“That’s terrible, Kujo san. You forced my friend to leave after you intervened.”

“Kukuku. I’m just thanking you for disappearing without saying a word. You’re a rude person. I’m grateful for your help yesterday, Sakuboy. Thank you.”

Kujo san is driving a luxury car at super-high speed, ignoring the legal speed limit.

She was probably going at least 100 kilometers per hour. 

A police officer speeding is something out of the ordinary already, isn’t it?

Well, I found a new career path at the coffee shop, so I bowed my head and told them to leave, saying that I would like to express my gratitude in a different way.

I definitely need to make it up to them since they introduced me to a new career path. However, I was concerned that Narukawa san and Minamoto san’s eyes were twinkling with a twinkle when they heard my latter-day request.

To be honest, I thought I should put Kujo san aside, but I was worried that she was being too forceful.

Well, she was working hard in front of active SPs & terrorists, so it’s still better that she wasn’t forcibly taken in.

Although Kujo san doesn’t say so in words, I believe that she coordinated and adjusted the situation well.

If it was her personality, she might not have approved of taking credit for defeating the terrorists on her own.

Then again, she is also an office worker, so she would have had another collaborator at the scene when she reported to her boss.

It must have been a headache for her boss to hear that. Although they had eliminated the terrorist threat, they did not know if they were friend or foe–more importantly, a potential threat had emerged.

Interviewing someone through rough tactics may be too much of an option.

Kujo san would say, [Screw you. If you’re going to be rough with your benefactor, I’ll bring you here myself. Don’t ever do anything without my permission.]

This is just my imagination, but when I think about it like this, I realize how much I trust and admire her.

I think it’s because Kujo san is the type of person I like even in another world, and I think it’s a remnant of that.

“……The girl who was just in that hospital–Narukawa san’s mother–was hospitalized there. That’s one of the reasons I helped Kujo san, so no need to thank me.”

“Oh, I know. That’s why I’m so angry. That female brat is the only woman who can move Sakuboy.”

“Female brat…”

“Well, that’s it. It was my fault. I barged in and broke up the group.”

“I don’t mind, but…… where are you taking me?”

“Ahhn? I just told you ! I said I was going to take you to say hello to my parents.”

Ugh. That wasn’t a joke, was it?

For a moment, I wondered if it was Kujo san’s mother? Although that thought crossed my mind――come to think of it, her father was――.

“I’m sorry. I can’t keep Sakuboy hidden with my current power alone. Forgive me.”

“……Well, I suppose you’re right. That means…”

“–That’s right. I’m going to have you meet with my bald father, the chief of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.”

Wow. So that’s how it’s going to be.

He is the highest ranking police officer, the only one without a rank system under the police law.

Naturally, he must have a strong relationship with politicians.

I guess I’m one of the few people who can be kept in the dark with a single word.

I see. I had assumed that she had reported the matter to her boss, but I had no idea that she had skipped that part and went to the literal top.

I wonder why. I’m aware of the feeling of happiness even though there is a possibility that I will be forced to get involved in some troublesome situation.

She’s supposed to be a inconsiderate to others, but I can’t dislike her.

In fact, my liking for her has increased.

Well, he is, after all, a person who reigns at the top of the police organization. 

He is also Kujo san’s foster parent.

I’m guessing there will probably be some sort of test to see if I will hit or not by meeting me in person to find out the price, or to make a judgment.

“Of course, it would be a huge inconvenience for Sakuboy. But don’t get me wrong, I didn’t sell you. This was the best I could do with my limited brains.”

“I understand. Thank you, Kujo san.”

“Well, well… as long as you understand, that’s fine. That said, I’d like to thank you from before and apologize for this time. I’ll pay you in total.”

Saying that, Kujo san stepped on the gas pedal one more time.

A force hit me that forced me to cling tightly to the chair.

“The shitty old man may be bald, but he’s still at the top of the police force. Even if you ignore the favoritism of being a parent, he’s not an ordinary person. He needs to relax so he doesn’t get carried away.”

It’s hard to hear with the sound of the engine and the wind howling.

I think I heard something about relaxing……

I appreciate your concern, but I’m an assassin returning from another world. I don’t think I ever get nervous around humans.

Despite my inner thoughts,  Kujo san’s beloved car is accelerating toward the castle-like building.

……Hm? Hmmm? Is this the direction of the National Police Agency?

“There is still a little time before the appointed meeting time. Let’s take a break, Sakuboy.”

I turn my head in Kujo san’s direction, not understanding what she means.

I had only just noticed that the seatbelt was tightening around her chest, accentuating her breasts.

I quickly averted my eyes and looked at the building she was probably aiming at,

–It was a love hotel.


It was definitely a love hotel. A castle hotel, ah, that’s what you call it…….

“Hey, hey !? Kujo san !?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be nice to you.”

“I don’t want to though !?”

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