Tatta tatta

After that, I parted from the two of them and was entering the backstage when I showed my card to the security guard.

The security guard let me through easily, but–

“I still can’t believe it……”

The security told me [my daughter is a fan of Ryoga] and asked me to sign a colored paper.

I was happy at the time, but no matter how I think about it, it’s strange…..

It’s not possible that he just happened to have a colored paper and an autograph. Sigh……

“It said [To Meguri chan], but I think that name is the same as Nanahoshi… No, I guess it’s just my imagination”

–Nanahoshi Meguri is responsible for Try☆Stars. The same as Shiori, she is a 17 year old high school sophomore.

She is a beautiful girl with short, fluffy chestnut-colored hair and an innocent, childlike face.

She has a small animal-like cuteness that makes one feel protective of her. (by Yamada kun).

But a name like Meguri is common. Yes, a coincidence.

Well, there is a convenience store nearby, so Shiori’s manager must have bought it there.

I’m not ready to make them pay attention to me, either.

I’ll return the money later……

“Huh, is this the place?”

I was walking along the aisle of the stage as I had been told, and arrived in front of a room that looked like Trusta’s dressing room.

On either side of the door, there was a narrow line of flowers for presentation.

This is the comedian who won second place in last year’s L-1 Grand Prix, and this is–that national idol? This person is an Akutagawa Prize-winning author.

I knew it, but they’re incredibly popular…….

I wondered if it was okay for me to be in the dressing room of such people.

I switched to work mode in the bathroom, so I should be fine in terms of preparation.

The face deviation value…..give me a break.

“Sigh~~. Alright.”

Exhaling heavily, I knock on the door.


“Excuse me, this is Ryoga.”

After a flapping sound, the door opens.

“Yes, please come in~”

I was guided into the room by Shiori, who peeked in the doorway.

“Oh, Ryoga kun, it’s you. It’s been a while.”

“Ah, it’s been a while. Maya san.”

This person who spoke to me with an aura of an adult woman is Houjou Maya san.

She is a member of Try☆Stars and a 20-year-old sophomore in college.

She has long blonde hair in loose waves and a somewhat relaxed look. She wears an air of maturity that makes it hard to believe that she is a teenager.

She is called “Maya sama” or “Maya Nee” by her fans.

It was exactly one year ago. When I played a supporting role in an anime about a different world, I talked to her a few times after the recording.

She’s the type of person who’s like a reliable older sister and is easily asked for advice about any problems.

“I can’t believe that Ryoga kun came to see today’s live performance. I’m surprised. You could have made a surprise appearance, you know?”

“Hahaha, please don’t joke around. If I appeared, the place would have been ruined.”

“Oh my, that’s too bad.”

Maya san looked a little depressed as she said that.

My face value is not good enough for the job. And by the way, the fan (Yamada kun) will kill me.

“So, um, Nanahoshi san?”

“Ah~, about that……”

Shiori pointed to the corner of the room with a wry smile.

There was Nanahoshi san crouching against the wall.

“Look, Ryoga kun is here ! Megumegu.”

“I-I can’t do it~!”

Shiori calls out to her, but Nanahoshi doesn’t look at her at all and crouches down.

She can’t do it? W-what does she mean……?

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