Episode 2 – School Idol, Hazuki Rinka



“Hey, hey, did you see the morning news article?”

“Yeah, I saw it ! About Ryoga sama, right? It was really awesome !”

“Isn’t it crazy that a veteran voice actor said that [Ryoga is handsome] !? I’m pretty excited ! It’s all over Twitter.”

“Ahh, I wonder what kind of person Ryoga sama is.”

[ [ [I’m curious~!] ] ]

In the morning classroom, Ryoga was the topic of conversation again today.

The conversation of the girls in the class was coming into my ears even if I didn’t want to hear it.

Fearfully, I opened Twitter on my phone and the search word that was at the top of the trend was [Ryoga is handsome].

Oh, it’s over……..

“Whoa, that gloomy is looking at me.”

“That’s really creepy…….”

“It’s really creepy. You’re supposed to say something.”

I was in a dazed state due to the shock, and I was attacked in a low voice.

The “gloomy” is what they call me in class.

The pronunciation is the same, but it’s a different word. I’m not gloomy, I’m Nekura.

(TL/N: Nekura ‘根暗’ means gloomy, same pronunciation but different kanji.)

I had been trying not to say a word to prevent my voice from being recognized, and before I knew it, I was being called that.

It’s a little sad, even though it’s my own fault.

“Good morning, everyone~!”

The one who rattled open the door and entered the classroom was our school idol,  Hazuki Rinka.

She’s one of the most beautiful girls in the school, with semi-long black hair, which is my absolute favorite, and a smile like a sunflower.

“Good morning, Nekura kun !”

“G-g-good morning.”

I was so nervous that I behaved quite suspiciously.

“Hazuki san is a really nice girl.”

“Yeah, she’s really too much of an angel to even greet that gloomy person……”

The reason why she’s so popular beyond the class barrier is probably because of this no dividing attitude in addition to her excellent looks.

Yeah, I think I can do my best again today.

“Rinka chan, did you see the Yahuu news this morning?”

“Yeah, I heard that Ryoga sama is a handsome man, and I can’t stop imagining him. Ehehe…..”

“Rinka chan has the face of a maiden in love !”

Apparently, Hazuki san is also a fan of Ryoga.

If Hazuki san, who is the healer of our hearts, finds out who I am…..

I felt a shiver run down my spine.

I must make sure she never finds out I’m Ryoga.

I had a stomach ache from the unexpected stress I had just experienced and came out of the bathroom just in time for morning assembly.

As I was rushing back to the classroom, I bumped into someone who was coming out of the corner of the hallway.

“Kyaa !”

“Ouch ! Ah, I’m sorry. Are you all right?”

I looked up and saw that the person I bumped into was Hazuki san.

She looked surprised at me.

Was there something on my face?



I was startled by those words that came out of her mouth.

How did she know

No, I haven’t been exposed yet. I should be able to somehow cover it up.

“Who is ‘Ryoga’ that you mention? I don’t know him. Well then, I’ll go back to the classroom first.”

Dripping with cold sweat inside, I hurried back to the classroom.

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