“Next stop, Shinjuku, Shinjuku~. The exit is on the left. If you are transferring to the Chuo Line–“

Beep, beep

I get off the train with the sound of the door opening.

It is 9 o’clock in the morning on a weekday.

Normally, I should be in class at school.

However, I’m not skipping school.

Yes, today is the day to record the first episode of the summer anime (My Girlfriend and My Younger Sister Are Having a Battle in Another World), or “Ore Kano” for short.

“Let’s see. Where is this studio……?”

I checked the map my manager sent me, but I’m not sure where it is.

I feel like I’m being watched by everyone around me.


“Excuse me, how do I get here?”

“Well, turn right at this building…. hm? Oh, I see ! If you go through this alley, it will be on your left. Is this all right? ”

“Yes, thank you.”

I headed toward the studio, relying on the map that the lady at the tourist information center had scribbled down for me.

“I go straight here……right?”

I think the place should be a little easier to find.

Not only this studio, but recording studios are often located in hard to find places.

It is said that the reason is to prevent fans from finding out when popular voice actors–especially idol voice actors–come to record…….well, it has nothing to do with a shady person like me.

It took 10 minutes to walk according to the map.

If what the lady says is correct, I’m getting very close to my destination.

If I go through this alley, soon–

“Hey, you’re cute~ Are you a celebrity? Idol?”

“No, I’m not. Please move aside.”

When I looked up, I saw some kind of trouble.

At the end of the alley, a girl with long black hair was being tangled up with a group of four hoodlums.

She was probably about the same age as me……

Through her sunglasses and mask, her aura still oozed out.

She is clearly not an ordinary person.

The girl looks around for help, but there is no one around…..probably because it’s a weekday morning.

I want to go to the studio soon.


I sighed for the first time today, and my eyes met the girl’s.

“Ah, Kazu kun ! I’ve been waiting for you~♥”

The next thing I know, the girl is hugging my arm.

I’m sorry, my name doesn’t match even one letter…….

“N-no. My name is not Kazu–“

“Please. Please go along with it…….”

The girl whispered into my ear in a frantic whisper.

Hm, I think I’ve heard this voice before…..

The leader of the group stared at me with a face that looked as if he was about to break a blood vessel.

I hope he’ll just snap out of it.


The girl next to me is trembling and I can feel it through her arm.

Sigh, it can’t be helped.

I bow my head 90 degrees.

“I’m sorry ! My girlfriend has caused you trouble. Can you please let her go?”

This is the direct method of flat apology from a senior staff member in the office !

The trick is to bow vigorously.

Senpai seems to have survived many battles with this, so I should be able to do it this time too――

“Huuh? I’m not going to let you get away with it, you idiot ! Don’t just snatch someone’s prize without permission.”

“Don’t lie to me ! You’re a stranger, aren’t you? I’m in a bad mood, if you think you’re a little good looking, you’re going to get hurt, you know?”

Well, there’s no way that’s true.

They obviously don’t seem to understand what I’m saying.

I mean, good-looking……is this guy thinking of flattering me or something?

I’ll remind them one more time.

“I’m going to ask you one more time. Can’t you just let her go?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Enough. I’m going to seriously beat this guy to death !”

The guys in front of me were completely pissed off.

I didn’t want to use that thing if possible, but I had no choice.

“Hey, we have to run, it’s not good. We have to run away together……”

“Don’t worry. It’s dangerous, so please back off a little bit.”

I pulled the girl out of my arms and half-positioned myself.

“Huh, you’re so cool, mister hero.”

“There’s no way you can win in a four-on-one match, you idiot ! Die ! Oraa !”

I dodge the sudden flying fist with a foot step.

“As expected, I can’t take it easy with this number of people. Don’t hold a grudge, okay?”

–A few minutes later.

The ground was covered with thugs.


I muttered involuntarily.

In the past few minutes, all I could see was the scene of the thugs being tossed away.

The moment their hands touched the boy’s body, they flew away as if by magic.

Moreover, the person in question is not out of breath even though he has dealt with this many people.

In addition, he looks really cool.

Who in the world is he……?

“Tehn, I’ll be going now.”

He turned his back and walked away as if nothing had happened.

“Ah, w-wait !”

“…….What is it?”

“L-let me thank you. For saving my life.”

“No, that’s okay.”

“N-no ! Please let me. Let me take you out to dinner afterwards……”

“Sorry, I don’t have time.”

“Well, then, please just exchange lines !”

“Well, if that’s the case.”

I took out my phone and exchanged line IDs.


“Let’s see, the name is……eh?’

Ryoga’s eyes widened in surprise.

Because what was written there was the [Himemiya Shiori] characters.

She has the same name as a very popular and innocent idol voice actress who is at the top of the voice-over industry at the age of 17.

“I see, your name is Ryoga kun. Cool name…… My name is Himemiya Shiori ! Nice to meet you, Ryoga kun.”

“Yes……. U-um. Are you by any chance…… the voice actress Shiorin?

“Yes. I’m Himemiya Shiori, a voice actress belonging to Oishi Productions.”

The girl removes her sunglasses and mask.

“Y-you’re lying……?”

“I’m not lying. Look.”

“Wait, eh?”

Himemiya Shiori, or Shiorin, looked up and gently wrapped her hands around Ryoga’s hand.

“N-no way, It’s a dream, right? Eh?”

“It’s not a dream. How can I make you believe me?”

Shiorin’s eyes were moist.

Her cheeks also seem to be red…… without her mind.

No, it must be my imagination. Because it’s me, you know?


The sound of my phone ringing brings me and Shiori back to reality, and I quickly let go of my hand.

It’s Elena.

[Ryoga, what the hell are you doing? The recording will start soon !]

“Eh, really?”

“I’m not lying. Get your ass over here !]

“O-okay. I’ll be right there.”

Piiip piiip

“It seems you are in a hurry. Let me thank you next time.”

“Y-yes. No, but you don’t have to thank me…..”

“Geez, I want to thank you. I won’t let you say any more, okay? Ryo kun.”

Somehow I was pushed. I mean, that Shiorin called me Ryo kun, seriously…….

“I’ll be going then. Himemiya san.”

“Please call me Shiori, okay? Also, no need for honorifics.”


“What’s your reply?”

“I-I understand–okay.”

What is this? Are you sure I’m not dreaming?

“I’ll call you later.”

“Y-yeah. Okay…..Shiori.”

“Fufu, good. I’ve got some work to do, so I’ll be going. Bye bye, Ryo kun !”

And with that, Shiori was gone.

“Ah, I’m going to be late…….”

After that, I made a mad dash to the studio.

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