“I like you ! …….Please go out with me.”

“I can only love Kagami kun.”

When he first started to think about it, his childhood friend Yotsuya Mio had already been a resident of the house next door and had known him for more than ten years.

However, it was only recently that Kagamiya had feelings of [love] for his childhood friend.

However, at that time, Mio had already become an enthusiastic follower of a very popular vocalist named Kagami.

Well, you could say that’s why Kagamiya fell in love with Mio…

“(Huh? Maybe Mio doesn’t realize that Kagami is the name I used when I was active in music?)”

Indeed, Kagamiya makes an effort to hide the fact that he is a vocalist using the stage name Kagami.

This is not only because [It would be so conspicuous that it would be inconvenient in my daily life if I were to reveal myself] but also because he is genuinely embarrassed to go around blabbing about such things.

He is shy, even though he has been on the Kohaku stage before.

However, Kagamiya thought that only Mio was aware of his true identity.

Mio had been a fan of Kagami’s music since the early days of Kagamiya’s career.

She had been a fan and an otaku since before Kagami’s existence became known to the public, and she would always say to him, [Kagami was so cool at the last concert !] [This new song is really divine !] [I want to marry Kagami kun !] She continued to express her fierce and ardent love for Kagami.

It is because of Kagamiya’s situation–[I don’t want to stand out if my true identity is revealed !] He thought she was encouraging Kagamiya by talking about Kagami’s charms under the guise of an otaku proselytizing to those close to him……

“(I didn’t realize that she was really just an otaku proselytizing her favorite to those close to her…..)”

Well, that’s fine.

When you’re in a slump, when you’re going through a tough time, or when you just don’t feel like doing it. I can’t believe how happy and relieved I was by the love call to Kagami, who spoke so much to me, regardless of my circumstances.

To be honest, Kagamiya, who has a glass heart, was able to make it this far because of Mio’s constant praise of Kagami.

That’s why he fell in love with her.

“(Fufu. Mio doesn’t seem to notice, and I wonder how she’ll react if I tell her here that I was actually Kagami.)”

When the shy Kagamiya musters up the courage to confess to his childhood friend, [I love you ! …Please go out with me] and he is rejected, [There’s a vocalist I like] it wouldn’t be surprising to receive a traumatic shock. However, Kagamiya’s heart was filled with excitement.

Because the true identity of her favorite vocalist is himself.

“Actually, I……”

“Or rather, before that, Kagamiya looks too creepy and it’s physically impossible. Anyway, if you’re going to confess your feelings, you’ll have to look yourself in the mirror first, right? It’s common sense.”

Common sense.

Kagamiya’s usual appearance cannot be described as good-looking.

His hair is shaggy. His clothes are as clunky as a prisoner’s uniform. Deep dark circles in his eyes. A lifeless face. A hunched back.

But all of these are because of writing lyrics and composing music. Or perhaps it was the appearance of the fatigue he felt while working as a Kagami that was reflected in his off-duty moments.

It is true that Kagamiya off duty is not good looking at all compared to Kagami, and he is aware of that because he has seen it in the mirror many times.

Still, it was shocking for him to hear Mio, of all people, say that to him.

“No, I’m actually that Kagami.”

“Huh !? Don’t joke around with me ! Even though you know that I love Kagami kun, you’re going to pretend to be Kagami kun…”

“No, seriously……it’s me, Kagami !”

Gah ! ! ! !

Mio’s angry fist gouged Kagamiya’s cheek.

“You’re so disrespectful ! No matter how you feel after being rejected, you’re still pretending to be Kagami kun. I feel sick ! ! Don’t ever get involved with me again ! ! ! !”

Being hit. Not being believed. Being scolded. Being rejected outright.

All of this deeply hurt Kagamiya’s heart, and he was stunned.

Disappointment. Discouragement. Sadness. Despair.

He even fell into the illusion that the empty bad feelings that had left a gaping hole in his heart were crumbling away like an hourglass.

“(Mio… have you always thought of me as physiologically disgusting?)”

Kagamiya had always thought that Mio loved him.

Mio knew he was working as Kagami and talked about his love for Kagami every day, and he thought it was Mio’s way of expressing his love in a way that wasn’t honest.

Ah, I knew it, we have known each other for more than a decade. Even if I tried to hide it, I can’t hide anything from Mio. 

While hearing Kagami’s love call almost every day, Kagamiya also fell in love with Mio.

When he lost confidence. When he was in pain. Mio always told him hundreds and thousands of things about Kagami’s charms that even he was unaware of, and every time she did, he was saved again and again.

All of this was a lie.

Mio is a fan of Kagami not because he is Kagamiya, but just because she was a fan of Kagami, just like she was a fan of any other Japanese singer or vocalist, and it just happened to be Kagami.

That Mio wanted to talk about Kagami not because it was an honest confession of love, but because she just wanted to talk to anyone who would listen.

All the salvation that Mio brought to Kagamiya was by chance, the result of their passing each other by.

There was no place for Kagamiya in it.

That fact was so sad and empty.

“Ah, me and Mio. Even though we’ve known each other for over ten years, we didn’t really understand each other.”

Thinking of this, I felt the flames of my love for Mio suddenly cool down.

After a few hours. Kagamiya, who had continued to fool himself after being rejected by Mio, felt Mio’s presence drowned out of his mind as if it were fading away.

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