Yesterday, after a playful game called a reading session with Nadeshiko right after school, Kagamiya had to come home in a hurry, and his heart was pounding, but that day and the next day were just normal weekdays.

Nadeshiko, who is a very successful actress, is naturally working today as well, and Kagamiya doesn’t show up to the party, so he doesn’t have to work today, but he has school as usual
Aside from Kagamiya’s story, by the time Kagamiya woke up, Nadeshiko had already left Kagamiya’s house for work.

It almost seems as if the entire series of events that led to Nadeshiko coming to stay the night were a foamy dream.

But by no means was it a dream.
In the morning, when I checked my daily mail, I found that in addition to Momo and Yanagi’s good morning mail, which had recently become familiar to me, I also received an emoji of someone putting their hands together and saying, [Last night was a little rough, so let’s pretend it never happened !] A message from Nadeshiko.

“Ah. I should have asked my sister about how to get selfie emails from Momo and Yanagi.”

I guess it’s because of the fact that I was criticized all day yesterday for not calling her big sister. Or maybe it’s proof that Kagamiya adores Nadeshiko like an older sister, but he almost unconsciously calls her sis.
However, there is a high possibility that by the next time they meet, his shyness will get the better of him and he will go back to call her Nadeshiko san.

For now, Kagamiya thinks about his reply to Nadeshiko while giving a simple reply to Momo and Yanagi’s simple good morning messages.

It was truly an exciting day in many ways.

I was like that in bed last night, but I can’t be like that with a senior in the same office. As expected, Kagamiya, who is his junior, can’t make this request, but if Nadeshiko says so, Kagamiya would like it to come true
If you want to laugh, go ahead and laugh.

Kagamiya does not want to be awkward with Nadeshiko above all.

Thinking about that, he replied, [Yes, that’s right ! I’ve been through a lot of things too, so I’d be happy if you could forget about it.]

Flicker. Flicker. Flicker.

“(Something makes Mio look at me)”

I don’t think it’s correct to say that I didn’t get involved because I was told not to, but rather that I got cold feet after I was rejected, and didn’t even want to get involved.
Come to think of it, even though it was right after I was rejected, I realize that for the past week or so, Mio has been completely out of my mind.

However, she was looking at me so intently. What on earth is going on, Kagamiya wonders.

Is it because of that?

A week ago, Kagamiya had been cruelly rejected by Mio, but Kagamiya and Mio are childhood friends.
They have been together since childhood, and although it is absolutely impossible for them to be lovers, he wants to restore their easy going relationship where they can express their true selves as friends.

Kagamiya, who has no idea that Mio has just realized that Kagami kun is really Kagamiya after witnessing Nadeshiko being invited to Kagamiya’s house by accident, makes such a misguided prediction.
However, if Mio wanted to treat him as a friend, Kagamiya had no intention of refusing.

To be honest, Mio is no longer of any importance to Kagamiya.

Even if she does not realize that Kagamiya is who he says he is, it does not bother him to hear what she likes about Kagami kun for a long time during free time.
It’s just that he doesn’t dare to make time for Mio like he used to do, and it’s fine for Kagamiya to talk to her on his way to and from school like he used to do.

Well, if I don’t have anything to do with her, it doesn’t matter. That was his stance.

Mio, on the other hand.

“(…Now that you mention it, he does have a lot of resemblance to Kagami kun. He really is Kagamiya… If that’s the case, I have done something outrageous… No, but it hasn’t been decided that Kagamiya is Kagami kun.)”

Her inner thoughts were already a mess.

She is surprised to learn that her uncool and untidy childhood friend is actually Kagami kun, her favorite musician.
I had my doubts that there’s no way that’s true.
If it is true, he confessed his love to me a week ago, but she rejected him. What a waste…….I regretted it.

I was worried and fearful that I might have lost a friend and even my favorite musician would hate me because of those harsh words.

As far as Mio is concerned, Kagamiya is already Kagami kun. Although her instincts were convinced by last night’s scene, she was more reluctant to believe it, considering the circumstances.

Because if it really was Kagami kun, then……

At that time, Mio couldn’t regret it anymore.
I want more information. And I want to prove it. Kagamiya was never Kagami kun.

Mio loves Kagami-kun more than anyone else.
She even fantasizes about bumping into Kagami in private at night, falling in love, and getting married.
And she even had a chance to become his girlfriend.

I’ll investigate and uncover it……

I’ll prove it. That day, the day Kagamiya confessed to Mio. He declared that he was Kagami because he had lost his mind after being rejected.
There’s no way Kagamiya is Kagami kun’s true identity.

Impatience. Upset. The flame of motivation that was forcibly ignited in a reservoir to cover it up.

Kagamiya, who was not aware of Mio’s inner feelings, was bothered by the glances but decided to ignore them because there was nothing he could do about it.
Kagamiya was checking his email in his spare time.

“(Ah, it’s from Momo.)”

[Are you free after school today?]

[I’m free.]

From now on, I’m planning to attend regular party and make connections while steadily increasing my work, so there may be fewer opportunities for me to suddenly get an appointment like this in the future.
Even if it means fewer hours, I want to keep a flexible schedule.

As I replied with these thoughts in mind, the reply came back immediately.

“(I’m not in a position to say this, but I’m in class right now.)”

Kagamiya’s class is self-study though. Is Momo’s class also self-studying, or is Momo just being unserious?

Kagamiya was looking forward to seeing Momo after school.

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