Episode 11 – Did I Do Something?



Lunch break.

I was practicing alone on an empty rooftop.

By the way, now I have my mask and glasses off and am in work mode.

“[Hey, don’t talk to me so casually] …… Yeah, that sounds right.”

I’m currently playing the role of Kiritani Rei in the fall anime [Prince of Dance – dance of prince] – a.k.a. “Danpuri” – which will be broadcast from October.

He gives the impression of being a handsome black-haired loner, but inside he is a kind brother who cares for his younger sister, a gap that has captured the hearts of women and won him first place in fan voting.

For me, too, I have a special attachment to this role.

After passing an audition at a voice acting agency, I became a rookie voice actor, and the first job I was offered was the role of “Kiritani Rei” from the Otome game “Prince of Dance,” which is the original story for this anime.

The character’s circumstances were quite close to my own, and I was able to relate to the character emotionally.

I gave a very convincing performance that was hard to believe for a rookie voice actor, and after that I got a lot of work, which is why I am here today.

That’s why I want to give a performance in the upcoming anime that will live up to–or even exceed the expectations of the fans.

(I’m handsome. I’m handsome, I’m handsome, handsome…..)

I know I’m not good-looking, but that doesn’t make for a good performance.

I will make a self suggestion and unify myself with the character “Kiritani Rei”.

(I’m Rei Kiritani, I’m Rei Kiritani. I’m……)

My five senses are sharpened.

What is……this feeling?

I can see that I’m able to concentrate at a level I have never felt before.

Yes, I feel as if I’m・・・・・・・・Kiritani Rei.


Hazuki Rinka side

“Okay, then that’s all for today. The next thing is to write the problem on the blackboard before class, that’s all ! ”

As soon as the fourth period math class was over, Nekura kun walked out of the classroom at a quick pace.

“I was really sleepy in class earlier~.I can’t do it if I don’t eat lunch.”

“Rinka chan, let’s eat lunch.”

The friends I usually have lunch with gather at my desk.

“Hmm, actually, I forgot my lunch today…… I’m going to eat at the cafeteria, so why don’t you guys go ahead and eat?”

“Eh~, can’t you just buy it?”

“Yeah, I kind of feel like eating in the cafeteria today.”

“I guess it can’t be helped. Don’t forget your bento tomorrow, okay?”

“‘course ! I’m off then.”

With that, I left the classroom.

–But, of course, the destination is not the cafeteria.

“Haa…..haa….. Okay, here we are !”

At the top of the stairs is the entrance to the rooftop.

Normally it’s locked and you can’t get in without the teacher’s permission, but right now the door is half open.

“Excuse me.”

I whisper and sneak a peek inside through the door.

There, I see the back figure of a male student.

He is mumbling something.

“Fufu, I found you–Ryoga kun.”

He is probably practicing his script right now.

If he saw me at this scene, Nekura kun would not be able to get away with it.

I open the door and sneak up behind him so as not to make a sound with my footsteps.

Now !

“Waa !”

I lightly tap him on the back, startling him.

“Hello, Nekura kun !”


For some reason, he didn’t react.

“H-hey. You can hear me, can’t you? Turn around.”

He slowly turned around.

When I saw that, I was speechless.

Because he looked like–


It was Kiritani Rei・・・・himself.

He had black hair and sharp eyes. And above all, he was incredibly cool.


As he silently approached me, I involuntarily backed away.

“H-hey. You’re Nekura kun, right?”


“S-say something !”



I found that my back was against the fence.

I couldn’t go back any further.

And he is right in front of me.

Don !

Nekura kun sticks his hand out right next to my face.

Is this, by any chance…….

“Hey, you’ve been yammering on for a while now.”

“N-no way…….”

From his appearance to his voice, he is the very same Rei kun who fence-slams the main character in [Danpuri].

It’s as if he came out of the screen.

In this position, he brushes back his bangs and brings his face close to me.

“Hey, are you listening to me?”

“S-so cool…….”

Unexpectedly, a voice in my mind leaks out.

What the hell is going on !?

He’s so close, I don’t know what’s going on anymore.

The sound of my heartbeat is loud.

If we stare at each other at such close range, I’m going to die…….

I thought so and turned my face away from him.

However, he raises my chin with his finger and our eyes meet.

(C-chin lifting !?)

“Didn’t they teach you to look people in the eye when you talk to people?”

(N-no !)

I try to shove him away.

But he puts his left arm around my back and holds me.

W-what a nice smell…….

What the hell am I thinking !

“S-stay away ! Rei kun.”

I try to push him with my hands, but his strength is so powerful that I’m rather tightly pressed against him.

“I told you not to call me by my first name. I’ll cover your noisy mouth, shall I? Ahn?”

His mouth is closing in on me.

I dreamed of kissing Rei kun.


I let go of my consciousness there, as my brain’s ability to process the situation was no longer able to keep up.

When I came to my senses, I was putting my hand on the fence.

I was supposed to be reading a script just a moment ago.

What in the world was I doing……?

“I-I can’t take it anymore~~”


I was startled by the voice coming from my feet and looked down.

Then there was Hazuki san sitting there with her eyes spinning.

What happened……?

“U-um. Are you okay?”

“Rei kun, don’t~~”

Something is wrong with her.

I mean, how do you know that name…..

–Did I do something by any chance?

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