“Haha! Commoner trash, get out of school!”

When I woke up, I was standing in a luxurious hall.

Surrounding me were many people dressed like medieval aristocrats.

“You’re so cocky even though you’re a commoner! Die!”

A girl in a gown with branded curly hair was cursing a dark-haired girl kneeling on the floor.

(Huh…..? I’ve seen this scene somewhere ……)

I just remembered–

This was a scene from the otome game “Luna Chronicle.”

The heroine, Alicia Krum, is being bullied by the villainess, Farnese von Hanstein.

In the original story, Alicia has a magical power that is out of the norm during the entrance examination of the Institute of Magic. 

In this world, commoners are not supposed to have magical power, but Alicia did.

In fact, Alicia is the reincarnation of Jeanne d’Arc, the Saint of Salvation.

…… We find that out at the end of the story, but now the heroine is being beaten up by a jealous villainess.

Farnese, a marquise, was going to top the entrance exam but was taken by Alicia, a commoner.

“Don’t get carried away with your dirty black hair!”

Dirty black hair–

In this world, black hair is considered unlucky.

This is because the demon king Mephistopheles, who was once sealed by Jeanne d’Arc, had black hair.

That is why black hair is discriminated against in this world. ……

“I’ll cleanse you with this …..!”

Farnese holds a glass of ale above Alicia’s head–

(This is where the handsome prince who is one the target comes to the rescue. ……)

“Dirty black hair! Garbage! Scum! Die, die!”


I was getting frustrated.

My sister asked me to complete the event scene and forced me to play.

The scenario was like an Otome game, a world convenient for girls.

It’s a world full of girls’ dreams (or delusions) of being pampered by handsome guys.

“P-please don’t do that! Farnese sama!”

“Wash your hair with ale! Dirty commoner!”

In a previous life, I had a female boss who was like Farnese.

Whenever she didn’t like something, she would hysterically lash out at her subordinates.

[You’re working too slow!]

[You can’t even do that!?]

[There are plenty of people to replace you!]

(……I am getting so frustrated.)

And then I’m….

“Hey. Stop.”

I quickly grab Farnese’s arm.

All the characters around me look at me.

“—Haa? Who are you?”

(Oh no. …… what am I doing?)

I mean, who am I reincarnated as?

I’m a male character, so I’m one of the targets ……

Prince Claude?

Chief Magician Feld?

Knight Commander Julius?

(Who in the world would I be ……?)


Alicia looks at me and mumbles.

(Sid? Who’s Sid? Is there such a character?)

“Farnese sama, that’s Sid von Grundy, the Baronet’s son. He is in the same class as us.”

One of the cronies, a young lady, said.

(I don’t remember any character with that name. ……)

“Ha! The baroness is going to go against me, a marquise? You mobsters should stay out of this!”

Sid is a nameless character – a mob character.

No, I don’t care about that.

Anyway, I’m disgusted by this woman in front of me.

“I heard you say earlier that she’s a commoner, that she has dirty black hair, and so you disrespect her ……. What did Alicia do? She just did what she does best.”

“W-w-w….. what! You’re just a semi-baron,…….”

Farnese’s face turns bright red.

“Ha? So in the end, you have no choice but to cling to the title?”


“You’re just jealous because you lost to the girl you looked down on. You’re such a piece of trash…!”

I let out a huge voice that echoes through the hall.

The surrounding nobles are buzzing,

(Pheww…… that’s refreshing!)

“….Y-you’d better remember this!”

Farnese leaves with her cronies.

“Are you okay?”

I reach out to Alicia,

“Thanks, ……. Sid kun.”

–I’m sure this is a dream.

This is a dream I had because I was playing too many Otome games.

I’m going to wake up in a few minutes and start my life as a company employee again.

……That’s what I thought at the time.

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Go Sid kun.