~ I mean it with all my heart. This is tough on Elena.”

Why is Elena mentioned?

Well, whatever.

“How would Suda san react in such a situation?”

I can’t afford not to show up forever, and in the future, maybe something like that will happen.

I’m sure Suda san is a very experienced and popular voice actor, and I’m sure he has plenty of experience with that kind of thing, so he could be a good reference for me.

“Me? Me, huh~ Ah, yeah! “

Suda san grins and continues.

He looks like he’s up to something…….

“First of all, the most important thing is to speak with a smile. If you look tired, you lose half your charm !”

“I see. You’re absolutely right.”

“And the next most important thing is to shorten the distance. From the other person’s point of view, they’ll be like, [The person I admire is this close !? Kyuun !] something like that, right?”

“Kyuun? Well, right.”

Closing the distance with a female partner seems to be quite a hard thing to do……

Well, but since Suda san says so, it must be good.

“And last but not least, it’s–praise the other person. That’s all there is to it.”

“Praise the other party? But that doesn’t seem to have much to do with it…….”

“You idiot ! If you don’t do this, the other person you’re talking to won’t be happy ! [Ryoga kun complimented my hairstyle ?! Kyuuun ! !] like that. Hehe.”

“I-I see…… If I ever get a chance to do that, I’ll give it a try.”

“Yeah ! This is my way of dealing with fans. I’ll be waiting for your report, okay?”

“Yes, I understand !”

At the time I was only half joking when I said it, but I never thought I’d suddenly have the chance to put it into practice…..

Let’s see, first of all, I was supposed to smile and give a compliment.

I smile as best I can.

Smile !

“Nanahoshi san’s MC today was really great ! Your singing voice was so cute, I was so moved.”


Let’s see, the next step is to close the distance.

I stepped forward to close the distance.

“T-too clo–“

“This hairstyle is really cute. It suits you very well, Nanahoshi san.”

Kyuuun !

“Ah, haa…. I can’t take it anymore…….”

Nanahoshi san whirls around, falls back—

“Look out !”

Gyuu ! !

At the last minute, I put my hands behind her back and held her in a hugging position.

“Nanahoshi san, are you okay?”

“Hm? Why am I……hyuu ! !”

We stare at each other at close range, and the moment our eyes meet, Nanahoshi san loses consciousness again.

Y-you’re kidding, right……?

It was the same with Hazuki san, is my face that ugly……?

While I was in shock, I looked around and――

“Ry-Ryo kun……”

“Ryoga kun, you’re surprisingly good at it.”

They both look at me with surprised expressions.

“C-can you swap with me? If I stay in this state, there will be–“


“Excuse me. Good work.”

The person who opened the door and came in was–


“Eh, Ryoga? You…….”

It was my childhood friend Shijou Elena, looking at me with a hannya-like face.

T-this is the worst…….

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1 year ago

I wonder if there will be a reason he thinks he’s ugly or if it’s just ‘lol plot’.

Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
1 year ago

I just cant get enough reason for him to be low self esteem, always call himself gloomy despite being trained in the dojo in the past, has good looking in the top of that.
In the dojo meaning dude already has mentally and physically trained too and also, does this world didnt have mirror?
Why? OH ofc.. Plot