Ding dong, ding dong

Hearing the school chime rang behind me, I left the school gate.

Phew, I’m tired today…….

After that, I was having lunch with Hazuki san on the rooftop during lunch break–

“Here, ah~nn♡”

Saying that, she brought a side dish from her lunch box right to my mouth.

When I refused, she said, [That’s a normal thing to do with a friend, right?]…..

No, I don’t think friends would do that.

Even I, a loner, can understand that. Yeah.

What in the world is Hazuki san up to by telling a blatant lie…….

Is she just having fun poking fun at me?

I have no idea what she’s thinking.

While I was thinking about that, the train arrived at its destination before I knew it.

I went to the station restroom, freshened up, and switched to work mode.

Ten minutes later, I arrived in front of the studio.

Continuing from the last time, today is the recording of the second episode of [Ore Kano].

Okay, let’s go.

“Hello ! I’m Ryoga from Aono Enterprises. I look forward to working with you !”

“Oh, Ryoga kun, it’s you ! Looking forward to working with you today !”

Suda Shunkai san, who plays the main character, was the first one to greet me.

He is a senior actor with 15 years of experience, but he is also a mood-maker on the set who talks to newcomers like me in a friendly manner.

“Likewise, Suda san.”

“Oh ! Your girlfriend isn’t here yet?”

“Eh? I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Don’t be shy~! It’s Elena chan, you’re going out with her, right?”

“No, there’s no way that’s true. I’m just Elena’s childhood friend.”

When I say that, Suda san looked surprised.

No, it’s supposed to be my reaction when you said I was going out with Elena.

“Well~, but I don’t think that you’re just childhood friends.”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Whoa !”

When I turned to the voice I heard from behind, there was a familiar figure of my childhood friend.

“N-no, it’s not a big deal…..”

I make eye contact with Suda san.

“O-oh ! That’s right, it’s not a big deal. Yeah, not at all.”

“Hmmm, I see.”

“T-then, I’ll leave you to it. You two can take your time~.”

Suda san went away.

“…..So, what are you guys talking about?”

The next moment, Elena looked at me with a jealous look.

“N-no, it’s really nothing.”

“Then tell me. Or what, is it something naughty?”

We’re talking about Elena, who has a lot of pride.

If I told her that Suda san thought Elena and I were a couple, she would get angry.

I don’t want to tell her.


“What’s with that sigh? I knew you were hiding something !”

I don’t feel like I can get away with it anymore.

It can’t be helped, I guess.

“Suda san said something like ‘You and I are dating’. Of course it’s not possible. For someone like me to go out with Elena…….”


Elena stiffened.

I was prepared for her to get angry, but it was anticlimactic.

“I-I don’t mind at all…..”

Elena’s face turned red and she looked down, playing around with the ends of her silver hair.

It’s a different reaction than I was expecting……

Is she in bad shape?

“I-If it’s okay with you, Ryoga, I can go out with you for real……”

“W-what’s wrong with you, Elena? Do you have a fever?”

“–! You idiot !”

Elena ran away.

She must not be feeling well.

Her throat seemed fine from the sound of her voice, and she was running so vigorously……

After greeting people, I was chatting with Elena over a cup of coffee from the vending machine.

“Ryoga, your role is not a main character, but you have quite a lot of lines.”

“You’re right. If I wasn’t paying attention, I probably talk more than the subheroine.”

I play the role of the protagonist’s best friend.

The main character and the main heroines (her and her sister) were sent to another world on their way home from school. After being reborn, she plays a minor role supporting the main character and the heroines from the shadows.

She is a rather pitiful character who is not well-liked by anyone despite her best efforts, but she is secretly popular among readers for her behind-the-scenes role.

Elena, on the other hand, plays the protagonist’s younger sister.

On the surface, she is a bit tsundere, but on the inside she is a bratty sister who loves her big brother.

I would be happy if Akari were like that.

While I was chatting about such things, I heard a voice saying hello to me.

Hm? I’m sure that voice is–

“Hello ! I’m Himemiya Shiori from Oishi Productions. I’m here as a substitute for Tanaka san. I look forward to working with you today !”


I opened my mouth.

Then, I looked up and our eyes met.

“Eh? N-no way……Ryo kun ! Why, eh?”

Y-you’ve got to be joking, right…….?

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